How to repair a hard drive That is not detected Easy Tutorial 2017 ✔

What’s up guys Gerges here back with another video today I’m gonna learn you how you can easily fix this one terabyte hard drive, so let’s get right into it First of all you have to make sure that your old hard drive from your laptop Or your new hard drive is not making any clicking noise that clicking noise. I will be making another tutorial about it But this time it’s just a matter of connection It’s not detected by my PC so my laptop is not detected so there will be something missing on that circuit board or Some connections are law Not that clean or not that shiny maybe rusty because they rust over two years They can get rusted or dust will Kind of get in so I’m gonna show you in this tutorial How you can easily fix it? but first of all the tools that you’re gonna need is a tooth brush or just a razor and Tools in this case. I’m gonna use this tool to Unscrew all the screws I will leave down below and link in the description where you can buy a short tool like this one 6 is the best it’s the best number 6 is the best for unscrewing those Like that and begin on screen The wentest unscrewing just Don’t matter the size all of them are the same size so no matter what don’t worry lift it gently up Like this then put this aside then we’re gonna take a look at this There are two places two connections that you want to make sure that you get in with your toothbrush or eraser a gum eraser, okay, so I’m gonna brush in this part This part and also this part Like that so just Take your time. Be gentle 280. Okay. You will not lose any connections and No, and anyone will crack. Just be gentle and take your time Now we’re gonna go over to the other side the hard drive And you must also clean the two connections point is that we the same clink is that one and that one? someday again fast forward Yeah, and we are done as you can see guys it’s now a bit more shiny and yeah Cleaning and so on so now what you have to do now is basically Put that Circuit board again on top. We’ll carefully do not try to break anything and try to put it very good in place Like that and now you watch you wanna screw it just make sure that you crosswise it screw it in place crosswise If you don’t screw It crosswise and you’re probably gonna crack this board because it is so thin So basically a school like this one hearing and then this one hearing then here and then here and so on If you basically get screwed four screws, then you can basically screw anything in as you want So I’m going again the past four exist video Now the last step is just by the tighten all the screws up So I’m gonna begin here and just basically you can tighten them Yeah, and we are finished guys So that was the tutorial be sure to LIKE subscribe and comment down below what you want to see more guys I am now sure that this harddrive will work unless it has now problems with that clicking noise I will be linking down below in the description in another tutorial if your hardrive makes a noise like this It should make a noise like this So yeah guys here you have it a Full repair of your hot rod, so thanks guys very much for watching I hope you liked it be sure to subscribe for more awesome videos, and I’ll catch you guys in the next one peace oh Shit oh, thanks Trey dumb niggas go away. Are we salad clouds around.a look like circus all right? This is not the out neither these are

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  1. Hi. My hard drive died while I was using it. It was my laptop internal harddrive.

    When I connect it on my friend's desktop computer, the hard drive fan is running and I can see it on windows explorer for maybe 20 seconds, but I can't see the partition (it does not show how much space it has and how much it's used). After the 20 seconds, it disappears. Please help.

  2. I have a 1 tb hard drive that has music and movies. it recently started making two clicking noises when I connect it to my laptop and the light would blink but now it doesn't at all. What should I do?

  3. Der Sir My HDD detect in bios but size show 0.0GB so window not istall please tell me how to repair HDD

  4. Hello Gogo Tech, one of my HDD is showing Raw and the other is spanning but not showing pls help

  5. Honestly, I do not even know where to look. I like everything. I did not even think about it. Sometimes the truth is faced with the problem that all the data from it disappeared somewhere, of course, I myself could not solve this problem, well, I found good guys https://www.salvagedata.com/, who quickly solved my problem. By the way, who should contact them, they have a lot of services to restore the data of your computer and phone.

  6. Good day Gogo. Pls Hdd that is unknown Not initialized , unallocated

  7. I poured a coffee on my pc. and then, it worked in a very bizarre way( it was shutting down every 5 minutes)then the pc showed that there is no hard drive inserted, I tested the hard drive on another pc but it didn't detect it (my pc is relatively new) and I have all my work data in this hard drive. Any tips to recover my data from that hard drive please? Thank you

  8. I was told never to touch electronic print boards with naked skinn. You could cause a short circuit, or you could get a nasty shock from some circuit boards. Use surgical gloves or plastic bag, just to be safe.

  9. Still not detected… my hard drive just spin but not detected, what should i do??????

  10. I’m so glad I listened up to the point where you said do not try to break anything. I really dodged a bullet there. Valuable info.

  11. I have a hard drive that was not detected because I crashed the pc from overclocking a graphics card. I put the hard drive into another pc it didn't recognize it until 3 days later. I formatted it and installed two games it worked for awhile even after a few reboots. But now again it's not recognized, do you know if there's anything I can do to get It working again?

