How to Heal Dry Skin | Your Winter Skincare Routine

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Okay, so today dry skin winter skin it is that time of year again bare bleep deal with frosted window panes static electricity and dry itchy skin and so today I am gonna give you my best skincare tips in the form of a routine so you can’t skip dry achieve winter skin altogether now some of us are predisposed to dry skin anyway but the colder the climate that you’re in obviously the more Prince City propensity that you’re gonna have have this issue here in Florida it’s really the same thing and I’m gonna tell you that why it doesn’t really matter where you are it’s wintertime air conditioning eating doesn’t matter it’s gonna have an effect on your skin so let’s dive right in and figure out what to do what is the first line of defense for your skin in this type of weather this time of year is to add humidity to the air and most people and I get it it makes sense most people think the outdoor air the cold air is what’s causing their dress in issues not at all not the case at all what’s really causing your dry skin issues is the air indoors and that’s because it’s heated heated air takes out a lot more of the humidity that would be there it’s forced air so if it’s not human if I’d it’s gonna really really SAP your skin dry especially at night when you’re sleeping because your skin respirate at night during the river parasite so you’re gonna lose a lot of moisture even overnight in heated air you would think air conditioning air would be a lot better but you know it’s the same thing the outdoor air is much drier even like here in Florida where we run air during the winter months the air is drier than it would normally be plus plum plus the air outside is a lot drier than it would normally be so sapping your moisture out of your skin north or south doesn’t matter it’s a problem the way to cure that problem is to add community to the air now cool mist humidifier are really great inexpensive way to do that they will put air to put moisture in the air to help your skin but if you don’t have that you can use a pot like a soup pot and you need to boil about two gallons of water for a 300 to 500 square foot room so the average sized room is going to need that much moisture in the air you have to do it on going by putting the moisture back in the air and you’re really setting your skin up or its regular repair cycle we’re gonna have much more luck with your products and you’re gonna have much more luck without your skin behaves during this time of year the next thing you want to consider when you’re having dry skin issues and this finna seem counterintuitive to you but guarantee you it makes a huge difference and that is exfoliation most people think exfoliation is going to dry out my skin irritate my skin but it’s not going to do that at all what we need to do is make sure that the dry skin that you’re building up comes off because what it will do is it will sit there and it will actually help dry out the lower layers of your skin during this time of year so something like a buff you guys know I talked about this thing all the time some sort of way to lightly it’s fully your skin on a daily basis gently we’re not scrubbing up and we’re just gently doing this where to keep cellular turnover moving along and keep that dry skin off that way your moisturizers and your cosmetics are gonna work a whole lot better for you okay so another thing to consider is that hot shower or bath there is nothing more soothing on cold winter days of winter nights than to be in a hot steamy shower or a hot bath the problem is that the hot water is actually taking more oil out of your skin they really need to do this time of year so while it may soothe you for a little bit you’re actually stripping your skin of its protective oil and that’s not a good thing it’s gonna lead to dry skin patches itchiness you know flakiness things that you really really don’t want to have to deal with so what you have to do is you have to opt or warm or cool or as close you can stand showers and fast once you get your dry skin under control than an occasional hot shower during the winter it’s fine or people who need one yeah working on a car or something then of course a hot shower but it’s really super important that you not take all of that oil out of your skin that’s a big big problem and I know it’s counterintuitive but it really really will make a big difference not do that then the other thing to know is that it’s really important to moisturize within five minutes of getting out of the tub or the shower the reason is you’ve got a lot of plate moisture in your skin you want to trap that with your moisture in but this is your moisturizer or your body lotion you want to trap that moisture under that layer of lotion it’s gonna be a whole lot so that’s a pro tip right there and it’s gonna make a big difference for you you’re gonna start to feel the effects the fear and first time you do this now another thing that’s really important is make sure that you switch to a more hydrating bath soaps cleansers face cleansers you want to use products that do not have alcohol in them petroleum or mineral oil you want to use products that are all oil based for ingredients like sorbitol listen these products are going to help soothe the skin they’ll get you clean but they’re not going to strip all the oil that you need left in your skin and those out those other products with alcohol surfactants and things like that are going to really strip down the skin make dry skin problems much much worse after cleansing it’s really important then to up your moisturizers and that’s two times a day so you want to make sure you use a body lotion morning and in the evening to hydrate you also want to switch to a heavier moistures moisturizing cream oil moisturizer thick moisturizing cream so like Sarah Bay is really really good especially like you want to hydrate that skin make sure that it’s getting the moisture that it needs so that you repair itself one of the things I use this Neutrogena hydraboost water gel this is hyaluronic acid from the water-based gel there’s no alcohol no petroleum no oil this stuff is amazing and it’s so inexpensive you can get it at any drugstore you get it at Walmart it’s it’s amazing stuff and you can use it throughout the day to wash your skin we want to make sure we’re upping the moisturizer another pro tip is to make sure that you’re treating your neck ears the back of your neck your chest and the backs of your hands because they’re getting exposed to the elements just like your face so it’s really really important to do that now if you have really severe dry skin you may want to use a product like aqua for healing ointment it’s an advanced formula pointment that will really go in and put the trait it helps foliate that old skin off and repair the skin underneath so that but what’s replacing your skin is much healthier and much more hydrated so that’s another great product and I’ll put links to these products and the video description box just like I always do really another thing you might not have thought about is the diet and your diet it has such a huge impact on dry skin problems the way that we impact dry skin through the diet is make sure of course to drink enough liquids water you want to stay hydrated throughout the day and thinking that alcohol drinks wine this time here’s a lot of celebrations those things are fine but they can lead to drier skin or my half so you would have baths that you want to add omega-3 fatty acids to your diet now I’m not a big fish oil taker I don’t like the taste of that stuff but you can get those in your food and fish lean meat avocados walnuts coconut oil olive oil all those things give you the fatty acids that your skin needs to really really keep up its game during the winter months that’s partial conditions so easy easy fix just through your diet now then another thing I like to use the same rose water hydrating this this stuff addictive don’t yeah it’s I have the wet hair look because before I started to film this I’ve been spraying this stuff this stuff’s amazing it’s really inexpensive you keep it in your purse or in your car or somewhere where you can get to it knead it throughout the day just to spritz super hydrate your skin stuff’s addictive I’m telling you now there are all kinds of these products on the market a really good one is Mischa first which is which you can find it so clam calm again link in the video description box but you can also find these in drugstores the biggest thing to look for is to make sure that they don’t have alcohol in if they have alcohol in them it’s gonna dry out your skin dimethicone is fine those higher end products of these will have some hyaluronic acid in them that’s all fine just no petroleum no oil and no alcohol very very important I believe st. Ives brand has several of these and different fragrances so to speak that are naturally based that are really really good and very inexpensive so if you’re on a budget you might want to look for those as well now you can also get some really great tips over on my skincare community which is skin so fabulous I’ll link to that in the video description box as well really important for you go over there and join us bunch of us there we all help each other there’s a course on how to get your skin type this is 5 minutes it’s gonna help you know what ingredients to look for when you shop it’s really a great place you have instant access to me all the time to answer questions and without special content over there that isn’t on YouTube so again skin so fabulous community network I will put the link down there be sure to come and join us over there it’s really great it’s free now if you enjoyed today’s video and found it helpful please like it and share it out and also if you have topics that you would like me to speak on on these videos put those in the video description box I will make video on them I hope you have a great day thank you so much for watching keep that skin moisturize stay beautiful and I will see you over on the next

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