How to restore a Laptop sound if it stops working after connecting it with a monitor

Hello guys, welcome to MyEDugateway. In this video I’ll be explaining how to solve audio problem associated with sharing of Screens. So you have a second screen that you want to share with your laptop The first thing is to connect to the screen I’ve explained this in my previous video how to connect a second screen A Monitor with your laptop. So if you don’t know how to do that, you can watch my previous video. Today, I will be explaining how to so audio problem associated with this kind of connection. Now you have connected your laptop with the monitor Your monitor and your laptop are working very well You can share you can multi-task the two screens. For example, I can take this PDF file to the other screen That is, to the monitor side and I can be using this screen and this one independently at the same time but the problem now is no sound is heard whenever I want to play music after connecting the cable from the monitor to the laptop, that is after connecting the two screens. Whenever I want to play a Music or watch a video the sound does not come out. You don’t hear the sound. This makes one wonder if the connection is wrong. No, your connection is not wrong The thing is you just have to do some setting on your laptop. All you need to do is to click on This sound icon here Okay, you can see the symbol for sound. So you right-click on the symbol And you click on sound. Select sound This will direct you to the sound dialog box. On the dialog box for sound, Click on playback On playback, select “Speaker” But by default, the sound is on “ASUS” ASUS is the the model of my monitor. This means by default, the video playing is using the volume of the monitor Meanwhile, the video is playing from the laptop. That is why you are not hearing the sound. Thus, you have to change from “ASUS” to “Speaker” The next thing is to click on “set defaults” That is all you need to do. You can now hear the music playing Let’s play this music again So fans, that is how to solve the problem of audio associated with the sharing of screens. In summary, Whenever you connect a monitor to the laptop and the audio of The music or the video you are playing is not coming out, you are not hearing the sound All you need to do is to go to the sound settings on “Sound” You click on the “Playback” And you select speaker Okay, then click on set default When you click on “Set default”, click OK. Then the problem should be resolved. you will be able to hear the sound Everything will be playing fine. I hope this video helped. In case this video helped, please don’t forget You know what I mean Subscribe!!! Click on the subscribe button We need your subscription to encourage us to make more videos like this. Please also drop your comments Yeah, drop your comments. Whatever you think about this video, let’s read it Thank you very much and see you next time. Bye

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