How To Lower Creatinine Level Fast – How I Improved My Kidney Function

In today’s video I’ll show you 5 things you
can do right now to lower your creatinine levels fast. I know these things work because… these
are the things that I did to improve my kidney function. Yes, I’m a kidney disease patient and today
I’m showing you my actual, working strategy to lower creatinine and improve kidney function. Hello, this is Tony Benneth, welcome to 00kidney. After being diagnosed with chronic kidney
disease, two years ago, my doctor told me that … you can’t reverse kidney disease. You can improve your kidney function… but
just a little bit. And kidney disease is not reversible. But it wasn’t true. Not for everyone at least. Not for me. I actually improved my kidney function a lot! It wasn’t easy, it still isn’t easy. Even if I’m better now I still have to fight,
just like you, this terrifying disease. And I was lucky enough to discover Katherine’s
channel here, 00kidney, and I actually found out that there are things you can do to lower
your creatinine levels. Ok, nobody has time to lose here so let’s
jump to the strategy, let’s see what actually works to improve kidney function. NUMBER 1 FIRST THING TO DO TO LOWER CREATININE
– LOWER PROTEIN INTAKE Avoid eating red meat,
dairy products and other foods rich in protein
will help lowering creatinine. yeah, maybe I should have started with an
easier one. Never mind, diet is really important for a
kidney disease patient. So, let’s start with an advice from a kidney
patient, me, to another kidney patient, you. Things can be pretty… rough when you get
near the advanced stages of chronic kidney disease and your doctor starts to talk about
dialysis. It’s frightening, I know. And, while making a significant change in
your diet may seem hard too, it is a lot better than seeing chronic kidney disease progress
without doing anything to fight it. So, reducing protein intake is actually a
very good first step to lower our creatinine. And it will work fast. You know, just two years ago I was almost
in stage 5 of CKD. because I wasn’t caring enough about my health. When I started to care, finding the correct
renal diet was one of the first, big, changes I had to do in my lifestyle. But it worked. I had to follow a very restrictive renal diet
at first, but now that my kidneys are better, I can have a more easy to follow diet. CONSUMING A VERY LOW PROTEIN DIET REMOVES
A LOT OF STRESS FROM OUR KIDNEYS This will improve our GFR, giving us more
energy and making us feel better. My personal advice to lower the amount of
protein in the diet is to… avoid bad protein at all costs. So, avoid protein from fat cuts of red meat,
fat cuts of chicken and pork. Also avoid packaged meats in general, like
salami sausages. And avoid dairy. Yes, this is not easy at first but it will
work, it will work fast. NUMBER 2 DRINK MORE WATER
Keep your kidneys healthy by drinking the right
amount of water Aaah, here we go, this is an easy way to lower
our creatinine levels fast. Water is really important for the health of
our kidneys. A lot of people live their lives in a constant
state of mild dehydration. This will directly impact the creatinine levels,
in a bad way. If you’re dehydrated your creatinine will
be higher. So drinking more water will lower it really
fast. Also we should consider that, in the long
run, your kidneys will suffer, if you’re constantly dehydrated. Water helps the kidneys removing wastes from
the blood, and if there’s not enough water, the kidneys will have to work harder. In the long run this can increase the chances
of UTIs, kidney stones and kidney disease. All of these are… really bad for our kidneys. So drink more water. How much water? Men need about 13 cups of water per day, women
about 9. We’re talking about between 2 and 3 liters
of water per day. These are just estimates and can change if
you live in a hot climate or if you do a lot of physical activity. What’s important is that this is a lot more
than most of the people actually drink. So drink more water if you want to help your
kidneys. Maybe bring a water bottle with you when you’re
at work or traveling, you know and… How can you tell if you’re drinking enough? Look at the color of your urine. Urine should be light yellow, if it’s darker
it means you’re dehydrated. This only apply to people who are not on a
restricted water intake. If you’re on dialysis, you cannot drink all
this water and you should drink no more than your doctor allowed you to do. THIRD THING TO DO TO LOWER CREATININE LEVELS
– EAT MORE OMEGA 3S A diet rich in omega 3s
is proven to help improving GFR There are actually studies proving this. let’s see… Omega-3s and renal function in older adults
Omega-3 fatty acid supplementation as an adjunctive therapy in the treatment of chronic kidney
disease this is a long one… ok, don’t worry I’m not gonna read all these
studies right now because they’re really tedious and this is
still Youtube, by the way… but I’ve read them. Yes, I have read them pretty carefully. I’m pretty cautious when it comes to my own
health. What all these studies basically say is that
they tested Omega 3s on… from foods and from supplements on a bunch of people suffering
from kidney disease and the people who actually took the Omega 3s reported an improvement
in their kidney function over the years. But the interesting part is
tend to have a higher risk for heart disease and stroke, so Omega-3s are really useful
for us. So, when I discovered about this I just…
you known, started to take 4 of these per day. These are… I show you… pills, jelly pills. I take 4 of these per day Nothing more and
nothing less. Yes, this is actually one of the very few
supplements that are perfectly safe and that are actually proven to help you lowering creatinine
levels naturally. I tested Omega 3s. They work. NUMBER 4 FIND THE CAUSE
Find out what’s damaging your kidneys and stop it. Diabetes and high blood pressure are
the most common causes of ckd. they are both preventable and curable
Ok, let’s take a look at this pie chart. 44% of the cases of chronic kidney disease
are caused by diabetes. 44%. Now, if you have diabetes there’s too much
sugar in your blood. It’s actually called blood glucose level,
