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What’s up guys. This is Wenzes, welcome back to my channel where we
talk about creating an Epic life on your terms. Today we’re talking about how to stay
laser focused on improving your life. You’ve voted for this topic, so I’m really excited about it because
it’s something that’s really dear to my heart. I managed a lot of things when it comes
to this because I used to be somebody who always did the bare minimum and I
felt that that’s the biggest problem. Like I don’t think it’s a
bad thing to be a hedonist, to be a romantic or like a chillpreneur, whatever you want to do that you kind
of do the most efficient way possible so you get there the fastest without doing
a lot of things that are not necessary in order to get there.
That’s not a bad strategy, but what is is when we know we’re
not doing what we could be doing, we know that there’s something missing.
We know that we don’t move forward, that we stay stuck at our current state
and it’s really hard to get out of there. But I have really found some ways to get
there because I made a point to figure out because I want to
be the most efficient. I don’t want to be going the
hard way over and over again. I want to find out what the core of
this is, and I actually did that. Now when people approach me, they
always say, Oh, you’re so consistent. You actually put this together. Your
life looks exactly how you want it to, and it didn’t use to be like
this. So you can learn it. You can become that person. And the best thing about it is it’s
not difficult because you become that version of yourself for
whom this is normal. So today we’re going to talk about the
strategies that I’ve used over the years that I’ve perfected for myself and that
you can apply in your life and become super focused on improving your
life while having fun at it. While this becomes your new normal
and without having it to be a chore, something that you have to put willpower
behind it or something that you just dread. If you like this video,
like always give it a thumbs up, subscribe to the channel, hit the bell for notifications and
follow me on Instagram to stay up to date with the news around this channel. So there are a couple of points that I
looked into that made a huge difference in my life. The first one is that I always heard
people talk about successful people as in they worked so much. That’s the hardest working person I
know and I really dislike that because I knew that at my core I’m not a workaholic, I’m not a person who wants to be doing
all the time and I still wanted to achieve something in my life. I knew that there’s potential in me that
I have to tap into and I didn’t want it to be that I wake up everyday and
then force myself to do something. So I feel good about myself.
I wanted it to be in flow. And what I figured out is that there
are a lot of successful people who are B type personalities, people who
actually found the easier way out. But that does not mean that you
actually are not being productive. That does not mean that you’re not being
laser focused on improving your life. It actually means that you have trained
your mind so much that it only sees those things. It only sees the
things that can improve your life. You don’t dread anything because you’re
actually thinking and believing that you’re that person you want to be. And therefore you actively do those things
as a necessity in order to feel good about yourself. If you love your friends, then calling them and having a connection
them and staying in touch with them is not dreadful. It’s something that you
actively do because it makes
you feel better every time. So this is what we get to
understand about this whole process, how we get to adapt. So we actually
get attracted to who we want to be, what we want to achieve. And so none of
this becomes a chore. See in the end, it comes down to this. We have only
offended amount of energy at some point. Let’s say in your early twenties of
course you have much more energy than in your late fifties but in general, you
always have a certain amount of energy. You can improve it somehow, you know,
through good nutrition or sleeping well. But in the end it’s finished. It’s
not gonna become more and more. You can give of your energy and think
that there’s always gonna be more to give if you drain yourself. That’s why we always say really
give when your cup is overflowing, give to yourself first. Create an
environment. Create interactions, create habits that fuel your own
energy system that don’t drain that. And when you have stuff over, when
you have energy that runs over, you love to give and you’ve been in
situations like this where you’re just so full of yourself in a positive
way that you are just kind, you’re really proactive, you’re excited, you’re energized and you’re ready
to go and create more for your life. Because we as human beings really want
to grow. That’s really part of our DNA. That’s how nature works. You know,
every flower blossoms like every tree, like you know they have
leaves and all of that, like nature in itself
is growing, developing. And once it become more of what it
is, that’s like ingrained in us. And that’s why we always feel that there
is this thing that wants us to grow. But the problem with this is that there’s
so much going on that actually takes hold of our energy so we don’t have
any energy first off to like put it somewhere where it can generate more
and more energy for herself and second wall. We don’t even see that because
we’re so overwhelmed by the energy that’s currently happening. So you can imagine it as if you had a
net that kind of like pulls you down and it pulls you down to your current floor. That’s your current energy realm
or let’s say your reality paradigm. That’s what you live in and that
consists of all the media you consume, that consists of all the friends
you hang out with, the job you do, the place you live in, and the list
goes on and on. So your current habits, whatever you do on a daily basis, and it’s so much more
than what you’re aware of. So this is like typical iceberg situation
where you’re aware of like only the tip of the iceberg that’s like maybe
three or 5% and most of it is below the surface. And this happens
at every level in your life. It doesn’t mean that when you’re unhappy, this happens when you feel like
you’re out of control and out of sync. This happens. But when you’re
in sync, it’s differently. It always is like this because
95% or even more of our daily, like challenges of our daily
choices are on autopilot. Our habits determine who we are.
