How to Recover Data After Formatting, Deleting or Creating Partitions in 2019 ๐Ÿ“๐Ÿ”ฅโš•๏ธ

Hello everybody. This video is about recovering data after
deleting or creating new partitions on a hard disk, a memory card or a USB flash drive. User data can be lost as a result of deleting
or creating partitions, or as a result of changing the file system on a hard disk, a
memory card or a flash drive. When working with partitions, sometimes the
wrong disk can be selected, or an occasional error in the software working with partitions
can delete all data from the disk. Let’s see how data can be recovered in such
a situation: 1. After a file system error or an incomplete
operation to create, delete or format a partition, a medium (information carrier) becomes unavailable
in the Explorer. When trying to access the disk, Windows shows
the message that the file system cannot be determined and suggests that you format the
device. The disk may not be seen in the Explorer at
all, or its size can be determined incorrectly. 2. But don’t hurry to format your device – the
first thing you should do is to try recovering its data. After the data recovery you can work on restoring
the operability of your device. Use the link in the description of thsi video
to download and install this program – Hetman Partition Recovery. Now let us see in detail how files can be
recovered with Hetman Partition Recovery after deleting or creating partitions. To do it, let’s reconstruct a situation
when important files can be lost. • There is a hard disk with only one partition
where files are stored • Delete the partition
• As we can see, there is now some unallocated
space, and all files which were on this hard disk are lost, and the partition is no longer
shown in the Explorer So how can we recover these files with Hetman
Partition Recovery? • Start the program. • In the Physical Disks list, find the disk
you need to recover and left-click on it. • In the analysis type window, select Full
Analysis and check the necessary options. In my case, I only leave checked boxes next
to Content-Aware Analysis and NTFS, because the partition I have deleted was of that type. Next. • Wait for the process to be complete – it
can take some time. • Ready. The analysis is completed! • Select the files and folders you need
to recover and click on “Recover.” • Here, select “Save to hard disk” and
specify the path where files will be recovered to. Click “Recovery” and wait for the process
– it can take some time. • Ready As you have just seen, the program made it
easily and quickly, and it took me almost no effort, thanks to the user-friendly interface
and an easy-to-use recovery wizard. That is all for now. Thanks for watching. I hope this video was useful for you. If you liked this video, click the Like button
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Glenn Chapman


  1. my partisans are delete i dont know how . but now i frormet my hdd they tell me make new partisans if i make new partisanas they my data will be recover ?? i will make same size particanse as like as old partisans size . i have any chances ?? plzz ans. me

  2. Watch how to recover data after deleting or creating partitions. Did you like the video? Click Like button and subscribe to Hetman Software channel. We will be glad to answer any questions in comments.

  3. Can i recover files after deleting and creating new with the same name and location?

  4. Worth $100! It recovered ALL of my data from my Samsung EVO 850 1TB SSD! This software just saved me 80+ hours of work! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

  5. So, I understand that if the program can restore a deleted portion and make a virtual disk image..that you save somewhere else. Is there a way to take the image that Hetman made and dump it on to a new physical hard drive?

  6. Absolute rubish!!! For 58 dollars u can get better softwares. Just a commercial video.

  7. The video never mentions paying for the recovery tool. A bit of honesty upfront would help. This should be highlighted so users may not wish to install this software into their machine. Duped now thank you!

  8. Before you go to the trouble of downloading this and waiting for a couple of hours for it to scan, To recover you will NEED TO PURCHASE THE LICENSE FOR $149.
    The scan will result in recovering so much data that's irrelevant to you that it will take you a lifetime to check each file/folder to see if your precious pics or docs are there. (I didn't see any of my stuff but I did get to see loads of pics of the previous owner of my laptops wedding night eeww )felt like ransom money tbh

  9. They ask for 200 bucks once you've loaded their scan for an entire day.

  10. external hdd not showing lost data after recovery can you please guide more procedure to recover the data?
    driver was accidentally formatted

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