How to Heal and Cure a Cold Sore Overnight….Fast, Natural, and It Works!!

Hi, my name is Dr.Tamisha Denis and today. I’m going to show you how to cure a cold sore fast and naturally So you got a cold sore and you want to get rid of it fast ? I Have found over the years that No matter what I tried to get rid of a cold sore I could just never do it Hi, everyone welcome to EW! It’s really quick. You can skipped over this part if you want But I remember the first time I got a cold sore I was 18 years old And I got it right here on my upper lip and ever since then Probably every two or three years if I’m feeling very sleepy or like I’m sleep deprived tired Spend a lot of time in the sun or in the cold then all of a sudden I get this tingling Sensation in this upper right portion of my lip and then I start to feel really Irritated like my lip is swollen And then I’ll feel like that weird and anybody who has ever gotten a cold sore knows what that feeling is like So recently I started researching how to get a rid of a cold sore really fast and naturally again some common causes of cold sores include fatigue Injury to lips sun or ultraviolet rays illness or fever chapped for dry lips So about a year ago the last time I felt that tingling sensation No, no Huh, no no no no no no no no no No No! Started to do a mad google search how to get rid of a cold sore really fast? I was not trying to have a cold sore I see patients all day long. I talked to them I’m fortunate enough to be able to wear masks half the time I’m talking to people or working on them But I did not want a cold sore and I knew abreva wasn’t going to help so what I found was two key things so what I did is I got some vanilla extract and I Just got some cotton [and] [your] [fill] of myself is smells so good so here’s the vanilla extract and what I do is I just dip the vanilla extract into The bottle of course I’m using that bottle exclusively for this purpose if you have vanilla extract you could use it, but I wouldn’t recommend returning it to your kitchen cabinet Just use it for here and just kind of press the little extract soap in that I just press the Cotton tip soaked to the vanilla extract hard [onto] it And I just kind of rolled it over and over I tried to saturate the q-tip as much as I could and continue [to] press over and over to that area and the most important thing is that You kind of get it as what is possible And if you’re fully committed to getting rid of the cold sore you’re going to do this over and over again So I literally sat in front of my television With with the bottle of vanilla extract and cotton tip and continue to press it onto my lip over and over again the second thing I did is I got a bag of ice I filled a small plastic bag filled with ice and after I took the vanilla extract Soaked on the Cotton Roll and I did q-tips to Onto my lip. I would alternate it with ice yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah now the most Important I think key to this whole thing is that you have to do it when you get that first weird Kind of sensation on your lip or wherever you get your cold sores so as soon as you feel that weird First sit that is the time to act if you’ve already Fully had blisters and all of that stuff on there it is not I don’t think it’s going to help, but I think right there And I promise you the next day when I woke up there was nothing You still got it !look at her just live in the dream I love that just as a side note for your loved ones that is also the time that you are the most contagious When you’re feeling that tingling sensation once the blisters come or the swelling is there then by that time? You’re basically [on] the tail end of it some people get scars I get really nasty and or like little specks that get really nasty But that part is not the contagious part the part that contagious is a tingling sensation at the beginning It’s probably also not a good time to be sharing drinks and kind of anything that you put your lips on No matter what I have looked up and research and even as a dentist have tried The same things are always true if you did nothing for a cold sore It’s normally going to naturally go away in five to seven days So you’re embarrassed but fact number one cold sores affect about eighty percent of the population Fact number two cold sores are highly contagious and can spread through direct contact Fact number three once the virus of a colts enters your body, it’s there for life cold sores Mostly appear on the lips, but it also can appear on other forms of the body like chin and nose and other areas fact number five the herpes virus remains latent and hives with the nerves of the body That means that it lives within your body and whatever you get stressed out. That’s when it comes out And like what we talked about before stress could be as simple as being on in cold weather or being in the sun all day The virus makes clones of itself inside of your nerves, and then just kind of spread that out throughout the body Fact number seven the reason that you get these blisters is because the Virus will Destroy the cells around that area creating blisters So when that virus destroys itself that’s when you get these open ugly sores Ice is still one of the safest ways to get rid of a cold sore or manage how it feels? number nine the virus can still spread two days after the eruptions have completely Healed so be careful with your family and friends sharing cups kissing any kind of contact With no other intervention the body can still cure a cold floor It’s actually kind of boring no no no it’s wrong enjoyment Wow, really? gave you a lot of space and my last tip Make sure you keep your lips Moisturized of course during the whole process of having this cold sore that’s going to get dry a little flaky I like to use blistex sometimes I use Carmex but anything to kind of keep it nice and smooth and Opportunity and also let make sure your lips to feel better because sometimes these things can be painful So that’s it for how to cure a cold sore naturally and now you know with vanilla extract So that’s it for how to cure a cold sores naturally with vanilla So this has been the Modern Smile Please make sure to subscribe to my channel and also to follow us on our other social media platforms Facebook Instagram Twitter Tumblr Snapchat, I have it all thank you for watching

