How to recover files from an SD card…the REAL way! Recover pictures from SD card for PC and MAC!

Alright, I’m gonna get right to the point,
Today, I’m going to show you the new way to getting your formatted files back.…the
real way. So quick story: I was shooting a wedding a
few months back and there was a memory card that I had with 120gb of files on it and somehow
the file system corrupted. Yes I was able to get the files back but I remember sitting
at my computer just nauseous at loosing these files so trust me…I know how you feel. Well I am super excited that I know about
this software know because, I can basically rest assured I’m never going to have that
issue again… Because Ive been seeing a lot of comments
and complaints on the first video I made basically saying the software doesn’t really work
anymore. And guess what, for the most part, they’re
right! So because of that I decided to make this
video showcasing a software that I think you should be using instead. But real quick…
a little backstory I got approached by a company called clever
files to make some content for their website and youtube channel about their data management
software called disk drill. Whats really amazing about this software is that it has THE most
amazing file recovery system I have ever seen and that’s why im so psyched to show it
to you. So yes I am associated with this company that
makes the software…BUT they have not paid me to say this and all of the results I’m
going to show you later are entirely…my own! Also, this software costs $89… I want to
be really clear on that. But here’s the thing man…this is the real deal and I seriously
believe that after running your disk through this…like I have NOT BEEN ABLE TO STUMP
THIS YET I’ll include a link to the software down
below, it’ll be the first link in the description, but once you install and open it you’ll
see the interface is BEYOND simple like, it cuts out soooo much of the BS that I found
with RECUVA Up at the top under hardware disks you’ll
see all of the available drives connected to the computer along with a button to recover
the data off the drive and from there the software does all of the heavy lifting for
you. So some comments that I got on the previous
video; “can it recovery from sd cards, thumb drives, smartphones, 3ds memory cards, ipads,
etc” the answer…is yes! If you’ve lost data on a disk of ANY KIND,
you can run the recovery on this software, its a simple as that. So what happens when you start the process?
Well, disk drill will run a quick scan as well as a series of deeper scans to ensure
all fragmented and hidden pieces of data can be found a reconstructed in the end. Throughout
the process you’ll see all of the recovered data being accumulated on the screen here. The names of the folders reflect the type
of scan that was done to retrieve them as well as different categories like labeled,
reconstructed, etc. Once it’s done you can actually go through
the files and folders and look at exactly what was recovered, jpegs, pngs, raw images,
video files, audio files, text and word docs, like pretty much anything and it works just
like a regular file structure inside finder or windows explorer. Which I guess means this
is a good time to say it works for both windows and Mac! SO when you find the files that you want to
recover, just put a check mark next to them, then up at the top you can choose a recovery
location, and finally click recover. It will go ahead and recover the files and
let you know if any errors arise, and it will notify you once it’s done.. Aaaand if I head to my desktop, you can see
I now have a folder with all of of my files in it…in this case, recovered music. So…that’s it really the software is incredibly
easy to use and again, this is not my bias showing this is the best file recovery software
I have ever used and trust me I’ve tried a lot of them. Just to end this video I just want to thank
everyone for the amazing comments on the first video. So many amazing stories of people getting
their engagement photos back or recovering videos from Childs first birthday…like all
of those comments seriously mean a lot to me. I know its easy to be skeptical about software
like this, but I believe you should give it a shot. It’s worked wonders for me and I
think it could do the same for you. So thanks for watching, let me know if you
have any comments or questions and I’ll see you next time.

Glenn Chapman


  1. This sound great though I don't need it…yet.

    Hope to see more keep up the good work!!!

  2. I was so happy that there was a new one but then it wasn't free. Hahahaha :'( I'm forever doomed. I won't be able to retrieve my family photos. But anyway!!! Thanks! Maybe after a few years. HAHAHA.

  3. hey, i'm trying to get my formated files from a sd card and recuva said it find 7 files but shows any, and i an't pay for any program. is there another one free you know?

  4. I've added a discount code for the software in the description! ^^ USE CODE: HLP-WNNCR at checkout for 10% off!

  5. Plz tell me how to get back deleted files through android application which I can install from play store easily

  6. PLEASE HELP. I downloaded on my PC, but now my videos are unplayable?

  7. I legit don't think this is working for me, and now I am beyond sad and stressed

  8. Hello Andrew this $89 is for how long? Can be downloaded once and then use it every time we need to recover any file or is ONE TIME USE?

  9. I have a portable HDD that my PC wont recognise. Would this work with it, or is it most likely that this drive is completely dead?

  10. I would not recommend this product. It found 45 .mp4 videos. However, once recovered the videos they will not play on any media player whatsoever and just errors occur.

  11. Hi Andrew, love your videos! So…I formatted a 1 TB hard drive to FAT/exFAT for Mac and lost about 600 GB of raw documentary footage because I thought it had copied to my desktop. Is it possible to retrieve the footage somehow? I am currently running Recuva on it but unsure it's going to work. Thoughts?

  12. Hey! I'm here because I accidentally formatted my card. I immediately started looking for ways to recover. NOTHING HAS WORKED! I've tried RecoverIt, RePicvid, iBeesoft, Stellar Data Recovery, Yodot, Data Rescue 5, and now Disk Drill. The first scan with Disk Drill didn't work so I ran another one. The files are RAW photo files .ARW shot on Sony. The card is a 32GB SanDisk SD card. I am working on a Mac. PLEASE HELP!!

  13. Any product for pc's? I have an external drive, that died, have all the history true the years in this particular drive, do have a Mac, but this external drive was set up for pc. help!!

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