and if you have diabetes it is one of the things you should be checking regularly in
your blood analysis. This excess of sugar in the blood is what’s
actually damaging your kidneys. There’s a protein, called albumin, which should
be present in your blood but not in your urine. So if in your analysis says that there’s albumin
in the urine, it means that diabetes is actually damaging the nephrons, the tiny filtering
units of the kidneys. If I’m telling you this is because, according
to the statistics, 44% of you listening to me right now have diabetes. So I’m thinking that it may be actually useful
to address this problem. Because if your kidney disease is caused by
diabetes there is no way you’re going to be reversing it, or improving your kidney function
if you don’t take care of diabetes. So, if you suffer from diabetes, take all
the necessary steps to address it: take the medications prescribed by your doctor, follow
the right diet and weight loss program. All the other tips would be useless if you
don’t address this problem first. Now, looking at the pie chart, there’s another
29% of people who got chronic kidney disease from high blood pressure. my blood pressure was as high as 190 over
120. These are pretty incredible numbers, since
the right blood pressure is 120 over 70. The damage to my kidneys was… severe. So, I can actually tell you from my first-hand
experience that if you have a blood pressure this high it is going to damage your kidneys. What blood pressure is actually damaging are
the blood vessels inside the kidneys. The kidneys will not filter the blood good
enough when this starts to happen, so there will be more fluids in the blood than there
should actually be. What will happen then? What will happen if you have more fluids in
the blood than there should be? You guessed it, these extra fluid in your
blood will make your blood pressure even higher, causing further damage to the kidneys. It’s what they call a vicious circle. It’s not funny at all, I can guarantee this
to you. So, how did I lowered my blood pressure, you
may ask me now? I basically did two things: I started to avoid
sugary foods and started to exercise regularly. Sounds funny, doesn’t it? No more sweets, no more ice cream, no more
sugary beverages… I had to get a gym subscription, instead. I had to give up eating at the fast foods
too. Do I miss them? Every single day. Did it work? Yes, it did. NUMBER 5 NEVER STOP FIGHTING
To overcome our diseases, mental strength is fundamental Look, I know how this feels. When life throws you a curveball and you don’t
know how to handle it… well… life is just unfair sometimes. But I’m not here to tell you this. What I want to tell you is that you can still
fight. Because you have to fight. Sometimes being brave and standing our ground
is everything that is left to us. The psychological aspect of the disease is
something that a lot of doctor don’t want to consider… they prefer to let the patient
face it… sometimes alone… I’ve seen this personally. You can ask anyone who went through a chronic
illness. It is impossible to survive, to beat the illness,
if you don’t have the mental strength to fight the illness. It’s not just kidney disease: every chronic
illness, cancer, diabetes, degenerative conditions… even accidents you know… will put people
in a situation where they have to be brave in a way they never thought they could be. All the people going through this kind of
conditions have to fight. But when you’re strong, when you have the
will to fight, you will become stronger and stronger day by day and you illness will look
weaker. If you decide to be strong, it means that
you can still win. NUMBER 6 ALWAYS BE INFORMED
Knowing our illness will put us
in the condition to overcome it Ok, this isn’t easy as it seems, but it’s
maybe the most important thing you can do to improve your kidney health and to lower
creatinine levels. You won’t always have the possibility to talk
to a doctor during the day. Look, I don’t know how this works for you,
but for me talking to a nephrologist or a dietitian to ask for advice on a daily basis
is almost impossible. And yet, there are a lot of things you would
want to ask them… Can I eat this… or that food right now? Would it be better for my kidney health to
eat more fruit or should I limit the calories? Should I even eat at all? But you cannot ask your doctor about all this
right now, can you? You have to schedule an appointment… you
have to wait… a lot… and maybe you won’t even get the answer you need in time. And I’m thinking about the daily routine,
here. And what about what’s not routine? Ok, it seems like being informed about our
condition is actually a matter of self-protection. For me personally, during my journey to reverse
kidney disease, collecting information was, and still is, a huge project. Something that took me a lot of energy and
time and money. Still, getting informed about my illness is
something that made all the difference for me. When I started to understand my condition,
I started to actually being able to fight it and, ultimately to reverse it. Luckily there’s one thing that made this a
lot easier for me and this is what I want to share with you. My journey to reverse kidney disease was not
always easy. At the beginning I did all that I could to
improve my condition. I was really motivated. But despite all my efforts my blood tests
kept showing a decrease in kidney function. And my blood pressure was still high. Ouch. Then there was a moment in my journey when
my creatinine started to go down, my GFR started to go up and my kidney function started to
improve. I needed some help to get this result. Sometimes, you cannot do it all by yourself. The help came from a doctor, actually. He created this program. This is what helped me the most in lowering
my creatinine. I got to talk to the doctor that wrote this
book… it’s all part of the program actually. He gave me a lot of answers to questions I
cannot resolve by myself. Because you cannot always do everything by
yourself, no matter how hard you try. That’s why I’m telling you to give this program
a try. Look, I’m leaving a link to find it right
here, you can’t miss it. Really wishing you all the best

Glenn Chapman


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