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  4. There is NO CURE for a cold sore! "Cold sores" are caused by herpes virus 1 which has no CURE! Herpes virus 1 is contracted by kissing some one who is infected with the virus. The virus normally remains dormant in your system until triggered to "wake up", which is when you'll get you a "Cold sore" or "fever blister" which are only nice names for the virus. Thankfully I've never gotten this virus as a child, teen nor adult. Unfortunately most children get this virus from nasty ass adults who kiss them, therefore spreading the virus. You keep saying "the body can CURE the coldsore", but if it continues to return then you haven't "cured" anything

  5. Is the actually answer somewhere within 9+ minutes of talking???????? Anyone?

  6. I want to provide a personal testimonial and recommend highly this cold sore treatment solution “rawam fetching site” (Google it) for any cold sores experiences out their. I`ve been suffering from cold sores since a very young age and attempted many products in vain. I found a massive improvement after just Two day. This morning, I woke up without the sores mainly because they have treated almost completely!

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  8. Thank you very much for sharing I'm always been embarrassed because people act as if this is uncommon so it's nice to see someone sharing and providing assistance

  9. Abreva works very well and hope i wont have to but will try your method ..thanks for the information

  10. Alkaline diet and black seed oil every morning 🙌 we can cure it. It can be cured

  11. lol but why are these memes so perfect for the stages of emotions you go through dealing with them lol

  12. This is my first time ever haveing it i got it from a really bad sunburn at the beach plus i been stressed thank u so much but what u meant when u said herpy virus? I don't have herpes please someone exsplain why i still got a cold sore if i dont have herpes

  13. You will have to catch it at the tingling part because for the past 15 years I been getting

  14. You’re so lucky that you got your first one at 18 I got mine when I was like 2 years old and I get them around twice a month 🙁

  15. Thank u for the cold sore trrate ment i liv u thank u a lot it feels littler thank u i priase u and god bless u. In your life job and futre

  16. What’s your reference for vanilla extract? What’s the science behind vanilla to cure anything? I’ve heard apple cider vinegar to dry it out, ur silly video cuts aren’t distracting me away from the science of how this could possibly ever work? I could put urine on a q tip rub it on my lip and get it gone just as fast.i think my Piss will cure my cold sore cuz it has salt in it and salt is a natural remedy for tons of ailments🙄

  17. i get mine everytime i get sick during the winter it sucks and is so embarrassing. get it around my nose and it's worse if my nose is running. spreads so easy

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  19. Thank you. I have suffered off and on for years with horrific cold sores. In the past I have taken Acyclovir to prevent it but for some reason doctors have become reluctant to prescribe it. I will try some of these natural remedies. I havev never put much faith in natural cures but your video gives me hope. Very down to earth your presentation. Much appreciated.

  20. I don't get the dumb small video insertions, and I promise the last thing I want to do is be a negative subscriber but is it me or are your hands about 5 shades darker than your face.

  21. i have a question, do we use vanilla extrac everyday to prevent that worst virus(herpes)?, thanks

  22. Personally I would use a clean Q-Tip not the same one that just spreads the Bactria and makes it worse then the whole bottle is contaminated cause u just put that dirty q-tip in there. We’re trying to get rid of our cold soars not make them worse and you being a Doctor should know this.

  23. Careful, what you're doing! I know I'm not the expert, but I get at least 3 cold sores a year ever since I was little. DO NOT reuse the same Q-Tip. After every single application, use a different side of new Q-Tip. You can spread it if you reuse it since when the Q-Tip touches the virus, it's then infected. Similar to how you don't want to use chapstick all over your lips being that the virus will get on the chapstick that you're spreading all over your lips. This is how you end up with more of them.

