How to Improve Memory, Concentration and Focus Naturally

Hi, this is Gareth Churchill from Erudite
Lifestyle Magazine. In this video I’m going to share 4 lifestyle
changes that can enhance your concentration, improve your memory and give you a faster,
more precise brain. These are lifestyle changes that will help
to undo the damage caused by common daily habits that may, unwittingly, be rotting our
minds. If the studies are to be believed, these daily
habits may even been linked to the rise in dementia and aging our brains by up to 5 years. So if you are aged over 30 and have already
noticed that your brain isn’t working quite as fast or as accurately as it used to, then
please keep watching. Because by the end, my goal is that you will
know exactly what to do to repair your brain cells and neural pathways so you can operate
at a higher cognitive level than you do now. This includes taking a natural herb prescribed
by Japanese doctors that has been found in human trials to provide “significant improvements
in memory and concentration”. Now before we begin, I’d like to ask you
a question: Do you ever walk into a room but can’t remember
why? Or do you struggle to focus on a book you’re
reading like you did as a child? We may chuckle in situations like this. But the reason why it happens is no laughing
matter. Because, you see, our brains are no different
to any other part of our body. Over time, they break down. But instead of cartilage and muscle fiber. Its membranes and nerve cells that weaken
and decay. And as neuroscientists are now discovering,
AGE isn’t the only reason it happens. Until recently, it was accepted that having
a slower, weaker brain was a natural part of getting older. That we are DOOMED to suffer from brain fog. To struggle to focus for more than 10 minutes
at a time. And to never perform at work like we did in
our younger years. But we now know that there are three toxic
habits that may be making our brains WORSE and aging them FASTER. I will reveal exactly what those three everyday
habits are in a second. First I want to share with you the key to
a faster, more accurate and clearer brain. It is a neurotransmitter known as the ‘Einstein
Chemical’. The reason is because an autopsy of Einstein’s
brain found that he had an abundance of receptors for this chemical. This suggests his brain had it in high quantities
and it was the key to his genius. This chemical is called Acetylcholine. It has been identified by neuroscientists
as the #1 chemical for optimum cognitive performance. And a vital neurotransmitter for learning,
memory and mood. In case you didn’t know, neurotransmitters
are like tiny messengers that pass information between the nerves, muscles and all the other
tiny structures in our brain. And our brains rely on acetylcholine more
than any other neurotransmitter. When your body produces enough acetylcholine
you can focus on tasks for long periods, remember what you did last Tuesday and think with crystal
clear clarity. But if your acetylcholine levels drop, your
mental health can suffer. In fact, research has found a direct link
between dementia and low levels of acetylcholine in the brain. So if you are aged over 30 and are concerned
about low acetylcholine levels then keep watching. Because in a minute I’ll be sharing with
you 4 natural ingredients that have been used for thousands of years to improve mental performance
and may help to increase the amount of acetylcholine in your brain. Now giving our brain the right nutrition becomes
even more important as we get older. Because as we age our bodies produce less
and less acetylcholine naturally. This is just a fact of life. But what is not a fact of life are the daily
habits that are destroying our acetylcholine levels and may be making our brains slower,
to age faster and be at higher risk of dementia. The first common daily habit that may be rotting
our brains is prescription drugs. If you take medication for allergies, insomnia,
pain relief, high blood pressure, depression or your bladder then you may be DESTROYING
your stores of acetylcholine. Many of the drugs for these conditions are
known as ‘anticholinergics’. And as the name suggests, these drugs have
been found to block and destroy acetylcholine in the brain. This includes a study by the Harvard Medical
School, which linked a drug for hay fever to increased dementia risk. So if you are currently taking any prescription
medications for chronic conditions ask your doctor whether they are ‘anticholinergics’. If they say ‘yes’ then you’ll be glad
you found this video. Before we continue, I need to make it clear
that you should never stop taking prescription drugs without consulting your doctor first. The information in this video is for educational
purposes only and is NOT a replacement for professional medical advice. Now that’s been said, let’s get onto the
second daily habit that is bad for our brains and that is eating too much SUGAR. Our sugar loaded diets are already blamed
for the 60% rise in type 2 diabetes over the last decade, rocketing heart disease and for
making more than two thirds of people obese. Research now suggests that eating food laden
with fructose, corn syrup and other processed sugars could be rotting our brains too. This is believed to be due to a toxic condition
known as GLYCATION. Glycation can age your skin, cause inflammation
in your joints, organs and arteries and reduce blood circulation to the brain. This in turn can result in brain damage because
your brain isn’t getting the nutrition it needs. So if you’ve been considering replacing soda
with a glass of water, you now have a very good reason to do so. The third daily habit that is making our brains
age faster is not getting enough exercise. Your brain uses three times more oxygen than
your muscles, and oxygen is vital to brain function and brain repair. This is why getting at least 30 minutes of
exercise a day is essential to ensure your brain gets enough blood flow to stay fit and
healthy. In fact, a recent review of 39 studies by
the University of Canberra in Australia found that moderate exercise is the best way to
keep the brain sharp if you’re over 50. Commenting on the study Dr Justin Varney of
Public Health England said: “Whilst every 10 minutes of exercise provides some benefit,
doing 150 minutes a week cuts the chances of depression and dementia by a third, and