It’s not really our conscious mind. So we have to really change those habits
and we have to do it gradually and we have to understand that if you
put too much on your plate, it will never ever work out. And the goal here is to change your
belief system because it really doesn’t matter what your wishes
are, what your goals are. The thing that we do the
most is what we believe. If we believe we deserve to be successful
at a certain level or we deserve to have friends at a certain level, then we will do the things they’ll prove
to us that we are right because this is what our mind wants. Our mind will do everything to
prove to us that we are right. If we believe that we
don’t deserve anything, then we will go out of our way to
prove to our mind that we are right. That’s just how our mind works. You
know? And once you understand this, this can be a huge catalyst in changing
your approach to this whole topic to say, well, let me just change my paradigm. Let me find a way where I can actually
trick my mind and become the person for whom this is normal for the person who
wants to live the life I actually dream about who believes that this is who
you’re meant to be and who you are deep inside. Because then everything else
kind of like shifts and Proust yourself, that you’re right. And at the same time to remove those
distractions that keep us at our current energy realm, that net
that we’re talking about. So this is what we’re going to
talk about today. How to first off, change your mind into becoming the person
who believes that you actually are the person you want to be. So
on a subconscious level. So what kind of like shifts
in your mind have to happen? How you can do it on a daily basis and
without knowing really becoming that person. And at the same time removing those
distractions that keep us at this place. Because what most people
underestimate is that yes, living the life you want to live and
living in sync and in alignment with who you want to be as actually much easier, you can do so much more because you
generate energy like an energy surplus and that energy helps you to actually
do more. You get excited about more. That’s how like Beyonce is able to do so
much. At some point you recognize, Oh, have actually really been doing this out
of like alignment and because it feels so good or has it been because I was,
you know, punishing myself. You know, that is the other extreme, but we’re actually talking about becoming
somebody who does it even a little bit more laid back to actually be in a realm
where everything is connected in a way that helps you to become the
person you want to be. So, but this can only happen if we remove
those distractions because those distractions that keep
us at our current realm, they’re energy suckers and
we’re not aware of them. This can be dynamics with people.
Like, even if you say, Oh, I’m going to remove that one person
in my life because there are toxic. If you don’t remove your current
dynamic with that person, you will have it with another one. You’ll remove them and then you’ll have
somebody else and you project the same thing onto them and then you’re back
at it again and then it feels so hard. So understanding that
yes, it’s going to be, you have to remove those distractions and, and that’s the biggest misunderstanding
here is that the change from where you are right now to where you want to be. The shift in itself is
what is really hard. That is what’s gonna take
a lot of your energy. And that is also something that you
will have to do even despite not feeling like it. This can be dreadful
because your mind is telling you, your current realm is the right
world. This is where you want to be. And everything that gets you out
of that will be dreadful. You know, I’ve said it in videos before. You know like imagine you have like this
field of corn and then for years you’ve created this path and you’ve gone down
this path all your life and you know, you recognize the more
you go down this path, this is not the path I want to go on. This is not in alignment with who
I want to be. And so you recognize, okay actually I need to go that direction. But in order to get to that direction I
need to shift and I need to go through that corn field. Meaning I
have to create a pathway first. You know this pathway has
been created for years now. Like the corns are all like
down. You can walk on it, it’s really easy but the
new path doesn’t exist yet. And building that path going down, like really putting all that stuff down
or walking on top of it as like your first move or like going in between
of it, that’s going to be hard. Another analogy that I really like in
this is that jet planes need 40 or 60% I’m not sure anymore of their
entire fuel just to start. And that’s the same thing. So you have to be aware that
switching is going to be hard. Switching can be very draining and I
found great ways to actually minimize this because most people say I’m going to do
this and they put their willpower behind it and what happens, they do it
for a week and then they give up. I’ve had people tell me, Oh, I’m going to start working out tomorrow
and I’m going to tell you about it and you know like if I can’t do it for 30
days then I’m going to do this and this and this, and they didn’t even do the first day
and I knew that there were not going to, because I know if you haven’t been
doing this for the last 30 days, you’re not going to be able to do it
tomorrow. That’s too big of a shift. That’s not who you are. If you live in this current realm and you
have this net on top of you and it has stones everywhere, how long do you
think he gonna make it? If you say, Oh, now I’m gonna just like stand up and
then I’m going to go to the next room. It’s not going to happen.
