How to heal any disease DIY

How to heal any disease DIY What is to heal oneself? To heal means to grow together, to accrete, to regain integrity, to become a whole. Heal yourself NOW in a very pure and straightforward way. Step No 1 Choose a quite and still place, where you won’t be disturbed . Relax in a position, that makes you feel comfortable. Step No 2 Close your eyes. Clear your mind of all thoughts. The thoughts will be popping up from time trying to overwhelm you. Just watch them, don’t get involved, and gradually they all fade. Step No 3 Perceive your body. Don’t visualize, don’t use your mind to draw pictures. Just start from your toes and keep raising your focus up through your body. Let your keen attention penetrate every cell, every organ and fill all your body with the sense of presence. Just be present in your body. Step No 4 Now it’s high time to remember the disease that tortures you. The illness that drives your attention to a certain place in your body. To some part of you that you left behind. Any disease is a sign that there is a place in your body that is longing for your attention. Remember to keep your mind clear of thoughts and look at this part of the body, where your feel pain and discomfort, at this part of you, which so desperately calls for you. Just watch with your inner eye (your eyes closed). With no expectations, no visualization, watch and be ready to see what you see. No analyzing, no interpretation. Just watch and see. What is the colour of this pain? What’s the size? The shape? What is it like? The feeling of pain will be constantly hiding, it can migrate across your body, trying to escape your attention. Go on watching, patiently, impassively, with love. Any disease is just a stranger entity, which by chance found shelter in your body, while you were absent, while that part of you was empty and didn’t receive your attention. Any disease is energy which got stuck in the wrong place. It’s a reality fractal, which spins round and round instead of evolving and growing. While you carefully watch and observe this stranger entity, this energy, it will be mutating, it may even plead you to leave it alone, to let it go, not to watch at it. But here it is important to be conscious and realize, who is the boss. Who is the boss in the temple of your body? If you are owning your body, do you need anyone else to control it? Keep focusing your attention on the image that you see (you don’t invent it, you don’t visualize, you merely see), and you will notice that it will start to alter. The thing is that these entities (also known as astral larvae or astral parasites) can live only in the darkness of your unconsciousness. They always stay in the shade and cannot bear the light of your attention. After all the transformations and shifts this entity will either leave your body or dissipate. You’re healed. That’s it. That simple. ๐Ÿ™‚ But remember, as long as you are absent and unconscious, as long as you live in a whirlpool of unconscious thoughts and automatic reactions, your empty body will be an attractive dwelling for astral entities, and diseases will come back. Be present! Be aware! It’s up to you to choose who’s the boss!

Glenn Chapman

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