If I ask you to concentrate on feeling from
within, your feet or any other part of your body, right now, would you be able to do so? Just try it for 15 seconds, and I’ll get
back to you. Ok, if you were able to feel something, you have just opened the gateway to living
the most wonderful spiritual experience of all, your true self, your link with the divine. Describing consciousness with words has been
attempted through millennia, but truth is that consciousness is such a
subjective experience, that there are no words to really describe
it or thoughts to fully understand it. There are many beautiful depictions of consciousness
by religions, spiritual teachings, science and spiritual explorers like me. Consciousness has also been described as awareness,
spirit, true self and light, among other words, but again, words really don’t matter. Eckhart Tolle said, words are just like street
signs that indicate where to look at. The first clue to experience consciousness
is to go beyond the words and just “be” in the destination where they are pointing
to. Deepak Chopra also describes consciousness
as something that cannot be understood or experienced by objective means. He says that only through a subjective experience, with no words or thoughts involved, we can
make internal contact with consciousness. Consciousness is everywhere; it is pure universal
intelligence that has the power to drive energy and turn it into matter at every moment. We as human beings, immersed in this universal
ocean of consciousness do not escape to these laws. It’s been proven that between the particles
of atoms that form our cells, there is a vast space filled with pure energy. Your internal energy is therefore fused to
the energy of all the external objects and the rest of the universe. It’s all one thing. Everything is entangled. At that level there is no separation. There is only unity. This is why we so often hear the claim that
“we are all one”, and this is true. One of the most popular ways to tap into consciousness
is through meditation. Another way is through self-observation of
our thoughts and feelings during our normal daily activities. Exercising body awareness from head to toes
when we wake up and before we go to sleep is also a great tool for waking up your consciousness. Incorporating these practices into your daily
life is the best thing you can do. It will provide you with the ability to become
the watcher of your ego. Why is that important? Because you will no longer be at its mercy. You will be less reactive to the challenges
that we all face on a daily basis, and the wisdom of the universal intelligence
will start flowing freely through you. You will regain your original power by re-connecting
to the source of everything that is. This wisdom in you will improve your life
in all areas. You will make better choices and will achieve
better outcomes. I have been able to prove this in many situations. I will describe two of them for you; As a singer, my ego played a very important
role during my professional career. I can say that I did well, but now I realize
that I never achieved my full vocal potential until I incorporated consciousness into my
singing practices. During my teen years, I admired very much
one the greatest singers ever in the Hispanic music industry. I never imagined that in the future I would
end up having lunch with him, and attending the same parties. His name is Jose Jose. His songs were not only beautiful but difficult
to sing. They were recorded in a very high pitch that
only this man could beautifully sing with apparently no effort. While I also experienced in my own career
the challenge of singing live high pitched songs in massive concerts and records, for some reason I hadn’t been able to sing
flawlessly the repertoire of this great singer! It wasn’t until recently that during my
private rehearsals, I switched from “thinking” while singing, to “internal consciousness
of my full body” when I sing. Finally, I was able to reach what I considered
to be the unreachable for more than twenty years. I mounted this whole repertoire of songs in
its original pitch without a problem. Another example of my use of consciousness
happened when I went through one of the worst and most complicated situations in my life. When I migrated to the US in January 2008,
the worst crisis ever since 1929 in this country was just beginning. Nobody knew at the time how bad this would
turn out to be. I was supposed to buy or start a business
here so I could stay and provide for my family. We came with a loaned capital that had to
be repaid. After months of desperate attempts to buy
or start a business, in the midst of this horrible crisis, we ended up with no business
and no money. We had the obligation to repay the loan but
were unable to do that. As a result of this, we had to voluntarily
surrender our house in order to cover the collateral damage that we had caused. Some family members on my wife’s side and
a friend of mine were involved in this. The situation turned out very ugly. I was accused of nonsense things like having
fled from my country because I was escaping justice. It was also said that I lied and manipulated
a family member in order to get her to be our co-signer, and many other disgraceful things were said,
but absolutely none of that was true. I may have made a poor decision at the time,
but my intentions were always good and I always acted with transparency. No doubt this has been one of the most difficult
situations I’ve ever faced. Fortunately, I was able to incorporate consciousness
at every moment of this painful process. I did not allow my ego to take over and react
in a violent way or blame anybody else. We lost our house, our money, and our relationship
with part of the beloved family, however my wife, my kids and I grew stronger
and more united than ever. Poor decisions are normally taken when consciousness
is not part of the game. Fear can easily take over. This is why it is so important to regain our
lost consciousness. We were once pure and conscious beings, Who through the dysfunctional process of identification
with our egos, have repressed the greatest and most important
part of us, consciousness. Consciousness is our gateway to the very center
of the universal intelligence, to what we call God. Consciousness is our link and “the way”
to experience its presence in our daily lives. Wisdom, love, peace, tranquility and contentment,
all reside in consciousness. Consciousness is your greater self. It lives within each one of our cells and
atoms, which are not only intelligent but conscious too. It is in every animal and plant. It is in every object; in a rock, in water,
in earth. It is everywhere and in every planet and creature
of the entire universe. It is the universal force that brings everything
into existence. It is the ruler of the universe and you are
its ambassador to earth. Consciousness is within you and you can learn
how to tap into its power through meditation and self-observation. I urge you to get in touch with it. You need it, the world desperately needs it. If you like this video, please share it with
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and always be the silent observer of your thoughts and feelings. This is New Me TV, let’s evolve together

Glenn Chapman

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