How To Heal At Home After A Bike Accident

this is mayo chili powder and parmesan I’m eating he knows I I’m so cold but we found the cotton
candy flavors do you want look right there where the thing look at this girl
we’re like having a girls night I guess it’s almost midnight
or just playing some Sims and I’m pretty evil don’t know if you can see this cave
I’ve trapped this guy in my living room because no matter what I do he won’t
fall in love with me and I want to start a family because I have a successful
garden and a successful clothing store and I’m ready to start a family but he
won’t marry me so I’m gonna pause the video just for a second I just want to
clarify that me my kids are not like evil or creepy or anything zoey is just
fascinated with ghosts and so that’s why she’s super excited for him to die not
that we’re weird and what name did I just to clarify if that was even
clarifying waiting for him to die and a gray psychotic that’s it’s late we
better go to bed I can’t believe I’m getting flirty with the Grim Reaper but
I couldn’t get flirty with a real guy Wow you don’t want to clean it okay well we
have to clean it when you get home okay you don’t know she likes to drive crazy it’ll be good sorry it’s not on velocity we can make a
little chain to keep that around her leg she got me all shaky this is gonna suck
to heal it’s gonna have a big ugly scab over told you Baha when I was younger we
go on walks and I wouldn’t like to look where I was putting my feet and I legs hey don’t touch the little cotton on the
band they don’t touch that keep that on and then hold hold it on
with the band-aid okay the best thing let’s uh put your bandaid on this way hopefully the people that came to look
at our house liked our house here the heck knows anymore yeah you have a
little ally on that leg too but we got to get home I can’t hear ya
we’re about half way home we’re about well this right we’re about 15 minutes
away from being home turn feathered our road so it’s really hard to ride our
bikes on isn’t it you doing okay it hurts
you ready okay we just I I wish I could carry you or
something but no my bike going out of control
I know I can’t if you have your bike and I have my bike
what’s up high high as the road still is bumping us before
yes all right let’s go but this is really loose this road really sucks when your bike
insult what are you doing anything I’m not
taking a swim your butt cheeks hurt problems I know I know what are we gonna do is only well
just take it off is it still bleeding good geez you’re dumping over here oh my goodness it’s hot I don’t think
I’m gonna say yes to a showing again at this time of day you see this like your bike landed here
and okay we have this band-aid hurt free does it hurt it’s not hurt three well it
probably doesn’t hurt as bad as alcohol does it you just make sure it’s dried I wish I had some popsicles to give you or
something it’s a lot because I don’t want the guys to stick to it yes I don’t
know where all of our medical tape is so I’m gonna have to just use a band-aid and there we go okay bend your knee okay don’t bend your
knee is it bad I know it’s gonna be bruised we’re just checking out her alley this
morning so today at Sunday and I got on
Wednesday the count perfected it yes God those some yellow stuff underneath that stuff so yeah we’ve been noticing that
it’s been getting a little bit of pus on it and so yeah it’s getting better the
past couple night like she said no if you could understand her little light
there but we put bentonite clay with tea tree oil in it
I have a video I’ll link it here or down below or both about when I got super
infected and my husband made a honey with activated charcoal and tea tree oil
concoction and it got rid of my infection but the activated charcoal
does stain so I’m like I’m not gonna put that on my child because she’s gonna get
all her sheets black if we did that so we did the bentonite clay and today it
looks really creepy and girls it looks really weird yeah so anyways we just
wanted to update you guys and end this vlog so thank you so much for watching
liking and subscribing see you guys I look like I’m cutting take care cut
closer because that scab is sticking straight up and it’s hard
oh that’s so gross thanks so much for watching be sure to
click here to follow our journey and click here to watch our last video we’ll
see you next time

Glenn Chapman

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