  24. Please use a different q-tip at each dunking to prevent the virus contaminating the Vanilla extract.

  25. I was diagnosed of HSV1, which at first hurts me physically and emotionally. It killed me and I was so ashamed because I felt that was the end. I have been to so many hospitals which unfortunately they say there is no cure for HSV1 or 2. No anti virus nothing. But now I am thankful with the help of Dr Rolland. Which I later went to the hospital and check myself and my result came out next day negative. It is no accident I am writing this because now I am healed totally. If you have it, life doesn't have to end there. If you have this disease you also reach to Dr Rolland on this mail [email protected]

  26. For anyone who has or had a cold sore and if nothing works. TRY KETCHUP, yes regular any brand of ketchup put a dab on it throughout the day, and the itchy or tingling sensation goes away, and it heals the cold sore faster, I used it first thing in the morning when the cold sore was present and I dab ketchup on it through out the day, and by the end of the day it decreased, and the next day it was gone.

  27. Sweetheart why would you re dip the same tip back in the bottle when you can use the other end and just get another q tip come on now you are to beautiful for that I hope that your as smart too now come on now you slippin with that one..🤔🤔

  28. Medicated Blue Star Ointment helps too. It burns, but it keeps the blisters down

  29. So I literally woke up with a huge cold sore. So I think it’s a cold sore. It don’t look gross like that but it’s like a big clear bubble. Thats still a cold sore right? Can I pop it? Probably not right?

  30. Doctor Dennis you just contaminated the entire bottle of vanilla extract. Please use a different cotton tip for each dip. Herpes is highly contagious.

  31. Lmao idk why ppl r complaining ab the movie clips. Most youtubers edit that what and I find it entertaining, if u don like it u dont need to leave a rude comment. Liked the video and will def try this idea!💓

  32. The clips are so unnecessary🤦🏻‍♀️ they are not funny actually very annoying & kind of makes it hard to take you serious and believe anything you’re saying!!!

  33. THANK YOU for your "free" information and to all those commenting to try Briona Core or Sore guide (whatever) also state that it's a FEE!!!

  34. I wouldn't keep using the same q-tip also you just contaminated that blistex

  35. OMG. u r putting the becteria back in the bottle with re dipping the same cotton bud. Becteria will be growing while bottle is sitting on shelf for however long. bad idea

  36. I've tried everything. The 2 thing that worked for me oil of oregano ( works right away) and bleach also works, but not as well.

  37. I started getting then when i was 7 and I get them once a year, maybe twice a year.

  38. This is a fast and useful study. I`m recommending this Herpes guide 4HerpesCure. Com to my friend who will start their Herpes remedies to achieve a clearer skin. Very much liked this and appreciated the insight into how my inside issues can affect my skin.

  39. I find that when you get that tingly feeling on your lip that tells you the cold sore is coming. If you dab alcohol on the area the cold sore will stop. If you don't have medical alcohol then use whiskey or whatever strong alcohol is available but you should always keep medicinal alcohol in your medical cabinet along with apple cider vinegar.

  40. I’m not trying to sound like an asshole but I just figured out that cold sores only come from herpes virus

  41. For anyone that still needs help with coldsore scaring (I currently have the biggest one ever under my nose and I know it’s gonna scar again like a mother fucker) check out my Instagram jannah_santana and go check out my highlights. It’s under “scar healing” I have transformation photos of what I used to get rid of my scar 🙂 and it made a huge difference for me 💚

  42. CURE ALERT: get senna herb or tea mixed with mint herb ,pure tea tree oil honey a few drops of milk. Mix it all together to make a paste.put into an empty tea bag. Put milk on the bag not to wet!! Place on cold sore for a few hours..when sleeping is best …make sure to clean the are with hydrogen peroxide before applying bag to lip …This WORKS ON EVERYTHING I LOVE .Good luck !!

  43. Had my first cold sores and try this, I did the combination of ice and vanilla extract it was dry over night. I thought it wasn’t going to work because it was already looking bad but thanks for the tip, I know what to do know.

  44. This is a fast and useful study. I`m recommending this Herpes guide https://t.co/5zxcnmmQXJ to my friend who will start their Herpes remedies to achieve a clearer skin. Very much liked this and appreciated the insight into how my inside issues can affect my skin.

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