How To Make a Samsung 950 Pro NGFF NVMe M 2 Drive Bootable on an Asrock z170 Extreme7+ Motherboard

I recently did a $5,000 USD Monster PC build
that I called Alan Lake and you can check that out in the description below or in the
annotation on the screen now. And I did come into some trouble with the
Samsung 950 Pro M.2 Drives. Stick around to see how I made them work with
my Z170 board. So the first thing that you’ll see when
you start up your computer is to press F2 or the Delete key and that will get you into
the Bios or the UEFI setup. Once you’re in there you’ll be presented
with this screen. And what you’ll need to do is press F6 to
go to the advanced setup. Now the first thing you’ll want to do is
go to the Advanced Menu and go to Storage. Once you’re there check that the SATA Controller
is set to Enabled; the SATA Mode is AHCI (almost didn’t get that) and the Hard Disk S.M.A.R.T.
mode is set to Enabled as well, and the SATA3 Mode is set to AHCI as well. Then if you scroll down the list you’ll
that the M1, M2 and M3 slots are not populated. So our next stop will be the Boot Menu. So you’ll see my system’s already configured
to boot from the M.2 drive and you can see this by seeing that Windows Boot Manager is
Boot Option 1 Because we’re starting from scratch what
you’ll need to do is scroll all the way down to the bottom of this page and choose
CSM which stands for Compatibility Support Module. Once you’re in there you’ll see CSM has
Enabled. Now in order to boot from a UEFI USB Drive
with Windows 10 on it, we need to select this and change it to Disabled. Now if you’d like to know how to make a
UEFI Bootable Windows 10 installation USB Drive, then leave me a comment down below
and if I get enough interest I’ll make a new video on that. Now the other 3 options that you see here,
you will need to change those to UEFI only. This will allow things like your 4K Monitor,
if you have one, to support displaying the Bios or UEFI in 4K resolution. So once you’ve hit Disabled on CSM, we can
now go to Exit and Save Changes and Exit. Now make sure that you’ve got your USB Drive
plugged in with your UEFI Bootable Windows 10 installation and press F11 to go into the
Boot Menu. Now from here you can choose USB Drive and
you can start your Windows 10 installation. Your M2 Drive will appear and everything will
be great. Now after you have done the installation what
you will need to do is go back into the Bios and change the CSM setting to Enabled. Save
changes and Exit and you’re away. I thought this shit was meant to be easy! Now I didn’t realise there was so much you
had to do to make these M.2 Drives bootable and it took a little bit of research actually
to find out how to make this work on the Z170 motherboard. Fair enough, this technology is really, really
fresh and really, really new, so there’s not a lot of documentation out there on how
to make these work. So hopefully this has helped you with your
M.2 Drive and your Z170 board. Well, that’s it for another video. I really
hope you liked it. If you did make sure you give me a big thumbs-up
and maybe even leave a comment down below. If you do enjoy the content that I’m providing
here please make sure that you subscribe to my channel because it really helps me a lot. As always, Imagine Learn create Bye!

Glenn Chapman


  1. is this the same process if i plan to use windows 7? I've already made a usb with windows 7 and the required usb drivers using asrock usb patcher. would i need drivers for raid or anything else?

  2. question, is there a proper way to erase the m2? I have the 950 pro m2 512. I want to wipe and reload the system but secure erase does not see it.

  3. Will m.2 drives work with other chipsets or just the Z170?. Specifically I am looking to get an M.2 drive for an older pc with a intel P67 chipset.

  4. hello…can you make one video whit GIGABYTE – Motherboard – Socket FM2 – GA-F2A85X-UP4 (rev. 1.0) plss. Thnx

  5. Quick question, can a windows 10 install on a GPT drive read and write to an older MBR disk, ie a D and/or E drive from a previous computer? If it can, it saves me a lot of time spent backing up many terabytes of old data that I still need.

  6. Mz M.2 ssd does show up in hte installation menue but after the installation is completed it just doesnt boot from it.

  7. could you PLEASE explain how to move Windows 10 from an SSD to a M.2 using the same asrock board?? PLEAAASE <3

  8. I had my device be detect but Its slow to be recognized. I wanted to clone from an older pc on a no nvme m.2 drive. I tried setting to boot from it and I think it went pfft and booted to non m.2 hd anyway

  9. Thanks TWT. Straight to the point with a clear and professional presentation. Well done.

  10. I have a sabertooth 990fx and I am trying to us a liquid cooled ssd in my pci slot is this motherboard compatible?
    Samsung told me the motherboard needs to be "NVME" compatible

  11. i have MSI X99A mobo, i am using Win10 on Samsung EVO 960 M2 drive but i do not see it anywhere in BIOS under Storage. Any idea?

