How to Heal a Lip Piercing Lip Piercing Aftercare Instructions

take over here from the axiom body-piercing studio located inside lovely skin kitchen in Des Moines Iowa and coming up next how to heal a lip piercing first off I always like to kind of give a disclaimer before we get into this too far I'm recording this in October of 2018 if you're seeing this video after that and you've gotten conflicting ideas or conflicting information on how to heal this particular Peterson lip piercings then I suggest you discuss it with your piercer or for myself before you continue to follow these instructions so what piercings are kind of a complicated piercing to heal out not really difficult it's kind of complicated what we're doing is we're healing two types of tissue in your mouth it's gonna heal a lot faster than it is on the outside so when we when we talk about it we kind of have to treat it like two different piercings so here's what you're going to need to heal it out biotene antiseptic mouthwash you find it at Walgreens Walmart Target any grocery store department store will probably handle it if they handle a lot of oral care products also sea salt which are you fighting to make goods out of any good grocery store so so really get on french fries it's supposed to be healthier for you so use it and cook distill the water you can find that in the beverage aisle of most larger grocery stores you can't find it there check next to the infant care section sometimes they'll hide it over there if you're in a department store might be next to the appliances and so forth mild anti microbiotic soap or antibacterial soap probably the most common are easy to find is dial gold however if you want something completely natural it was a grapefruit seed oil based antibacterial liquid soap if you want to go to the pharmacy level which is always best and what I generally suggest is satin or proven if you can find it it's also a good idea to have plenty of clean paper towels on hand now we can't talk about a normal piercing without talking about swelling swelling will occur with lip piercing sometimes a couple days into the process it sound like tongue piercings where we wake up the next morning and suddenly it's three times it's normal size but you do need to take precautions to reduce that amount of swelling and that means cutting down your intake you tobacco alcohol cannabis hot spicy foods things are certainly warm the temperature or anything Imagi take your mouth especially in that first roughly three to five days listen to your body if it hurts to ingest something don't ingest it think back to the last time you bit the side of your mouth or bit your tongue what hurt to eat and avoid those things food it's not as the truth even say a tongue piercing would be but it's best to kind of stick with simplistic foods until you know what you can handle sports shakes nutritional sinks baby food applesauce yogurt and I'll get into the main reason why I suggest your own dirt a little bit later also cold items are really good sport shapes ice cream frozen treats smoothies popsicles because that cold will help reduce the swelling the other thing you can do to reduce swelling is gently sucking on ice chips for the first 24 to 28 hours drinking lots of cold liquids and staying hydrated it taking ibuprofen so let's get into how do you actually take care of it for the first two weeks you're going to want to rinse a couple of times a day both with the salt water rinses in with the biotene antiseptic mouthwash if you watch my video on tongue piercing aftercare it's basically the same thing to mix up the mix sea salt and warm water take first off a cup of warm water put it in the microwave heat it up about the same period of time that you would if you have your coffee or cocoa and when I say cup I mean a measure cup 8 ounces drop in an eighth of a teaspoon – quarter teaspoon of sea salt let it dissolve it'll taste about a salty as your own tears for the first two weeks I want you to rinse roughly about a minute to two minutes kind of rinsing and then spit rinse then spit up twice daily once in the morning once at night here's where the biotene comes into effect you want to rinse roughly four to five times a day I suggest working you need your daily routine meaning rinse right after breakfast and brush after brushing teeth after lunch after supper after dinner so you're doing it roughly four times a day if you incorporate the salt water if that what are the saltwater rinses what I suggest doing is eat your breakfast brush your teeth because you're suppose to it's good for you do the rinsing with the the minute to two minutes with the sea salt mixture rinse of the biotene then after lunch rinse with the biotene after supper rinse with the biotene and then after a right for you to bed brush your teeth do the saltwater rinse and then rinse with the biotene you want to do the biotene rinses roughly about thirty Seconds which is equivalent to singing happy birthday or mary had a little lamb' twice or saying the Pledge of Allegiance twice that covers the inside of the mouth and most of those two things we want you to primarily do for the first two weeks the outside is going to take a little bit longer to heal anywhere from four or eight to twelve weeks is pretty common during which you're gonna do hot compresses so see that salt water make sure I already told you how to make take a clean paper towel soaked up the substance lead against the piercing constantly Rees emergent as it cools for roughly about ten minutes soaks are always more effective however it's one of those locations where it may not be very comfortable to do but if you can do it at least one of those times a day it's gonna help it's a little bit more effective you want to do the what the comma presses and sucks do is it help to draw way soon debris from the piercing increased circulation and the flow of oxygen which can help them feeling the salt actually thins minerals and nutrients that are helpful in your body's production of skin cells it can't help somewhat with the inflammation and it really helps to sue vit Pearson's are notorious for going through kind of grumpy phases where they're sore and tender and this is one of those things you can do to kind of make it feel better and get things back on track the same thing with the rinses they will affect it that way too next part you want to the one thing about rinsing and the one thing about doing comprises or soaks is you always want to rinse out of rum-running water after you get done usually it's just cleaning it in the shower immediately after doing the compress just to be on the safe side however I know sometimes scheduling doesn't work that way so at least RIT's it on run water so we get those salt