  12. I like ur videos, clean presentation, clear video..i need this tool kit but i am in india..how can i get it..

  13. It's amazing…My HDD is working again…Thank u very much 😊😊😊😊

  14. my harddrive touro wont play on my sony smart tv even so i recorded from the tv it use to play now it wont show up any of the files can anyone help me please thanks


  16. can you please tell me in this video what make and model of external hdd is this ??
    i have and issue of an external hdd wd my passport 2tb the light diode is on it spins fine but wont recognise or even show in disk management wont even sound when i connect it.
    im thinking about doing your technique ive placed the hdd in different computers and different ports also tried changing the usb lead any computer just wont find the external HDD just plug in and nothing any ideas ? thanks

  17. My harddisk is little different and I can't notice where the connection is at. Its of Seagate mobile HDD latest model. Please reply

  18. I have the same model HDD. And I try it more then 5 time. I resolder the point, check the inside disk reader. But the HDD still not detected. Now what can I do?

  19. when connected my portable 1Tb hdd blinks for 1 minute, then the led stops and pc recognizes the drive just one moment to tell me that needs to format. Impossible to rescue data with sofware, can't see the drive.

  20. What type & size screw driver did u use? I'm trying to unscrew the cover of HD.

  21. Hello gogotech I was wondering if u could maybe help? I have 2 laptops that both out of nowhere will not go passed the windows screen they both worked fine then one day 1 shut down in middle of work and started back up but wouldn't get passed windows screen. Same on the other any help is appreciated thank you. Great vid by the way!

  22. My Sony 1TB External HDD sunddenly no blinking light? whats doest it mean? and how to fix, any advice,

  23. Fuck, windows installs the thumb drive driver (it's in the device manager) but the drive never shows up, WHY???

  24. there is 45 way to fix a corrupted usb flash drive or memory card , you can see it here http://www.flashdrive-repair.com/2018/09/45-way-to-repair-corrupted-usb-flash.html

  25. Hi! Great tutorial!
    I've a question : How to recovery data to a hard drive with "hdd password" pls ? I w forgot it!

  26. You Must Show To Us If That HDD Is Not Detected Before Repair And Detected After Repair ….

  27. Hey.. I have same issue the clicking sound comes when i turnn on my pc..and when i tried to install new window it's not showing there…i have also tried to access drive by dos but there it is not showing… Please help.. And let me know the tune you played in last of vedio😍 loved that

  28. Guys main problem with no detect is PCB point is rusty beacuse head is not working this is perfect
    Good luck bro

  29. My harddisk makes no clicking sound and is not recognised by desktop. But after some 40sec its motor stops. I cleaned all connections of plate but didnot work. It seems the plate is gone.

  30. Hey guys I have my lenovo PC but it does not display welcome window just come name then it shutdown what problem
    Me I assume hard disk problem

    Plz guys help me to fix this problem

  31. Hi gogotech, my usb 3.0 portable hdd is making a clicking noise when I connect it to the computer, for about 1 min and stop, the power light is on, I can hear the disk inside is spinning, but the computer can't recognize it, I try to find your link in fixing the clicking noise, but can't find it, can you send me the link, thx

  32. Hey bro Can you help me…My notebook hdd died and wasn't detected.I show it to a local computer center in my are and they try checking it with cables but no luck then they say maybe disk not spinning.They told me that they can get my data back by putting hdd disk into another working one to retrive the data.How can i know if disk was spinning.Shold i gave them or try your tuto there.Is it safe???.Will doing your tuto make my chances low??Actually my laptop suddenly freeze durring video play and then i try ctrl plus alt plus del combo but no luck then i force restart by power button holding method.Then i got error about hdd not detect error in hp .ie. 3fo error.How can i know if my hdd spinning or not.Thank for your trouble

  33. when will u upload how to fix the one that makes clicking noise?? thanks for your help

  34. I have dell inspiron something touchscreen version after i do something i restart the laptop on that time also i was mad because of something i cant tell :p , then i force shut down while it restarting then i tried on its keep saying storage something then show hard drrive not installed then it ask me to click continue which just power off the laptop and same thing happend again and again after i on it. Help anyone?

  35. my hardisk making sound and not detected in wondows. but when i check the hardisk not stuck . when i on the adapter, hardisk can spin but then it making sound and stop. please help me

  36. My laptop goes to a blue screen and says to remove any new hardware …any ideas what it is??

  37. Hello sir.
    I have a hdd which is Bios password locked. It was probably(because I am not sure) removed from an acer laptop (long forgotten which it is). And now I am looking fir a meab s fo unlock it an use in a hp desktop. Can you help please?