boosts mental health at any age.” If you don’t yet exercise for 150 minutes
a week, start light. Try stretching, Tai Chi, going for a walk
or yoga. Then gradually build up to jogging, cycling
and other activities that get the blood pumping. Taking steps to improve your diet and get
more exercise can work wonders for your mental health and cognitive performance. However, it can take a long time for these
lifestyle changes to take effect. If you are eager to boost your levels of acetylcholine
fast, then I have one more suggestion for you. This is my fourth lifestyle change for getting
a faster, higher performing and clearer brain and it is to add natural ‘cognitive enhancers’
to your daily diet. These are natural herbs and plants that have
been used for thousands of years to improve memory, enhance concentration and to look
after the brain as we get old. Before we continue, I need to make it clear
that I do not claim or imply that any of these ingredients can treat, prevent or cure any
disease or medical condition. All I’m doing is providing you with the
information that is currently available on their efficacy so you can make up your own
mind. Now that’s out of the way, let’s get onto
the first one which is… VINPOCETINE. Vinpocetine has been widely used as a cognitive
enhancer since the 1980s. Dubbed ‘Viagra for the mind’, Vinpocetine
has been referenced in over 600 studies for its health benefits. In Japan it is even prescribed by doctors
to help improve memory, enhance concentration and to improve blood flow to the brain. Japan is one of the most scientifically advanced
nations in the world, with one of the oldest average lifespans of 83 years. This is nearly 5 years more than the US. So it would be wise to take a leaf out of
their book on how to look after our minds as we get older. One country that has followed their example
is Germany, where vinpocetine is sold as a prescription drug called Cavinton. The US National Library of Medicine website
published a study in 2014 on the effects of vinpocetine on 56 cognitively impaired patients. They were given a vinpocetine supplement for
12 weeks and at the end of the trial it was reported that “there were significant improvements
in memory and concentration with vinpocetine therapy” The study also stated that “vinpocetine was
effective in improving memory and concentration of patients with epilepsy and dementia although
the efficacy was minimal in demented patients.” You can find references and links to all the
studies I mention in the description below this video. The next natural herb I’d like to share
with you is Ginkgo Biloba. Ginkgo Biloba is popularly known as the ‘’brain
herb’’. It comes from a tree revered in South Korea,
China and Japan for its mental boosting abilities. Referred to as yín xìng in Chinese medicine,
the leaves of the ginkgo tree have long been used by herbalists as a brain tonic for improving
memory, concentration and as a natural antidepressant. Ginkgo Biloba is believed to help increase
blood flow to the brain and to protect the membranes that surround the delicate nerve
cells from damage. According to WebMD: “Several ginkgo studies have shown that
it can help with memory problems caused by dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. It seems to help prevent the progression of
dementia symptoms, especially if the dementia is thought to be the result of atherosclerotic
vascular disease. It does not seem to prevent dementia or Alzheimer’s,
however.” The third natural ingredient I’d like to
talk about is Huperzine A. This comes from Chinese club moss and has
long been used in traditional medicine for treating age related memory impairment as
well as to enhance existing memory and to increase acetylcholine levels. The final natural ingredient I’d like to
share with you is Alpha GPC. Alpha GPC is found naturally in soy. Until recently it was mainly taken by athletes
to increase muscle strength and stamina. And Alpha GPC is now also a popular supplement
for improving memory. In fact, in Europe Alpha GPC is sold as a
prescription drug for Alzheimer’s because it seems to increase acetylcholine in the
brain. These are just four natural ingredients that,
when taken in combination with daily exercise and a healthy diet, can make a real difference
to your mental performance. The best way to gain the benefits of these
natural ingredients is to take a multi-supplement that combines them in one easy to swallow
pill. This enables you to feed your brain with the
nutrients that can repair and enhance its cells and neural pathways as well as potentially
increase your levels of the ‘Einstein Chemical’ acetylcholine. Below this video I’ve linked to a multi-supplement
that contains the ingredients mentioned and which people take to help repair and enhance
their cognitive performance over the LONG-TERM. Now, I should make it clear that this is NOT
a magic pill that will turn you into a genius overnight. It also won’t reverse the symptoms of dementia
or any other serious cognitive disease. You also won’t notice a sudden jolt in your
focus levels, like with a strong cup of coffee. This is because natural supplements are not
STIMULANTS like pharmaceutical drugs. Instead, what they can do is provide nutritional
benefits for your brain that build over time. So you need to be patient. However, when taken in combination with a
healthy diet and daily exercise so you are feeding your brain with the nutrition and
blood flow it needs to be fit and healthy, you may well experience a remarkable improvement
in your mental performance, concentration levels and memory. You may notice that you feel happier too. If you do try it, I’d love to know if it
works for you. This brings me to the end of this video. If you found it it helpful, please subscribe
to our YouTube channel. We’ll be making more videos on natural ways
to look after your brain and body in the weeks and months ahead. If this video has benefited you, please share
it with other people you know who would also love to improve their concentration, memory
and mental clarity. Again, if you’d like more information on
the natural ingredients and supplements mentioned, please click the link below this video. Thanks for watching and have a great day.

Glenn Chapman


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