How to Heal a Septum Piercing Seeptum Piercing Aftercare

today though your the axiom body piercing studio at Des Moines Iowa coming up next how to heal a septum piercing that's right we're gonna be going through my basic aftercare instructions for septum piercing so stick around first off I'd like to always say at the beginning one of these is that I'm making this video in September of 2018 if it's been a few years since then and and you've gotten kind of conflicting ideas from either myself or the piercer that you're going to stick with those aftercare instructions or discuss those with them things change your new information becomes available we learn new stuff the industry evolves and we move on when it comes to septum piercing so you're looking at usually about an 8 to 12 week healing period during which time you're going to be following these aftercare instructions and there's kind of three basic stages of healing people vary with different ideas of what's going on but I generally say there's the accepted space and that's a period of time right after the piercing usually lasting anywhere from a few days to up to two weeks where it will display some signs of infection like redness discoloration heat centers to touch inflammation swelling and that's while it gets over with the trauma of the piercing and begins to accept the jewelry and seal up that wound the second stage is the actual healing process where your body grows that canal tissue around the peer center tunnel to make it no longer an open wound during those first two stages precautions need to be when it comes to healing out a septum piercing it's going to go through various different stages of healing and development and you need to make precautions or take precautions during that period of time and also do some things to help your body heal during that average journey time is roughly eight to 12 weeks during that period of time it is an open wound it is acceptable infection so what we want to do is we want to come up with a way to not only help your piercing heal faster but also to fight off the possibility of infection and that will involve kind of three major things a daily regimen of hot compresses or soaps to help the piercing heal faster cleaning the piercing on a regular basis to reduce the amount of pathogens that are in the area also cutting down on activities or lifestyle changes that may affect the piercing your anything on the process and also cutting down on exposure to foreign pathogens take a level including infection so Durden there's kind of three stages to healing first stage would be the what I call the acceptance phase and during that period of time the the piercer can't exhibit some signs of infection like discomforts colorization heat tennis a touching inflammation swelling that's normal that can last you were from a week or a couple days actually in some cases all the way to a couple weeks depending on the piercing and depending on the location and depending on how quickly you heal and how healthy you are the second stage is that period of time your body grows that tunnel our tissue around the piercing and closes the the wound we focus mainly on those first two the third stage being that stage where your body starts to thicken up the tissue that's around the jewelry to the point where it's almost normal tissue or is acceptable to a little bit more abuse so there's some steps you need to take part of the daily routine part of it is just changing of habits so let's get started shopping list sea salt which even finding the baked goods I love any good grocery store it's also really good on french fries so it supposed to be healthier for you distilled water you can find in the beverage aisle if you can't find it there try against that you've been care section if you're the largest department store chances are it may be next to the dehumidifiers and the irons and etc and if a worsted source asked mild antibacterial liquid soap you want something doesn't contain a lot of moisturizers fragrances or other additives for example if it is a long list of ingredients or a long description like moisturizing summer breeze or honey butter clay butter concoction or some nonsense that's not what you want probably your best bet is to go to the pharmacy you picked up satin or proven if you can find it easiest thing to find is mild into bacterial soap such as dial the plain old-fashioned orange stuff it'll be next to all the other hand soaps and so forth if you're one of those people like see we use natural products I would suggest grapefruit seed oil base and temperature liquid soap you could put any good health food stores even large grocery stores in department stores and they handle a lot of natural products organic products are probably going to have it this thing's cotton tip applicators now that's a fancy way of saying q-tips you want two separate containers you specifically for cleaning your piercing and nothing else you don't want to use one that's been open for a long period of time and used by the general family and also you want to make sure not to store that in the bathroom I would suggest also storing it in an airtight container lastly plenty of clean paper towels now you wouldn't need the compress this first so do that take a cup but when I say cup I mean a major cup eight ounces of distilled water put it in the microwave heat it up on the same period of time you would if you were warming to coffee or cocoa I generally suggest that it's the about at the same temperature is a comfortable bath next take an eighth of a teaspoon of Corti spoon of sea salt well my grandmother would call a pinch drop it in there let it dissolve should taste them out of salt ease your own tears take that because of the location of the piercing a soak is possible I basically you just transfer that into a container and submerge the piercing if you don't feel like you're going to be capable of doing that or you're unwilling to do that for the 10 minutes it's going to take of a suggestion compresses take a clean paper towel fold it up soak up the substance laid against the piercing constantly Reese emerging as it cools so stays warm for about 10 minutes you want to do this before you do the cleaning the shower not only because it's gonna help break up that discharge and make it easier to clean but you do need to rinse off that salt mixture leaving the salt crystals against a piercing with certain individuals