How to Export to a New Data Layer in ArcMap 10

Perhaps you are working with an existing data layer that has predefined boundaries but you are only interested in
a particular area of that data set. Did you know that you can export from an
existing layer to create a new data layer? Perhaps we want to export Mississauga into a new data layer. Click on the ‘Select Features’ Icon from the Tools Toolbar. Click on the polygon you would like to export, in this case Mississauga. Right click on the data layer in the table of contents, and select ‘Data’, ‘Export Data’. Be sure that ‘Selected features’ is chosen. Give the new data layer an appropriate and descriptive name. In this case, ‘mississauga’, and click ‘Ok’. A pop up will ask if you wish to add
the exported data to your map, click ‘Yes’. You now can see you new data layer in the
Table of Contents and in the Data View. For further Instruction in ArcMap, please visit our video Archives.

Glenn Chapman


  1. For some reason it won't work if you have a join in your data? Is this fixable?

  2. i cant change the name or klick ok because its "not a valid name".. any ideo how i can fix this?

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