  12. I tried soooo many different setup for this , videos etc, It always does the same thing, as I reboot to boot from my stick it doesn't even ask me anything it just loops back to the bios without me doing anything. I tried so many different things and its always the same. Im desperate

  13. plz help anyone, i have m2 samsung evo 960 , deluxe 2 motherboard, when i installed first time it was at speed 3500mb now its at 1600 mb

  14. I'm so glad I found this video. this what was exactly what I needed to know to get my first build off the ground. great job man!

  15. I've got an MSI Pro Carbon, I have the same thing – Samsung M.2 Drive is visible in the boot options, but not in windows. What I am lacking is the CSM option in the Bios… anyone out there has any help?

  16. Hi thre 🙂 i got a problem maybe u know something abouth it … my MB Asus Ranger VII cant recognieze the m.2 samsung 850 Evo drive. I update my bios and nothing. U got anything i can look to for my problem i really cant anything to solve this 🙁

  17. dear TechwizTime,
    i have samsung evo 960 m.2 and i want to change the m.2 to sata express but the m.2 is not detected also i have z170-p motherboard and i dont see in the bios sata express or m.2 config
    what i should to do to make the best performance for my ssd?

  18. You show that m2_1, 2 and 3 are not detected but then you show that your system is set to boot from m.2 drive??
    I thought you are showing how to boot from Samsung M.2 SSD, so why are you showing how to boot from USB??

  19. wait… can i not use those M.2s a a second drive for cache intense software? i dont want windows on it. Is it possible? if yes how can my BIOS detect it??

  20. I have a Asrock-Z270M-ITX/AC and i put in a Crucial m.2 1 tb into there because my HDD is failing. But when ever i go into windows 10 installation the m.2 does not show up. When i boot into windows 10 normally i dont see the m.2 in disk managment i only see it in device manager. PLZZZZ help i have been at this all day.

  21. it didnt helpt! Still the same problem [ASROCK X99 Taichi_Socket 2011-V3]

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    960 PRO M.2 NVMe – 2TB Amazon ► https://geni.us/zMVn0Lf

  23. I bought a 960 evo and got it working but I can't seem to find CSM. I am running a i7 970 6 core, x58 sabertooth. My nightmare is that I cannot do it due to BIOS firmware

  24. Hi, does a nvme m2 drive created to load all system faster so we should install all the system program on m2 slot, or the m2 helps the hdd(system) to load faster with m2 as secondary drive?

  25. i just a built a new rig and had set everything up on a samsung 850 pro ssd but i wanted to make a samsung 960 evo my c drive but after cloning the drive its not bootable and its very confusing because on msi click bios 5 there is no refrence too m.2 drives except m.2 genie which warns me im switching to raid . any help would be greatly appreciated ? i just want to make the nvme 960 evo my main bootable c drive without raid thanks

  26. i put a m2 samsung 960 evo and dont find my sata hdd (motherboard extreme4 z270) why ?

  27. Damn crystal clear instructions, thanks; I'm gonna get Samsung 960 Pro 512G M.2 Nvme SSD installed on my ASUS X99 Rampage Extreme V Motherboard and start using Windows 10 now…

  28. 2:14 Make sure USB driver of what? Plugged in. What program do we need to have on that usb driver?

  29. it doesnt fucking work. after installing windows it will not boot. just black screen after bios logo.

  30. i just got a DELL XPS 8920 Z270 replaced the hdd with a samsung 960 pro, driver for it wont detect it says to reinstall,but it is installed and running slow with the microsoft driver. how do i install the proper samsung driver in the 960 and remove the micrsoft drivers ?

  31. Can you help me , i cant install win 10 on ssd nvme adata sx8000 mainboard asrock z370 pro . I did step by step as your video but it doesnt work .

  32. It doesnt show up in my bios and i have no other drives other than the m.2_1 and it doesnt show up please som1 help

  33. M.2 seriously does not seem worth the trouble. There's waaaaaaaay too much to do when you could just use a standard ssd as a boot drive. It's cheaper to as well.

  34. Your video did help me a little to understand the M.2 setup. But i am still having a hard time getting mine to work in the system to be a boot drive to install win 7. My motherboard my just be to old, i do not know but here is what i got. ASROCK X79 Extreme9, Samsung 960 EVO. Now the drive does show up as a drive to use as just a drive but i cannot seem to make it a boot-up drive for new Windows system. Any help or thought?