It’s just too hard. It’s just too much willpower
that is necessary and willpower. It’s not a solution.
Willpower power will not last. You have to understand your current
role is keeping your energy like at a certain level. Let’s call it at a level 10 this is the
energy you have right now sustaining to be in the new room. We’ll take an energy level of 50
that’s something to begin with. So first off, like even if you could
make it, you could not sustain it, but actually getting from room eight to
room B and room B being where you want to be or when you’re in the cornfield
and you’re here and you want to go, they’re actually changing that. They’re actually building that pathway
or go into the other room that will take 30 points of energy that you do not have. So if you put it all on your plate and
you expect this of yourself when you have not been anywhere else, but at this
energy level, you’ll not be able to. And that’s why I think 95% of all people
are not able to fulfill their dreams. But I’ve been there and I
found ways to get there. If you’re really being
honest with yourself of where
you’re at and you don’t put too much on your plate, you know
that’s why diets don’t work. Because every time you restrict yourself, what you restrict persist and it will
stay with you and it will be hard. You have to become a person who can do
these things and you have to do it step by step. So all of my clients know that working
with me actually seemed slow in the beginning, but only because it’s slow. It actually works because
those are little shifts, marginal shifts that you
can do on a daily basis. They change your belief system, they change who you are while we’re
moving those distractions step by step and then you don’t feel like you have to
get up from this net and go to the other room. You just changed a
little things. First off, you make the net a little bit lighter. You remove stones here and there and
you do it in such a way that you’re not even aware of it because it’s just
like a little thing. It’s like, you know when you say, let’s start
saving, let’s get in touch on, let’s get used to saving. What do people actually say that are
really able to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in millions? They say start with $5 start putting
$5 to decide every other week. Once you get used to this, then you can build on this like remember
if you want to improve your life and you say, my life right now is 95% negative and
then their 5% positive or even less than that. Maybe you like your
coffee in the morning. Maybe you’re like your
partner or your friends, but you feel you life is just completely
different than what you want it to be and it just sucks. Like you’re not gonna improve this life
by focusing on how much your life sucks or by saying, how can I change the situation that is
like so negative in a way of I’m going to focus on the negative part and try to
beat it. That’s not what’s going to work. What’s going to work is to focus on those
5% that are actually already working and expanding them so you focus
on that coffee in the morning, you focus on your friends, you focus on that emotion that
you have when you’re with them. The positive aspect of this, because let’s say you’re an energy level
of 10 and when you’re with your friends and your coffee or like whatever it is, that really excites me
even like a tiny bit. You’re like edit 11 and everything else
is like at a nine 10 and this is at 11 then focusing on that 11 and making that
11 that is maybe only 5% of your life making that 10% so you say, Oh, I’m going to actually focus on
having more time for myself. Having like a nice dinner with friends. Improving those aspects will help
you to get to a bigger level. But why am I telling you this when today
we’re talking about how to stay super focused on improving your life? Well, it’s because you have to
understand this concept. This concept is a lot that works all
the time and you have to really focus on that. If you want to change
something. So if you say, I want to improve my
life and you set goals, it’s really about thinking
about the things that actually
make you feel proud of yourself. Like a really like pride at this moment
because I want to be proud of myself that I did this and working with pride
is an amazing tool in this aspect because I remember like once I’m able to finish
a task that I wanted to do afterwards, I jump up and down and
I say yes and I really, really hon in on this because I want to
feel this emotion as much as possible. I want to lean into this emotion.
