How to Polish and Restore Car Paint

rev up your engines, today I’m going to show
you, how to make dull paint nice and shiny again, all you need is time and a
little polish, and do like me, wear old pants and dirty shoes, because you’re
going to get polish all over the place probably, now as you can see here, I’ve
been a bad boy and I let the spoiler get all faded from the Sun, now there’s lots
of polishers, I’m using a clear coat polisher, and you can do it by hand, but
if you want a good job, use one of these power buffers,
I’ve had this Mequiar one for years, it works fine, now put a little of the polisher
on the car first, start Buffing, look at all the crud that’s coming off, you got to
clean these every once in a while, so it keeps getting clean though, then get a
microfiber towel, and wipe the residue off, then put some more and buffing it again,
then once you get it nice and smooth, get some wax, and wax it, because you’ve
buffed all the wax off, and you got to put new wax on, as you can see, even
the waxing pad is getting oxidized paint coming off on it, then get a new
microfiber towel and buff all the wax off, and just look at the difference,
here’s the old part we haven’t buffed yet, and there’s the new shiny part, and
yes it is a big job doing the whole car, so if you’re lazy, you may pay someone
else at a detail shop to do the job for you, but me I’m cheap, so I’m doing it
myself, there now the whole spoiler is shiny, more quick fixes on the Scotty Kilmer

Glenn Chapman


  1. Scotty I think your paint is to far gone to help it. If you would just wash your cars every once in a while that would help you the most….LOL!

  2. Well, i'd mention that you really should throughly cleand and claybar the area before polishing it.

  3. Don't you need to wash that part thoroughly first, so that you won't cause more scratches?

  4. If you have no experience in car detailing i would not recommend to jump straight to the machine first without any lessons. You can do bad damage to the clearcoat or your paint. But a nice video scotty, i bet a lot of people don't even know about these things.
    Ps. Greetings from Finland!

  5. Scotty, you think you will upload a video on how to repair cracked dashboards? Or is it best to replace the whole thing?

  6. Sorry to say Scotty, I love your videos, but this is one video I don't like. Any detailer sees why.

  7. Scotty , Stick to mechanical…
    depending on finish and condition…first touch less wash.then regular wash.. clay bar,then rubbing compound. then polishing compound, then wax.
    forget the speed buffer.

  8. Hey scottykilmer channel! Easy explanation for dummies like me lol awesome channel

  9. This only works on white and silver cars because they hide scratches and holograms almost perfectly. Don't try this on any dark colored cars or red cars either, or you'll have even more scratches displacing original scratches. Wash…your…car…with…dish…soap…before attempting to polish it, too. Don't try to polish a dirty car!

  10. dont forget to clay bar the entire car before the buffing and use the right cutting pads he was using a finishing pad with no cut at all

  11. I read the tittle of the video three times because I thought it said
    “How To Make Your Car Paint Shitty

    I’m tired.

  12. Hi, like your video, because you are giving instructions on shining the clear-coat. I was very good at shining the the ''paint'' in the old days. We need to learn how to shine these new tech. finishes on cars of today. I like polishing my own car and enjoy the results I have a black truck and a red one, always good results. Thanks for the good video.

  13. Scotty, no, you are not being cheap by doing the job yourself but making sure it is done to exactly how you wanted it. NOT all mechanics out there are trustworthy as you; so if I can't get you to help then I rather be doing it myself too.

  14. Clay bar helps get that really embedded dirt out. And so true, for the price of a full detail you could buy a Buffer, some pads, & polish! Do it yourself like Scotty! 🙂

  15. i already know how to keep a car shiny, but i'm here to rev up my engines, but anyway, having just polished and waxed my car, i can say it feels good knowing you made a dusty, sad looking car look nice again

  16. 1:46 video to explain how to machine polish and wax a car…
    DO NOT FOLLOW THIS VIDEO, pay a professional or learn to do it properly.
    your car will thank you for it.

  17. Please dont do this without throughly washing and clay off all the embedded contaminants in the paints.

  18. Got my vehicle krowned the other day and it dripped on my driveway how can i remove oil on pavement!

  19. And I thought he had something new and improved, that didn't involve a lot of elbow grease.

  20. I want a car made completely of reflective mirrors and reflective paint.

    But until then, I gotta store my 7 series bmw outside in the snow and cold this winter.

    Any tips on how to make sure it doesn’t rust? Because there’s no rust on it and I want to keep it that way.

  21. scotty my man your so damn right my 2014 mercedes CLA class 45 amg has a 29 codes i cant even memorize all of those crap codes. your so right

  22. thats why i drive my toyota everyday since mercedes is on service it cost me 200k pesos and in dollars is 3k ithink. its very reliable.

  23. As a perfectionist when it comes to my detailing I nearly cried when you started to buff without prep work, I'm currently on suicide watch now haha

  24. im cheap as well so i just spayed my car with wd40 and got a nice glossy shine and if someone leans up agents my car they slip right off and end up on the ground . good human repellent if i say so myself

  25. Bet nobody knows whats wrong with my suv…

    1994 GMC Suburban.
    It wont idle without dying unless you hold the RPM bar above 1k and the Engine stutters and shakes the car alot. No clue any help will be nice.

  26. I use turtle wax scratch and swirl remover. Works great by hand or with a polisher, and it only costs $3.00/bottle. After that, use Mother's Carnuba paste wax. The finish is like showroom new.

  27. Man don’t you guys just love Scotty? Thanks for sharing all your years of experience to novice people like this one!

  28. IDK Scotty it looks the same.If its properlly polished, at the waxing stage it should not be that dirty.

  29. Now that the oxidized paint is shiny, how do you protect the shine? Next month the paint will be dull again, buff again, and pretty soon the paint is gone.

  30. Scotty how many miles do you have on your celica? mine is 2000GT with 132,000 bought it brandnew and still runs with no problems. the cheapest and easiest car to maintain and reliability is solid.

  31. I have OLD brake fluid sprayed on the side of my car. the car wash didn't take it off. It is rough to the feel. I doubt it will come off and leave the paint. Wish I knew a good way to do it without tools at home.

  32. Cheap and Labour are mutually exclusive. Pay Zero $, Takes heeps of (ones) labour, pay heeps, then zero labour for one hey what ¿¿¿

  33. Can u make a video how to clean the buffing pad Properly ? With what chemicals ? Hot soap & water ? Thanks.

  34. Do automated car washing machines do this well when using the polish and de-grease program?

  35. i love your vids Scotty but i would never use a buffer on any of my vehicles…..its a sure way to swirl mark your finish

  36. Hey Scotty I see your Toyota failed emission inspection on 9/29/17 Why did it fail and what did it need to pass?

  37. ⬇️Things I used in this video:⬇️
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    2. Meguiar Power Polisher: http://amzn.to/2juSxJa
    3. Microfiber Towel: http://amzn.to/2j1MZ9B
    4. Common Sense
    5. 4k Camera: http://amzn.to/2hZ4AxX
    6. Mini Microphone: http://amzn.to/2newgV9
    7. My computer for editing / uploading: http://amzn.to/2i2sKYz
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  38. As a professional detailer please do not attempt to buff your car unless you know what you are doing. White cars is easy but dark colors are very easy to leave what we call trail marks and you will be very sorry once you do. The car will looks horrible in the sun. Do it yourself if you want but be sure to watch more professional tutorials before attempting. Here's my tip to start, move slow if you try to go fast you run into problems.

  39. This guy has absolutely no idea what he's doing. At least spend 5 minutes of google before making the video..

  40. trust me been detailing for years , its not that easy. pay a pro and let them burn your paint right

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