can cause issues now what it helps to new is it draws wasted Emery from the piercing increase the circulation of the flow of oxygen which can help with healing and the salt contains some minerals and nutrients that are helpful in your body's production of skin cells the last thing is is it it's not uncommon for Pierce's to kind of go through grumpy faces no matter how well you take care of them sometimes one day or another it'll be really really sore and this is one of those things you can do to kind of nurse things back to normal make it feel better and get things back on track the other part you do in the shower first off take care of all your normal bathing duties first then wash your hands of course spray the water onto the general area and then take the q-tip soaked up some warmed water gently rub it against the inside to break loose anything that's deposited on the jewelry then take the soap squirt out a pearl drop in the palm of your hand does not take a lot just a little bit lather it up well so you're diluting it because we don't want put on their full strength that's too harsh apply it to the outer area of the nose do not put it up in your nose just the outer area let it stay in contact for 30 seconds which is equivalent to singing happy birthday mary had a little lamb' twice or reciting the pledge of allegiance twice that is if you don't want to sing in the shower then tilt your head backwards and spray the water along the area to rinse off and use soap once you get out of the shower patty drive paper towel now the compresses and the cleaning the shower you wanna do twice daily for at least the next eight weeks or until you stop seeing discharge collecting you depositing on the jewelry and the Purcell's and give this kind of intention or ingrown look to it I understand you can't see up your nose so whenever in doubt them you think up here since healed but you're unsure go see your piercer have them take a look at it they're gonna be more than happy to go yeah you did a fantastic job we're gonna give you a gold star and a sucker and City on your way because you did great or they're gonna say hey it's another week or two so it's gonna be healed now the next part of this is going to be cross-contamination I mentioned this is common sense stuff wash your hands for you handle it try to handle it by the ends whatever possible the only time you really need to have contact with that piercing is when you're cleaning it in if you have a circular barbell or threaded jewelry checking the tightness of the balls the balls both generally can't come unscrewed they usually will fall off at the worst possible time where even if you could find them they've land in somewhere or rolled somewhere possibly the most disgusting part of whatever environment you're in so you don't really want to put them back on there um you need your pliers you don't need to be locked tight you just need to check them on a regular basis otherwise keep everybody else's dirty little hands away from it understand that microorganisms like bacteria and other pathogens do move on the surface of your skin so anytime you touch the area it's a good idea to wash your hands before you do so at some point in your life you might have been told you need to spend rotate or me jewelry during the healing process or otherwise have become permanently fixed your body first off and foremost that is impossible that is not going to happen the fact of the matter is is constantly moving a rotating jewelry during the only price process is increasing you're likely to infection by over handling the jewelry and possibly drinking contaminants and piercing it'll move naturally just takes a good old-fashioned gravity anything beyond that is completely unnecessary computer sings often it's done with a circular bar belt or septum retainer that allows one to flip it up during work or if they have activities that they need to not show the piercing so with those you do want to limit the amount of times that you're flipping them up and down I suggest doing it only twice a week most people work Monday through Friday your work of five day week so at the end of the week flip it down at the being of the week flip it up always do it after you've cleaned it the shower and after you wash your hands oral contact no exchanging bodily fluids up here around the piercing until it heals that does include your own saliva I'm never understood why people think it's safe to lick their fingers are clean things but don't do that it's disgusting and your saliva is full of bacteria keep your environment clean clothing bedding towels anything that may come in contact with it waiting around constantly change your publication so every night is get a clean comfortable soft t-shirt maybe an old one put it over your pillow so you've been to one side sleep on the other side turn inside out sleep on one side sleep on the other side that waiting about four days out of it and also cuts a molecular to stay in the pillow on the pillowcase if there is any bleeding during that first week keep pets away from it don't let him sleep in the bed with you pets just tend to take every contaminant throughout the house and drag it right into your bedding so do not let them sleep in the bed do not submerge fear sing about use the water you can't control the quality of which is everything but your own clean bathtub also keep cosmetics away from the area especially powder base or foundation makeups until it's completely healed if you use anything comes out of a spray can or square ball on your hair shield it show the piercing when they pulled it up paper towel when you guys see the beautician or barber do the same thing I'm always leery that bottle of water they used to dampen your hair what exactly is in there when was a change last AUSA chemicals etc do not sleep directly on the piercing try to sleep on your side or your back if you have to sleep on your face which doesn't sound comfortable to me but teach their own build kind of a nest or kind of think of a massage table where you have something that's going to elevate that piercing off the bed also jewelry leave that piece in until it heals after it heals you can take it out in a place another piece however you do lose something in it at all times for roughly the next two to three years only taking out to replace understand regardless of how long you've had the piercing if you remove that jewelry for any length