How to reset Windows Password | windows 8, 8.1, 10 Password

Hi! Welcome to GME Tech Please like, share & Subscribe Are Your Forgot your Password for Reset the Password So follow me Step by Step 1st:- Click on the #Ease of Access And now Click on #On Screen Keyboard And Now Click #Shift Button And now See your Right Side #Power Button Option, and on there Next Click on the #Restart Button 2nd:- Click on the #Troubleshoot Option And now Click on the #Reset Your PC You Can Not Click on this Button without Keyboard #Done Please like, share & Subscribe for more #Thank You!

Glenn Chapman


  1. If it says insert yor windows installation or recovery media to continue. what should i do I don't have Anything??

  2. Meera system to jo app ke is video ma aya tha or mera system ma to kaval cancal ka he option aya h

  3. PLEASE HELP!!! I am trying to factory reset an old laptop I've had and I cAnt remember the password and I went to troubleshoot and tried to delete everything but now it says "addition free space is needed on the drive where windows is installed. Free up some space and try again" PLEASE HELP

  4. Good guy you er good to go… Thanks a lot I Love this trick boy..
    Your video is excellent…

  5. Can you tell me plz..if I reset the password.. Is memory also cleaned ? plz reply

  6. it is showing me plz insert windows installation or recovery media to continue. what to do plz help

  7. There are many factors in windows password resetting. One resource I discovered which succeeds in merging these is the Secret Password Wizard (google it if you're interested) without a doubt the most helpful course that I've heard of. look at this simple resource.

  8. But my system is throughng "Unsupported file format" after reset your pc

  9. My problem is that I have no reset option on a blue background 🙁

  10. Sir it is showing that install Windows installation or recovery media to continue

  11. If, reset your pc is not show …! What we do to hack the password in window8 in dell computer???

  12. I HATE my Lenovo ideapad. I will be using it as a spare usb charger, that way I can at least like it…

  13. There is no option like reset your pc in inside of troubleshoot option..please help me

  14. You can also try Windows Password Key(4WinKey) to reset Windows Password in 3 simple steps: http://bit.ly/2Q5F4tC

  15. भाई मेरा विंडोज़ 8.1ha इसमे photo look lag गया है कैसे इसको kholu

  16. 7860364664
    भाई pluse help me
    Windows का look हो गया है

  17. Actually it is a good thing that I had rested my pc why because I don't have everything like games and apps I don't have everything and if I have few I didn't used one of them so I am lucky glad I haven't used my pc I don't have like everything yet on my pc I was just playing with my phone and xbox one s

  18. It's not working on my lenovo 8
    Windows 8.1 pro😢😢 what should I do

  19. Pls help me main mere windows 8.1 HP laptop ka password bhul gaya hu
    Pls suggest me

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