This will be the emotion. They’ll help me to do the
next thing even easier. So when I started this channel, and I’ve told the story a couple of times
that you know, I woke up on Sundays, I used to do my videos on Sunday while
I was working my 60 hours at work and I knew this is not where I wanted to go
and I knew I needed like to add this layer. I didn’t know
where it was going to go, but I knew that I needed as
in order to improve my life. And I remember that I had decided
that I want to become that person. I want to be a person
who does this for her. I want it to be that person and I
had decided I want to become that, but you know, this is what I had
decided on a conscious level. Subconsciously I wasn’t
there yet. So what happened? I woke up on Sundays and the thought of
just doing my hair like washing my hair, like blow drying it, putting
a camera there like talking, it was so dreadful. It was so hard and like this
happens over and over again. You’ll see this when it’s about time for
you to actually change your job and it seems difficult. You’ll see how you’ll sit in front
of this application and writing. It will feel tedious. It
will be so much hard work, but it is that much hard work because
we’re actually like using those 40 or 60% of fuel that you need for the start. We need that extra energy to move and
create this new pathway and we need the energy to get up from our
current situation where we
are with this and that and like the stones that are so heavy that
keep us at this current realm to get to the next step. So that is just a general understanding
and really the strategy that got me to become that person who is
super focused on their life. And just a side note here, it
doesn’t feel like this to me. Like I don’t feel right now that I’m
super focused on improving my life. I still have moments where I actually
struggle and I say, Oh, when’s this? He should be doing more. But I know if
I’m really being honest with myself, how much more I’ve improved in this area,
how much more focused I am on my life. And you know, as I said, at the core,
I’ll stay a hedonist at the core. I love to be a laid back person. I don’t want to do and work so much that
I make millions when that means I have to work really, really hard. Like, I want to really find a balance and I
want to live a life that is just easy and a life that is calm. So asking in a
couple of years how I feel about this, but I don’t really think it’s gonna
change because like I see now with everything going on, I changed more and
more into the person who I want to be. So I understand all of those distractions, all of those things and tasks
that I thought I had to do. They kind of like fall off, they fall off. If you follow the strategy of, you know, doing the things that actually bring
you the most joy and the thing that actually excites you, knowing that
it’s gonna take work in the beginning. We’re going to get a little
bit more in detail on this, but I want you to understand that it will
get easier because you become more and more of like who you want to be and
what you like to do and you try out different things and you understand,
Oh, this is actually the most meat. And when you are completely in
alignment, which is, you know, a fantasy like nobody’s like
completely in alignment or enlightened, like we’re just leaning towards
it. But the more you do that, the more it’s just a flow and it’s
plate and you want to do these things. I actually am more active than I used
to be. I really am that, you know, I get up and I get so much more
done, but it feels like play. It feels like excitement. It has nothing to do with the way I
felt when I was working those 60 hours a week for a paycheck and doing something
that was not in alignment to me and when I was forcing myself to do these things
because I thought there was no other way. But there is another way. There is a way where you can
figure out who you want to be, how to improve your life in a way that
actually makes you believe that this is who you are. So this is
the most important thing. We have to make ourselves believe
that we really are that person. Once you have that, once
you have that anchored in, everything else just takes time. And knowing that in the beginning
it’s going to be difficult. So just because something is tedious
or something is hard for you, that’s not necessarily
not what you have to do. Like even when I did my other job, like
my last job before I quit it, you know, that thing was actually really hard for
me in the beginning and it was more work and it wasn’t like exactly what I wanted, but I knew that there was so much
behind it. Like through that job, I learned discipline, I learned
to be around motivated people. It gave me so much and I knew that I
needed to take on that challenge. So, but now let’s talk about how do you
become a person who actually believes that you deserve to be that and how to make
that shift so you actually stick with it. So the first thing is you have to
set goals. If you don’t set goals, you will not make them. And understand that those goals will
be something that sounds like, Oh, I’ve just made it up. I just listened to my intuition because
you’ll have those goals and then you start doing them and then they
feel draining and you give up. Like that’s just a normal process and
that’s why it’s really important to understand, okay, let me just like prove
to myself that I can create this world. So it’s not so much about finding the
perfect thing and the perfect world for you and that thing will keep you focused. It’s about understanding that you do have
the power to create the world you set out to. Because once you
do this, once you say, I want to prove to myself that if
I want to do this, I can do this. And the process of becoming that person
and doing the things that are necessary, that process will help you to
figure out even more who you are. And that process will also help you to
believe more what you feel inside that will make you feel. You can do anything. And once you feel like you can do
anything, you’ll choose the things, they’ll feel more natural to
you because then you lose fear. Every time my life improved in some kind
of capacity, I kind of like laid back. I understood, Oh, I actually
don’t have to do this. I can actually do more and
more of what I just want. And then I understood how many
things I was putting on my plate. I actually didn’t have to do,
but I thought I had to do. And we’re oblivious to this. So how
do we become this? So as I said, you have to actually have
goals and understand that
just because you don’t have like the perfect setting or that
perfect thing that you want, that does not mean that it will not come. Rather go for something that is
better than your current situation. That is the goal. And prove to
yourself that you can do that. And from there you go to the next step. It’s like you climb up a mountain
and once you climb up this mountain, you have a such better view. You have that much more energy
and you can go to the next step. So really set out those goals. You can actually use the five pillars
for the Epic life master class. For this, if you don’t know the five pillars,
you can sign up below, there’s a link. So I’ll send you like the overview
of this and you can sign up to the newsletter. But in the end it’s
just a physical energy management, relationship management, your
wealth management, your vocation, and your priority management. If you said goals in those
five pillars and you say, I’m going to go there and I’m
going to have little tasks, they’ll make me become a person who’s
more aware of this and you do not overestimate yourself. That is the
thing that’s so many people do wrong. If it’s about saying focused, they overestimate how far they are
on their journey and because they overestimate themselves, they don’t want to admit to themselves
that they actually have to start here. So if you say to yourself, I actually,
you know, I want to be a writer. I and I am a writer and I normally write
30 pages a week and I cannot start now with like writing half a paragraph
a week. Like what is that like? That’s not enough. And then I
talked to you and I asked you, well how much were you able
to do in the last month? And you’re really being honest
with yourself and you said, well actually I am able to do 30 but
I wasn’t really able to do that now. Like I just didn’t do it.
