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Hello, Welcome to Program Your Mind. Ved this side Come, Let’s talk about Memory Power today How can You increase your Memory power manyfolds How can You make your memory power in this way that whatever You read, see or hear it may register in your memory as it is and You be able to retain in your memory for a long time I know You want like this let’s talk about this this today, How can we do this? look, What happens When We try to learn something ? I give it as an example, suppose if it is a thing We want to learn or memorise so, what happens? when we try to learn something,any event or content We have 5 senses which help us What are these 5 sense? Our Visual sense means, we learn the thing by seeing them like, because You are watching my face right now so, You are able to recognise it is Our visual sense works, so we recognise the things by seeing them second, Auditory Sense Auditory means our hearing ability I am talking about our Audible capability So many things are there which We can learn and understand by hearing them Like right now You are listening me, my voice is coming to You and later You may recognise this Voice or You can recall those words which I have spoken to You and You heard it is Your Auditory Capability Third thing is KInesthetic or Feeling We learn so may things by Feeling them like, How cold or Hot it is, We can know it by touching this neither I can See it whether it is cold or hot nor there is any voice to tell me about it what is happening? When I am touching it , My sense of feeling informing me about it’s Temperature Likewise, there are so many things what we hear or see does not remember as much but we when We do We can remember we call it Kinesthetic Sense Apart from this there are Two more things Taste and Smell to what We call in NLP’s language gustatory and olfactory So, what are these taste and Smell? there are so many things which We can learn by tasting it and there are things to which smelling fragrance of it We get to know whether it is fragrance or odor or what kind of Smell it has? these five senses of us give capability to learn or understands anything and these are the senses which gives information to our Mind by which our Brain understands it so, when We understand anything with these senses So, What happens? these things gets register in our Mind thes things get saved in our Mind Here we have ears and eyes and We have hand to feel as I said it is our Visual sense this is Uditory sense this is Kinesthetic Sense and You can understand the Taste and Smell sense so when any event gets register in Our Mind it feed here you also know When You have to recall anything Recall means to remember What we Saw or read? So, What You do? You Access the memory in your mind because those things are not in front of You today like so many times as You go to examination room and You try to write an answer of the question so, on that time the answer of the question is not there in front of You in the form of book so what You do? You go in your mind and You imagine that thing or Image in your Memory that where did You see that answer? and You read that answer it means the represntation of Your Answer is in your mind That’s what i am telling You we understand the things of Outer world through Our Five Senses And after understanding them they Get registered in our Mind and Now if We want to use our Memory power so try to Understand one thing carefully to which content You want to read or learn that is in front of You and may be You read it so many times Have You ever seen ? after reading many times, watching many time even after mugging so many times we don’t memorise that thing, we can’t learn Why do this happens? let me tell You this, It happens only because the method we are using to learn that Method’s name is Rote Method it means method of Mugging What We do in this method? We use one sense of the five sense and that is Auditory let’s take an example Who invented the Television? the Answer is J.L baird So what We do? if we have to learn it, we repeat it again and again How? Television-J.L Baird. So what happened by this? this happened? in your Mind a link is connected with the link of pronunciation of television word Where television is Ending the word J. L Baird is Starting You know What happened now? it is the link of Sond through which You are learning something and many times it is so Weak Because it’s a lnk made by using a one Sense andWe have Five Senses So what happens? many times we Forget these things. it means We remember the Television, We remember the J. L Baird but this link misses today We will think. How this link can become Stronger? To make this link Strong or You can say, Whatever You saw, read or heard to put in memory better Which things will represent better n our Memory, it depends on our learning method it depends on our learning method.like, What is our learning method whatever will be the our learning method, so will be the representation in our mind it might be, if We are learning in sitting position the representation of our Mind will be so weak let me give You an example whenever You try to learn the answer of any question You read the answer of the question at the same time You just close that book or notebook and close your eyes or open your eyes as it is comfortable to You try to recall that answer line by line Now see, What hapens? You will see, You remember something but most of it is deleted so many things have removed from from it It is happening because the learning method was,You tried to learn by seeing it or You tried to learn it by mugging so let’s understand this it depends on our learning method that how the things are going to be registered in our mind? before I explain the learning method in detail which basically is a part of the memory I want to tell You one more thing that with the learning those other things which are important what happens many times? usually as a student You learn something very good You practice it by Writing it, You do all these things that is remembered by You very good and registered in memory after this happens something very great that is, When the same question comes in Examination hall and You try to write the answer of that question and when You are still writing that answer, it just go blank from your mind and You think this question i was remebered very well, I did work on it I learned it but still Where this question have gone? why my mind is not able to recall it? and many times when it happen, even with me it was happened When we come out from the examination hall,just stepping the first step we remember it’s answer and we think Why it was not coming in my Mind? and later we discuss or We