How To Recovery Lost Data From USB, Memory Card or HDD?

hello in this video I want to show you how to recover your lost image your lost music or any type of data from your stick from your USB from your hard disk from any media this is a very easy way to recovery any data and all data from your from your media any media like USB hard disk and something like that first you need to go and click on link to download this software ek data recovery software click on link and you you will have a this window click here to download this software when downloading is finished the pic on this file this prior file you need to have in rar if you don’t have WinRAR I will put link down below video in description and you can download winrar and install WinRAR then you can proceed click on file then click extract to now click on desktop make new folder click OK and wait for some time until extracting is finish it now when you you can close this window minimize up your windows now you have a folder eCare data recovery software click on open that folder click on e care exit file to install application [Music] click yes next I accept agreement next next create a scope icon next install do not launch eCare data recovery click finish and you need to disable disable your network connection if you’re using wireless just disconnect from wireless if you’re using learn just disconnect your lan cable or block connection you need to disconnect from from the internet now go on this folder red key double click on this file double click on this file then click yes and again yes ok now you can open your file minimize this and you will have this icon here eCare data recovery software open that software click yes you you can now connect on internet if you like now you need to go on deep scan recovery click on deep scan recovery and unique you have now many partition from your hard disk but if you put your S be your stick in your PC or laptop you need to go on back if you did not put your USB in your PC before you click on deep scan recovery you need to click after you put your USB stick now click on deep scan recovery and you will have your data USB flash drive USB device click on that if you want to recovery with data from USB flash drive if you want to recovery some data from from some other partition on your local hard hard drive click on that but I will just want to show I just want to show you how to make recovery click on recovery and you need to wait depend you need to wind some time depending on how many files did you have on that flash drive or on some partition if you have if you had a lot of data on your flash drive in a in a past it can take some time but you need to wait of course or if you have a only once for example if you you are buy some new flash drive and put some image for example and lost that image in any case it it will be faster I will press cancel because I don’t want to to waste video it will be a long time to to scan all my USB but when you wait to scan whole your your data from USB just click here on route de vie love files or if you are looking for some specific data you can check these folders and see if you can you if you can find what you are looking for but I are recommending you to to make recovery all your data and then you can delete what you do not need click here on route file blue blue track and click save files now click OK and you now need to choose where you want to save that files now find your place and click new folder let’s say red sorry recovery folder name recovery click okay and recovery is started you just need to wait some time until the recovery is finished then you cannot go and open your own folder recovery and you will have your files recover it here that’s all easy and simple if you have some problem and some issue is about this software please let me know in comments down below and I will answer you as soon as possible thanks for watching this video if you liked this video please do not forget to like video share it share video with other your friends and somebody who need that and that’s all thanks

Glenn Chapman


  1. Dude i have i problem i accidently reset my phone and all files was deleted from phone and from sd card
    I have google photos and all photos befere reset was there but now its not
    It happend befere 7 days i used my phone after that because i needed my phone
    Pls help

  2. imam veliki problem slucajno sam resetovao telefon i sve se obrisalo nakon toga sam ga koristio jer mi je trebao za skolu
    i slikao sam nekoliko slika
    te izbrisane slike sam imao sacuvane na google photos tamo ih nema
    a nisam imao cloud jer sam bio skeptican u vezi toga
    skoro sve sliku su bile na sd kartici
    kako da ih vratim
    pomazi kako god znas
    imao am preko 3000 slika i 3000 videa za muziku i ostalo mi je nebitno

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