of time your body center more than likely reconnect the tissue and close the piercing so it's a good idea if you'd like to pierce think leave something in it most professional pierces well not charge to change jewelry regardless where it comes from also personally run through my autoclave and sterilizes on its proper size amount of proper material and it's appropriate for that particularly for yourself well picking out jewelry use some common sense if it's got sharp edges points things dangling off of it or it seems extremely heavy it's probably gonna get caught on absolutely everything it comes in contact with and it's going to be extremely uncomfortable it is has been known that heavy jewelry especially in your septum can cause headaches so keep that in mind when you think you want to buy those huge tusks if you see a piece of jewelry and you're unsure about it never hesitate to contact your piercer they weren't happening the advice generally regardless where you spend your money and they can probably point in the direction or maybe somewhere locally where you can purchase it personally also I list on my website forward it for places I suggest buying jewelry online and there's nobody like them is they list the manufacturer next to the jewelry so you know where it came from who made it with quality the jewelry is what it's actually made out of opposed to go to the mall or department store or FCU ebay we have no I with second piercings because nobody has a perfectly straight nose they can sometimes even though we try to make them appear to be straight they can be a little bit off one way or another also the healing process can sometimes cause them to migrate a little bit way one way or another do swelling so they may require you to kind of bitten them or adjust them on a regular basis and I generally suggest you do that after that first couple weeks is over maybe the third week is you grab it and just play apply light pressure one way or another to turn straighten out the piercing however make sure that the piercing doesn't look crooked because the jewelry is crooked a lot of times that we do the circular bar bells we have to expand them further once we get them in the body to make sure that you can comfortably flip them up and down and sometimes that can make it seem a little bit this layer a little bit that way so always take it into account lastly infections very infrequent so I'm the crimson tons to run to you get in contact with your piercer or seek professional medical advice the two worst things you do if you think you have an infection it's put off can take care of it it is only gonna get worse possibly turns to somatic and spread and be much more difficult to correct the longer you put off getting taken care of the other thing is taking the jewelry out a lot of people's misconception that removal the jewelry is going to magically make everything go back to normal probably that is how your body feels infections and what happens when you take the jewelry out your body heals infections by pushing that effective tissue in fluids out of the body while replacing with healthy tissue below we remove the jewelry which is the only thing keeping those two holes open in some cases they can close possibly trapping that infected tissue in fluids inside your body which will cause one of two things to happen worst-case scenario turns into an inward traveling infection begins actually spread in other tissue if left untreated could possibly turn septic or cuts permanent tissue damage or structure damage well commonly your body will try to isolate the infection by developing a cyst or an abscess to isolate it and then slowly very patiently pushing it to the surface both cases you're going to need medical treatment and it's probably going to involve having it Lance and drained if you leave that jewelry in it allows a way for your body to expel the infection and also usually makes it a little bit more true though treatable it usually makes it more treatable or easy to treat now it's not give me a comment see some signs of infection as I mentioned earlier redness discoloration heat turns to touch inflammation swelling off and onto that first couple any work for the first couple days all the way to the first couple of weeks so it's not common see it's had been bleeding anywhere from one to five days you just kind of collect around the piercing holes most people do not even notice it so I think we've covered a majority of what you would need to know to heal out a septum piercing if I didn't cover something or you have a question about something specifically please make a comment I will be happy to answer the question to the best of my knowledge or point you in the direction where you can get more knowledge on the subject also if you enjoyed this please like the video that's your way of applauding what I've done here also please subscribe subscribing allows you to see what new content we are going to be posting and if you have the notification bell on to you'll even get a notification when we post some new things and we do a lot of things work on a couple new projects but one of the things we do every week is our studio update which covers everything that I've been up to for that week also Wesley and Jack of the skin kitchen post their tattoo of the week and kind of go through talking about why that's special to them so other than that you guys have a lovely day and I hope see you for your piercing needs in the future

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  1. What about swelling ? Is there anything I could take like medication wise for the swelling and pain??

  2. I watched 5 other videos and they don't mention soap do i need the soap or is it just an option

  3. Great advice and guide lines! My septum is my favorite that I have (outta 6 facial piercings). But .. My new job requires me to take it out or hide it and since I have one of those Captive Bead pieces of jewelry and it's extremely hard to remove and impossible to flip up into my nose .. I've had it for about two years now and haven't removed it for more than a few minutes at a time .. Any idea (I know everyone is different) how long it usually takes to heal? I don't want it to heal, like I said, it's my favorite .. Also, I plan on getting a Horse Shoe style piece of jewelry. Got any favorite sites you would recommend? Also, it's an 8G size.

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