  35. I have an EVGA Z170 mobo and M.2 950 Pro. I properly set it up and it worked as my boot drive for about a year. Recently, I started getting a blue screen error. It went from every few weeks, to a week, to every day. Then the PC would only boot to BIOS. I reinstalled W10 to my 850 EVO and now the BIOS and PC do not recognize the M.2 drive. While the PC was still working with the M.2, I checked Samsung Magician and both my M.2 950 Pro and 850 EVO were to date and functioning properly. Does this likely mean the socket failed and sputtered out? I am relatively new to PC and have never encountered this issue and since M.2 SSDs are relatively new, there's not a ton of info.

  36. For transferring from a SATA SSD to NVMe M.2:
    Can I just install the NVMe driver and reboot, then copy the partition to the M.2?

    (I don't have the M.2 yet, need to be ready)

  37. What about x99 Fatality ? I'm having the same issue but I want it on win 7 🙁

  38. You didnt even explain wether should I choose mbr or gpt. Not a lot of info really, as how to make a usb become bootable is NOT what I am looking for

  39. M2 drives are a big rip off for the following reasons
    #1 its a fundamental principle when the chips get hot the performance dips. M2's are just massive heat pocket generators that put extra stress on the mobo for very little performance buff over sata ssd

    #2 PCIe SSD are by far faster than M2 and if you notice PCIe ssd come with large heat sinks that keep the chips cool so you never see a performance drop using them

     PCIe ssd is the future not the M2 i recommend buying PCIe if you want to recycle old parts into new PC builds

  40. I noticed something rather odd and a bit funny at the start of your video. Firstly you pronounced the Z170 as Zed170 then later on you said Zee170. Just a funny thing I noticed.

  41. still dont get wy you have to turn csm off to boot from a flash, i just go to boot in the startup and select my usb. then the pc will automatticly boot from C afterwards

  42. Maybe I missed something. You made the M.2 drive bootable by making the USB drive bootable?…

  43. Hello i have an asus rog GL771JW seems bios only read sata ssd normal even if i have a space for a ssd m.2, do you know if it would run an nvme 970 evo samsung 250gb m.2? First should do i try to update the bios? Hope you can help me ^^ thanks.

  44. Is this for the PCIe m.2? Or the SATA? I’m gonna buy one soon myself and don’t actually wanna buy the SATA since it isn’t gonna give me extra performance in comparison with a normal ssd

  45. hi there, I have a Samsung 970 Pro and my mobo can not detect it as i have installed it on a dimm.2 slot. Mean while, i have windows 10 installed already. Is there a way to fix this?

  46. There is just one problem, is there any documentation stating that sometimes the computer just won't boot at all?, I have got this same problem as I give you this comment, my computer now just won't boot

  47. I just bought samsung 970 EVO and want to install windows in it, does it work same way as this video?

  48. problem my buddy and i had was when we connected his rtx 2080 video card we got no video and had to use the onboard? Ended up taking the m2 back and got an ssd because we got to frustrated.

  49. Using your PC with CSM enabled will disable the Secure boot which make you vulnerable to exploits like rootkits… your security goes back to W7 days…

  50. my Asus f2a55 to old -_- I tryed ,but system can see it as hdd, but not in bios(

  51. How do I do so already having windows 10 on my other HDD w/Optane and want to switch over to my new 960 Pro?

  52. Hi, I'm commenting from my windows 10 install on my nvme drive, using GA-AB350 Gaming motherboard.

  53. I tried this on my ASUS Maximus IV Extreme. Unfortunately it only recognizes it as storage drive but will not recognize it as a bootable drive for Windows 7. Is there a way? There is nothing in the BIOS settings that I can adjust to make it read it as a Windows 7 boot drive.

  54. Yeah but that's exactly the problem I'm trying to resolve. I want my SSD to use NVMe instead of AHCI.

  55. Why enable SATA?
    Wouldn't it make more sense to disable it, since it's an NVMe drive, not a SATA drive?

  56. What a pity you don't answer the questions that people have asked.
    What a pity you didn't make a video on how to make a bootable EUFI Windows 10 USB drive.

  57. My 512M8PeG plextor doesnt show up , i have done everything you said =/… Dont know what else to do to see de driver and install windows on it.

  58. Can’t figure out why I could not follow this video. Maybe I need this bios. Meh

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