  38. Hei i guess you could help with my hard disk problem.
    I use a 2.5 inch laptop internal HDD with external casing as my external HDD. It's a 1 TB seagate HDD. The problem is that the hard disk when connected is not showing in file manager. But the hard disk led light turns on when connected and also the hard disk is labelled as "online" in disk management. There are 4 partiotions and only one is showing. If i assign drive letter to the "missing partitions" then it will appear. But after not using for 2 to 3 days and if it is again used, the problem Occurs. This same problem is happening wirh my friend's hard disk when it is connected to my laptop. He also used a laptop internal HDD as an external with external casing.

  39. How to recover data from a Surveillance System hard drive that cant detect ,ist work

  40. bro my 500jb external hard disk not showing any pc only blinking light and running inside but not showing any pc nd after some time pc showing not recognised and then insode working stop no virbrating

  41. So uh this happened when i slammed my fist on the keyboard really hard and it froze my computer then my computer started beeping and when i tried to turn it on, it will say that my hard drive is not connected. I took apart the bottom and the hard drive had no problem

  42. Thank you soo much, finally got my family laptop to work for my dad and sister using this method. Thanks!

  43. How to recover data from dead hard disk or how to repair dead hard disk without losing any data.

  44. Hello can I do this if my Windows setup won't start and when I do the extensive harddrive check it failed

  45. I showed this to my external hard drive since it always skips cleaning time. I can't find it now up to this day…

  46. Hello sir my laptop hard disk is not showing in my laptop and also not showing in another laptop or computer, please sir tell me what I do next, my important data is store in hard disk,😥😥😓please sir

  47. Sir i have a doubt my hardisc is making sound like tik tik tik its not detected in bios also

  48. Won't work with a tooth brush, too soft. I used a mini metal brush with my drill it became shinning again. It was I don't know how many times I tried and it never worked.

  49. Hello bro, I've got a problem with my PC.
    When I start it up, it says that the bootable is not compatible and not reading/error reading disk.
    I can't see it in BIOS Menu also, what should I do? Any help ASAP? Thank you very much.

  50. Very helpfull. thank you. I found a complete laptop motherboard tutorial here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9St6O3oq2o&t=7s

  51. Bro i need your help, I'm on depression right now, my research file on my hdd, and now my hdd cant get acess by my laptop, I have rog gl503vd , after windows update while installing my laptop got blue screen and restarting, after that my laptop looping into bios and the hdd can not detected, please how to fix it ? I'm on depression right now, if I fail I think I'll ended my life , because that hdd is important to me 😢 help sir

  52. Thanks for the information.my external hard drive Seagate 2 tb.became unresponsive while I was using a data recovery programme…now when i connect light shows up for few seconds and then start blinking and undetectable .kindly help me how to fix it .thanks in advance.

  53. Thank you sooo much! I just salvaged a desktop AT left next to a dumpster, no HHD register. Followed your video, now I have a new PC! FREE!

  54. i have a 1tb hard drive full of videos and games (not main os), it is detected but i can't open a video, play a game thats stored on the drive, and when i do that it freezes windows. and sometimes the drive isn't detected. any suggestions?

  55. My external hard drive is not recognized by my pc but it shows up in disk management as not initialized and space unallocated. When I plug it in, the light comes on but there is not any other response, like vibrations like it usually does.

  56. Thanks alot it worked like magic,keep up the good work👏👏👏

  57. I m using dell latitude d620 I uninstalled Ubuntu but now when I switched it on it shows internal no bootable devices. Please suggest how to overcome this

  58. Sir, gogotech,pls help me. My cpu fell in my comp table then suddenly , cant use my computer ,it opens but says disc error. I guess the hard drive is the prblem?i already checked connections and still prblem occurs.cleaning the hardrive using tootbrush could possibly solve the prblem?thnz sir

  59. Sir googtech , after i dropped my cpu, it says disk read error occurred, so whats probably the prblem? Thnx sir, pls help me

  60. First a fall it was taking too much time to start the windows and open the folder. Now not detecting the harddisk. Wt would be the problem? How can i recover the data

  61. 7:07 If your hard drive makes a sound like this background music plays or if it makes a sound like this background music plays again

  62. – My problem is that my Win10 computer Won't/Can't recognise my ext hdd is connected to it,though I Know it is… 🙁 *What can I Do To get my computer to recognise it so I can backup my computers data?

  63. the link for tools on description doesn't work, please type the brand name & the series, thx

  64. Sir my hdd motor is spinning… But still it is not getting detected in my pc

  65. I have followed through the steps but my 1TB external drive can not still be detected but just spinning. What could be wrong?

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