How to Reset Forgotten SQL Server User/SA Password Quickly

In this video, We will introduce you to a
tool, to remove and reset SQL file Password to open password-protected
database successfully. We brings you the best solution,
with SysTools SQL Password Recovery Tool. Now let’s check out the main features of the software. The tool helps in resetting
both user and system admin password from a master MDF file. Helps in removing and
resetting password of any length and type, Installation of sequel server is
not mandatory in order to reset password. And the software is compatible with
SQL server 2017 and below versions. Now let’s check out the application
Pre-Requisites. SQL server services must be stopped before running the
software. Now let’s check out step number one. Open Control panel & select system and security option, then select the
Administrative Tools, and select services Now from the option list, select SQL
server, and right click to select STOP option. Then a window appears, and click yes to
stop other services like SQL Server agent option as well. Now let’s check out
step number TWO. Before changing password, it is highly
recommended to take backup of master MDF, and master log LDF files, as the tool
will make changes to the master database. Now let’s check out the steps to backup
files, Select Program Files folder and then select Microsoft SQL server
folder. Then choose the data folder Now Copy master log MDF and LDF file from the
location Then paste the files into a backup
folder, as a safety precaution. Also paste files into another folder for the
Purpose of RESETTING PASSWORD. Now let’s Check out step Number THREE.
Open SysTools SQL Password Recovery tool on your system. The software opens
with a simple user-friendly interface, Click browse button, to choose Master MDF file from the saved folder, After selecting the file, Click Open button. Now
the file will be scanned, After Successful scanning, Click OK. Now the
tool will list all the users that were created in SQL server, Here you can
see the password column, carries two values as UNKNOWN & EMPTY. Select any desired user from the list to reset the Password, and click RESET PASSWORD BUTTON. Now a window appears reminding you of taking file backup, Then click OK to
proceed. Then enter the new password in the respective option fields below, & click OK. The PASSWORD has been reset successfully, and click yes to close the application. Now let’s check out step number FOUR,
Open the folder in which the MDF & LDF files were saved. and copy both the files.
Then repeat the STEP number TWO, and select Program Files, Then select the MS SQL
Server folder, and data folder as before. Then delete the existing MDF & LDF
files, and Paste the already copied files from the folder. Now let’s check out step number FIVE.
Select services again, and choose SQL Server option, and then right click to
choose start option, and initiate SQL services.
Now the following services will start on Your local computer. Repeat the same
method for starting server agent services as well. Now let’s check out step number SIX,
Open SQL Server Management Studio on your system, then enter Server Name
Authentication, and change password in the respective field options, and click
connect button to connect to SQL Server. Now you will be able to login
successfully, and you can preview further details of the chosen database. We are looking forward to hearing from
you, Please share your valuable comments and suggestions below. And that’s it ! Hope you enjoyed the video Log on to the given product page for
more details and purchasing the product, for any query mail us to [email protected] Thank you for watching !

Glenn Chapman

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