How to Reset Windows 10 Forgotten Password – in 2 Minutes

What !! What is happening !! What the hell was that password !! I can’t remember it !! why it’s happening to me ?? Hey what’s going on guys This is Aamir Hussain and you are watching Trick i Know YouTube channel. in this video I will show you how to unlock a password or reset a password of any windows including Windows 10 in this video I am using a software called windows password key this software allows you to reset your password using a USB Drive so let’s see how this software performs first log into a working computer nearby you then open your browser or you can also check my video description for the link open this page this is windows password key
website you can see there is two options free download and buy now for $20 the difference between them with the free download you can reset your windows password using CD or DVD and if you buy it for $20 you can reset your password using USB flash drive. Just select your versions and continue I have a pro version provided by windows Password key team once you download it
that application just install it on your PC then just click Next I accept and then install. here our application is installed Now plug an empty USB Drive to your computer of any size. Here my USB Drive Ins now open windows password key application now here it is you have to skip the step one because there is a ISO file selected this software uses that ISO file to make
bootable media just jump to the step two select cd/dvd if you have free version or select USB Drive if you have full version. I have selected my USB Drive here is my USB Drive guys make sure to backup all your files from your USB before doing this after that make sure that your USB is selected then click on burn Do you want to go on now yes then wait for few seconds now here you can see the burning process is successful now click on OK close this application now you can see your USB will turn into this. Now eject your USB Drive Now guys !! our password recovery USB Drive is ready now I’m going to reset the password of
that laptop yes that 🙂 so guys I just plugged my USB Drive into this laptop and now I am restarting it while restarting get ready to press the boot menu key of this laptop or your PC to open boot menu in the boot menu you have
to select your USB Drive and hit enter here the window password key program is started now guys select your windows ID in my case it’s showing 1 now here you will find a list of user accounts select the user on which from you want to remove the password just select your user account using the ID number mine ID is 5 press Y to continue here you can see guys reset off trick is
successfully that means now my window is unlocked. Now it’s asking for reset another account press n to no then press any key to restart your laptop or PC Now let’s see it works or not !! Windows is not asking me for a password I’m very happy right now 🙂 Now I can complete my incomplete works without any password. So that was my video on how to reset a Windows password if this video is helpful to you don’t forget to hit that like button and subscribe my channel with the bell icon for more videos like this. Thanks for watching Trick i Know
YouTube channel. See you guys in my next video 🙂

Glenn Chapman


  1. Call me 9976622095 or give number bro extranal graphics card not working our laptop please help me immediately

  2. Bro i have hp ay008tx, and i want to put external graphic card in my laptop, so i have 2 question
    1st how i uninstalled intigrated graphics in my laptop
    And 2nd is i couldn't find wifi pci e slot in my laptop

  3. thanks for the tutorial I hope there is no password in the boot menu
    now I will get admin access on school computer
    edit: rip system32

  4. Sir my hp ProBook series laptop, the touchpad is not working can you please tell what maybe the reason & how to fix…..

  5. this is BS!! The $19.99 version doesn't let you burn to USB! It wants me to upgrade to Pro now for another 39.99!!! WTF dude??? Is this your scam or what? Why give the misleading information?

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