Like that is the reality. Don’t mistake the fantasy of who you are
with the person that you actually are. So look around where your life is
in what you’ve been able to do. If you haven’t been working out
like for the last four weeks, don’t set goals about going to the
gym every day. You might keep it up. Like even if you have
like a strong willpower, you keep it up for three weeks and it
will be not in alignment with who you are. It will be too much of a shift and it
will always go against the grain and you’ll be fighting
yourself. That doesn’t work. So you have to be honest with yourself
and you have to set those goals and understand no matter how small they
are, they are going to be difficult. Like that thing will not be nice. This is not supposed to feel nice
because the change is what is hard. You need 21 days to change your habits,
90 days to change your lifestyle. So this is something that you have to
do and understand that it’s not the goal to feel great about it. You will
feel great after those 90 days. You’ll feel great after those
21 days and even easier, and this is how I did it and that’s why
it worked so well for me is I didn’t even put that pressure
on myself. I just said, let me do the smallest amount I can
think of that I can add to my plate, so I don’t even feel it. Like that’s the exact same
tactic everybody tells you
when it comes to saving money and being really successful in
this area, like really start small. It’s not about saying, Oh, I’m going to save 1000 bucks this month
and then everything is going to be great. If you’ve always been
spending all of your money, you’re not going to be able to start
saving thousand dollars each month. Just like that. That’s why so many people who win the
lottery lose it so quickly because they have not become a saver yet. They’re still the person who
spends all of their money. And that doesn’t change
with having more money. And that’s the same thing
with everything in life. That’s just how our mind works. So if you want to be laser
focused on improving your life, it’s really necessary that you admit
to yourself that you’re at the starting point. That’s what I had to do. And
I know it’s an Eagle had a big one, but once you’re able to do this and
you set those tiny little goals for yourself, but you commit
to actually doing them. And once you’re at a point where you
say, Oh, I’m really good at this, I’m going to add something to
the plate. You know, if you say, I’m really bad at social life, but I actually want to have more
friends that are in alignment with me, and you say, well, okay, I’m going to put on my play to my calendar
that once a week I’m going to meet a friend and it’s so hard. Okay, let’s start with once every other
week and once you’re able to do this, then you switch it up and then becomes
easier and at some point it really isn’t draining. Like I remember
when I started this process, like even that it felt so
difficult. Like I thought, Oh, so now I have to call up a friend and
then I have to get ready and go outside and then we have to eat. And that
was like even like tedious to me. I didn’t have the energy and this is not
how we’re supposed to feel like this is not natural and this is actually how
most people feel. If you feel like this, don’t feel bad about it. As I
said, this is actually normality, but I have found that you can change it
and you know like now listening to so many people, they’ve been
saying it over and over again, but we don’t believe it. But you have to commit yourself to
becoming a person who does these things. Like when I started this channel, it wasn’t my goal to be a YouTuber who’s
successful and can live off of this. I thought like, okay, maybe in 10
years I can do something out of this. What I knew though is that I want to
be a person who commits to doing this. I want to do this because
then I feel good about myself. Then I feel proud and the more you
lean into this, the easier it gets. So this is the one main thing
I want you to understand. You become laser-focused because from
the outside it really looks like you’re only doing the things that keep you
moving forward. Before that, I came home, I watched television shows, I just like didn’t do anything
that got my life moving forward. I just went to work and I stayed in the
hamster wheel and getting out of that really takes energy. So be honest with yourself and make
please small steps and become a person who like this. Don’t make it a goal
to reach those goals necessarily. The biggest goal is that
you move forward. As I said, if you want to have
some more ideas on this, like click on the link below where you
can get the email with all like the five pillars and what they consists
of. So you have an idea. If you want to dive even
deeper on this topic, check out the video on how
to stop projecting because
this actually has a lot to do with it. And like always, guys, I
wish you a wonderful day, a great week, and I’ll talk to you next time. Bye.

Glenn Chapman


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