go to our home after that answer of many questions get remembered to us to which we have already memorised which were registered in our mind but we couldn’t recalled them on right time Why it happens? let me tell You How well We can learn depends on how we learned by using our five senses what was our learning method? and how well it restored in our Mind or registered in our mind after this how good We will create a response means result will be created how good We will recall it also depends on one thing to recall something depends on one thing We call state of Mind ‘state of Mind’ state of Mind means in hindi (Maansik Dasha) is mind’s state many times any resources in our Mind it may be Memories, We learned something or whatever is in our Mind to recall it or to bring it out needs a good State of Mind let me tell You when You are learning a question’s answer at home so, on that time the state of Your mind is learning state that time You are so much relaxed and You are learning on that time it got register in your MInd when You are trying to recall it or by chance if You have exam fear or exam phobia so, what’s happening on that time Your learning state of mind of has turned into fear because of exam and in state of mind of fear if You’re trying to recall in this state it is not gonna recall on that time why? because your state of mind has changed so if We have to work on our overall Memory system and to bring a massive change or transformation overall we need to work on two things. First, learning stratyegy it is our learning method that How we learn the things? Second, our state of Mind You must know to control, manage and and train your mind these are so vast and detailed topics sometimes when i take workshop for students, Mind Memory Master so I teach it all to them in two days training I am trying to tell You the key features of that in this video through which You can take it’s benefit You are needed to work on these two things One is Your learning method second is your state of Mind so come on , let me tell You now Exactly, What is that learning method? to understand that learning method, we have to understand this basically, what is that leraning method doing? this learning method I am teaching You it is telling You that How can You utilize your maximum memory and its potential before I tell You this You must understand this, when your memory already works at maximum potential when the thing gets register in it that You can memorise them for this I ask You some questions and in your answer You will understand this whole system first, think You are going to watch a movie and You have been given the options of theatre, Theatre A or B the movie in theater A will be in black and white and the Movie in theater B will be coloured and it modern movie I say it is Civil War or captain America if You have to watch these movie? What will You choose black and white or Color? its definate You will choose to watch the color Movie it means your mind give more to those things appreciate more those things in things in which there is color Second when You are choosing the movie theater A and B in theater A there is a scene in the movie where movie Will not be screened in sequence instead of it there will be a first scene of the movie to be displayed and voice from background then the second things and it’s dialogues then third things and dialogue and movie beam will be in moving form with continuity where is your Mind going? would You like to go in theater A or B of course You would like to go to watch movie in theater B. Why? Because your mind likes continuity your mind like things in contionuous way rather than watching in pieces We remember those things more which are moving the things which are moving regularly and which have flow third, again I come to theater A this time time in theater A. in the movie there will be no Sound instead of it dialogues will be written down in subscript and in theater B will be sound also now which theater will You choose definiately theater B Why? sound looks more engaging and good to your mind third thing is Sound it means those things which have sound memorise to us well our Mind and memory engage more with them Next have You ever seen? You are moving a photo album and it has photo of many people and somewhere in a cornor there is your small photograph also Now where does your attention go ? to the photograph of everyone or on your Own definately on your own photograph it means your mind likes the thing which have I factor I factor mean in which you are involved in which You are engaged or You have your envolvement in that your mind likes the thing, in which (I) you are engaged, it’s the reason people will always look for I always fighting, it’s my car,it’s my house many times little students fight each other it’s my pencil or it’s my pen why? because ‘my’ factor is there there is a pencil but it is my pencil it makes different sense you are able to understand this thing so our mind likes more, capture more those things which have Color, are moving, have sound and involvement of I and one more amazing thing let’s take an exmaple think You are going on a road and there are so many people on the road Do You remember everyone’s face? not so but suppose there is a man who have horse’ tail and have two horns on his head and he is going by moving his tail and removing away the flies now You tell me, can You forget this incident ever? No, You will never forget may be when You will turn to 70 You will tell this incident to your kids that was month of May when I was sitting outside of my home and I saw a man on the road in noon time who has the horse-like tail and Horns and who was shaking his tail by his hands people will say Wow how good memory! but they don’t know, what the grandfather and mother in breakfast they don’t remember why?because that memory got register in the memory in different way which You remember till this day which You remember till this day it means anything which have uniqueness and they are unique they get remember to us so, We should understand this thing our mind gives value to those things which are colorful, which are moving which have sound, have I factor and which have some uniqueness so Why don’t we do this? whatever we have to remember in those things, willingly combine all these things as You put these things in combination that thing for You becomes more memory conscious and registerable your memory register that thing in your mind very well it means that gonna be remembered to you for so long time we will understand this on a next level on thing let me tell You the works our memory do as I told these things are responsible for our mind so How we will use it? How will develop our Memory