crystals off there leaving the salt crystals against the peers that can actually cause issues including the salt becoming caked onto the jewelry and under the piercing blocking the flow of oxygen blocking your bodily this ability to discharge wasting debris that it produces and also blocking that flow of oxygen to the piercing so plus they can dehydrate the piercing a little bit too much or cause salt burns so always rinse afterwards always the other burger you doing the shower first stuff take care of all those normal baby nudists first this case get some hair product or something out of your let's take it away right away spray the water wash your hands for south spray the water directly under the piercing once you've got that discharge off there to squirt out a pearl jump on the palm of your hand does not take a lot just a little bit lather it up well so you're diluting it because we don't want to put on their full strength that's too harsh apply it to the piercing area they let it's a contact for 30 seconds which as I mentioned earlier is equivalent to saying happy birthday twice or reciting the pledge of allegiance twice then rinse under running water so let's kind of regroup how what we're going to do here you want to do the rinsing starting the night of the piercing so I suggest doing it before you go to bed the haikon are the warm salt water rinses in the rinse it with the biotene the cleaning in the shower and the high compresses you want to start the next morning you want to do both of those things the rinses twice daily for two weeks the cleaning in the shower and the hot compresses are soaked you're going to do twice daily for at least the next eight weeks or until you stop seeing that discharge collecting you depositing on the jewelry and the pre-shows is kind of indented or and grown look to it where it's kind of curved inward seems Hill but you're not sure stop by either your piercer somebody if I did it stop by the shop most versions will be happy to go hey you did a great fantastic job or let's give it a couple more weeks cross-contamination mention comments and stuff wash your hands pretty handle the jewelry try to handle it by that ball or seamed area if it's a ring if it's barbells try to handle it by the ends the only time you need to have any contact with the piercing is when you're cleaning it rest of the time the even alone also keeper bird eels two German little fingers off of it understand that microorganisms like bacteria and other pathogens do travel on the surface of your skin so anytime you touch the area it's getting you to wash your hands before you do so do not move the jewelry at some point in your life you might have been told the spin rotate or move jewelry or otherwise become permanently affixed to your body that's not gonna happen constantly moving and rotating jewelry during the healing process increases your likelihood of infection but over handling the jewelry and possibly draining contaminants into the piercing it'll move naturally just sinks a good old-fashioned gravity but anything beyond that's completely unnecessary if you do have to adjust the jewelry for one reason or another it's always best to do it right after you get done cleaning it in the shower so you know it's free of discharge and anything else and also make sure you wash your hands carefully if it doesn't seem like it wants to move or budge never force the jewelry it's not uncommon for that initial tissue to form very tight every fragile if you go in there and you start forcing it you're gonna break loose skin growth and you're gonna prolong your healing period but as I said before it's best just to leave it be and don't move it all the time all the other time you might need to handle the jewelry is if it's done with a curved barbell I both ends of those usually do come in screwed they do need to be checked on a regular basis buying some latex gloves or some type of gloves that give you a little bit better grip for making sure that you get all the oils off your fingers I'll usually give you a little bit of grip but you want to check the tightness of those on regular basis they can't fall off and then around and they usually land probably in the most disgusting thing in any environment you're possibly in and you're not gonna want to put them back in your mouth after that so make sure that you do check those on regular basis no oral contact teeth mouth kissing or sexual contact for a minimum of eight weeks understand that even after this piercing Hills you bar more acceptable to STDs or all sex so if you switch partners practice safe sex the way you're supposed to which means latex barrier keep your environment clean clothing bedding towels anything that may come in contact with it well waiting around constantly changing your pillowcase get an old soft comfortable t-shirt that's clean of course put it over your pillow sleep on one side sleep on the other side turn it inside out sleep on one side and sleep on the other side that way you get about four days out of it also because sometimes they do bleed a little bit during that first week come anywhere from one to five days it cuts not likely to stain the pillow in the pillowcase keep pets away from it do not let them sleep in the bed with you they're just a little germ maintenance and they bring everything in and spread it all over your nice clean bedding do not summer piercing about as a water you can't control the quality of which is everything like your own clean bathtub do not share food items or utensils with other people make sure that your own utensils are cleaned on a regular basis I generally suggest starting with a fresh toothbrush just to be on the safe side so now let's move on to jewelry usually piercings are done in areas where like the mouth where it's going to swell a little bit a little bit on the large side so once it heals you may want to downsize to a shorter ring our smaller ring or shorter curved barbell however you do not want to take the jewelry out and replace it until it's completely healed and even then you only want to take it out for short periods of time and only to reinsert new jewelry with your mouth you generate tissue very rapidly inside your mouth that's one of the reasons why heals so quickly leaving the jewelry out for an extended period of time out of a lip piercing is going to probably result in it closing I have had clients that have had them for years took them out for a couple hours for a job interview or to visit grandma and have problems getting them back in so if you like the piercing leave something in it I personally never charge change jewelry regardless where it comes from most reputable piercers will not charge to change Hilary especially if you buy the new jewelry it at their studio