power? I tell You, first of all let’s understand this thing our memory is link memory what is our memory? it is link memory it means we memorise everything by linking them as much we link the things, so things get remember to us verw well as much strong link will be that much the things will be remembered to us and for long time as I took an example in the begining J. L baird invented television I talk about it and I told You when we learn it with rote method How You learn it? You say J.l Baird-television………or Television-J.L. Baird and it make the link of memory which is audio let’s make an audio link not just an audio link but by using them all, we look it in a story’s form let’s imagine You have a television on which there are colorful picture are showing and your T.V is grey or metalic in color and to this T.V screen in which there is a sound a music is being played To that T.V Screen, it’s Your T.V You lift this T.V Screen and You see man is coming out from this T.V screen and there is a big beard of this man You are afraid oh! what’s happening there is man coming out who has a big beard so You take him to jail and lock him in the jail Now You see a simple thing I told you a T.V, a Beard and a Jail now these things have came in your mind in moving form and if these thing work as your keywords so what message will be brought by your mind if you have given learning to it Television J.L Baird…so it will link this whole story Television,J.L and Baird and this thing will be remembered to you permanently to You that Who invented the Television? I give one more example to You thermos flask, which keeps cold of cold and hot of hot Dewar invented that if we learn it with rotting. so, we will learn it like, thermos flask-dewar………… or it may not be remembered to us. if we remember, we may forget it later do it with other method You imagine, You are lifting up your huge Thermos flask and You are hitting it on a wall (deewar) and that’s blasted on the wall in this You took Thermos flask and wall wall(deewar) basically is a keyword for Dewar Your mind will Extract Dewar from the word deewar it means it will get Dewar and make You remember and next time whenever even if You are writing a general knowledge’s exam there comes a question of Who invented the thermos Flask? there are four option and dewar is there, your mind will catch it and say This is Dewar Why? because the link is made now is far more stronger then the old link, the earlier link which was Auditory link so are You getting it? When your mind registers a memory at the time of registering the link your mind is making this linkspecially be like this in which there is a Color and is moving thing it means whatever You trying to remember is in movie form to You it has a sound like You are saying something to someone and someone to you or there are some sounds if that has an I factor as when I took the television’s example I said it is your television it means I factor is involved there and Uniqueness Uniqueness means something supernatural now tell me, Do anything come out from the television which have a Beard? no this is unique that’s why this is gonns be remembered to You for long or forever so this is the method through which You can learn your things always remember whenever your mind learns unknown so it learns the unknown. how? with the help of known let’s take an example mostly, those who are watching my video will be the Students if someone come to your home at 11:30 in the night and knocks at the door So, will You open the door for him? No, You will not open the door because He is an unknown person to You but if that person say to You that my name is mr. Ramesh I talk to your Dad and it might be He told You that Ramesh uncle will come, to give this file now what will You do? if this is really happened, Your father has given You the Instruction So, You will open the door for him and give that file to him what happened now? till this time He was an unknown person but he took the help of known it means You got the reference from where these things have linked in the same way your memory works when You learn something very first time, it may be a theorem may be a description or paragraph it is unknown to You till then You search some known things from that unknown and slowly-slowly they match and You convert the unknown into known slowly-slowly now this become known to your mind so, this is How your memory works? Your memory power works in this way So let me summarize it when we have to use our memory maximum so what We have to do? first, we have to remember that our learning method should not be the rote method but be in what we can make link in which We can make some visuals, some good imagination things be like this we learn the thing through these links second, when You are learning something and developing a link so make it in story form, put some color,sound and uniqueness in it involve yourself in that then You will see How this thing is being learned to You and being fixed in your Memory and You will use your memory better second which I talk about in the entire memory system, it is State of MInd When I made the diagram You will recall it better it depends on your State of Mind let me tell You about the state of mind it is this, is your state of mind is ready to access that memory I want to give You a key point or tool at this point when You go to exam and You forget everything as You go to examination hall or forget the things in the interview before You go for an interview or for exam, some days before You can do a rehaersal or You imagine the examination scenario or interview scenario You are sitting there in Examination hall and You have a list of questions and You are writing the answer of those questions,confidently Do this mental rehearsal What will happen with this mental rehearsal? this will happen with this rehearsal, Your mind will gain the state of mind it will recall your learned thing and the environment is examination hall’s environment it will be your mind’s training there are more advance things that I can cover only in Workshop Videos have limitation that on what level I can teach You through videos there are many things which need one on one interaction for what there is need of workshop seminar so understand this memory system and use it in better way I will share some more videos on memory where I will teach You to learn some more things might be periodic table or how to learn a list?or how to learn some paragraph and answers? I will try to teach You more of these through videos So with this wish You a wonderful Day Wish You a great success in your educational career,in your life Thank You ba…..bye

Glenn Chapman


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