when it comes to get a jewelry use some common sense sharp edges points things dangling off of it or it seems extremely heavy it's probably gonna be damn uncomfortable and costly get cotton snagged everything it comes in contact with with lip piercings like I've stated in the consultation because of the angle of the piercing being somewhat like that you do not want to put straight bar bells or labret studs in those piercings I generally suggest you they're sticking with a circular item rings curved circular bar bells seamless rings that sort of thing or you can in some cases in the piercing it's far enough out of the mouth put it in a curved or go with the two balls of events whatever in doubt about a piece of jewelry run sure you see something you're like wow that's cool I like that but I'm not sure about it contact your piercer contact me if I've done the piercing or even if I haven't done the piercing I'm happy to give you advice on what I suggest as far as what's gonna work or not work regardless of where you're spending your money if you're looking for something very specific and you're just not finding it you might want to check out my website I lists for different places I suggest buying jewelry online the reason why I like those places they list the manufacturer next to the jewelry so you know where it came from who made it with quality the jewelry is and what it's in fact actually made out of a post to go into the mall a department store a gas station a head shop Etsy eBay Amazon or countless other sites online we have no idea where this jewelry is manufactured in what it's actually in fact made out of infections very infrequent some creep something doesn't seem right to you get in contact with your piercer or me if I did it of course or seek professional medical advice as soon as possible the two are sending a new of thinking infection put off get it taken care of it's just gonna get worse and be much more difficult to correct the longer you put off gantt taken care of the other thing is taking the jewelry out oh I feel this most conception I've scurried up I'll take the jewelry out everything goes back to normal the problem with that thinking is how do your body people's infections or what happens when you take the jewelry out your body heals infections by pushing the infected tissue and fluids out through the wounds while it replaces it with healthy tissue below when you remove the jewelry which is the only thing keeping us two holes open the piercing holes can't close and possibly trap that infected tissue in fluids deep inside the piercing leading to a couple things possibly happening worst case scenario it turns into an inward travelling infection begins actually spread into other tissue if left untreated capacitors septic or cuts permanent tissue damage more commonly your body will try to isolate the infection and then slowly very painfully pushing it to the surface in both cases you're going to need medical treatment and it's probably involved having it last and drained because they're more piercing and you're going to be rinsing I do need to talk to you about thrush thrush is caused by a breakdown the natural enzymes a bacteria in your mouth and you get an outbreak of a fungi called thrush it'll coat your tongue with this usually cottage cheese looking substance kind of whitish yellowish in some cases has a distinct odor or sometimes burning or itching sensation not really a life-threatening situation but it's something that will probably require medical attention it is definitely not something you want to go through unless you absolutely have to it's equivalent to have a yeast infection inside your mouth the reason why we bring this up pacifically the oral piercings is because you're rinsing a lot more than you normally would the reason why we don't want you to rinse more than four to five times a day is it cut down the likelihood of thrush also you should avoid rinsing or healing a piercing an oral piercing during a period of time that you're on any type of antibiotic if you do get sick during the healing period during that first two weeks when you're rinsing talk to your physician about other alternatives other than antibiotics and mention the word brush and you'll probably understand why you're concerned in how much you rinsing the other hand is to eat four to five cartons and yogurt a day acidophilus is a probiotic can help keep things in balance during that period now normal reactions to this piercing now it's not uncommon to see some of the signs of infection like discomfort discolored ization heat tanners to touch inflammation off and on for that first anywhere from one to two days all the way up to a couple of weeks so start on combi see a tad bit of bleeding anywhere from one to five days most people don't even notice the bleeding they usually just kind collection around the piercing holes with oral piercings it's not uncommon to see a white ring and tissue formed on the inside of the mouth that starts issue so pay usually or a little whitish that's completely normal the other thing that kind of freaks people out is to see this kind nasty-looking yahweh's stre stuff kind of looks like snot hanging off the inside what that is is limp discharged just like that stuff that's gonna hardly collect on the inside on the outside on the inside your mouth your body also uses it to get rid of debris dead skin cells and all that fun stuff and byproducts of the production your skin cells means it's doing its work and this is the waste that is produced from it in your mouth it can't harden it forms of these long strings because it's warm and moist in there leave them be the next time you rinse it will fall off that pretty much covers the main parts of it I will put a link in the description on more information like by every beat lip piercings in labret Pearson's mean to deaf bloc also to my aftercare instructions online if you enjoyed this please give us a like if you'd like to see more of these including we do all kinds of stuff out here we're doing we do I post these on a regular basis and I plan on going through all of the piercings eventually also we will post a weekly update of what's going on here at the axiom in the skin kitchen and including the tattoos of the week from Wesley and Jack new thing we have coming up is a new series that we're going to be putting out every other Sunday called Q&A in the kitchen we pick a topic and the three of us sit down and discuss that topic at length kind of an insider's view into what some of the common questions we get asked kind of been death kind of fun kind of entertaining so other than that thanks for watching and I hope to see if your piercing needs in the future

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