How to Clean Mass Air Flow Sensor to Stop Car Hesitation

Rev up your engines! [MUSIC PLAYING] It’s time for scottykilmer.com. If your vehicle is hesitating
when you accelerate, then your mass
airflow sensor might be dirty and need cleaning. So today, I’m gonna show you how
to clean a dirty mass airflow sensor. Now, the first thing
you have to realize is you have to use a special
cleaner, a mass airflow sensor cleaner. Don’t use anything else. And second, never clean
the sensor on the car. You have to disconnect it
and unplug the electronics so you don’t fry anything. So first, we have to get the air
filter assembly out of the way. Unbolt it, and unscrew the clamp
that holds the duct work to it. Then, pull the whole
assembly out of the way. Then, unscrew the back
clamp that holds it on. It’s hard to get
to, so I’m using a wrench and a little socket. Then, unplug the
electrical connections. They just snap right off. Then, wiggle the whole
sensor until it comes off. Now, when you look
inside, you’ll notice there’s some really
skinny little wires in there. These tiny wires can
get dirt on them. Then the computer
gets a wrong reading and sends the incorrect
amount of fuel to the engine. So they need to be cleaned. So get your cleaner, go
inside, and spray it liberally. These little wire sensors
measure the actual grams of air that flow in the
engine per second, so they’re really touchy. You want to get all
the dirt off them. And then, when
you’re done, you want to air dry it for about
half an hour or so, because you don’t
want anything left. You want it to be completely
dry before you put it back together. Then, when you get ready
to put it together, make sure you do it right. It shows you the flow and
points which direction the air should flow in so you
don’t put it in backwards. The flow goes this way,
so we put it on like this. Just snap the electrical
connections back on until they click, and
tighten this back clamp until it’s snug. Then, pick up the air filter
housing and put it back on. Just get the neck
lined up first. Then, slide it in whole. Then, get your bolts
and line them up with the holes on the
body and tighten them up. And then, tighten
the last clamp. And then, start her up
and see what happens. So we’ll step on the gas
and see what happens. Away she goes, no hesitation. And remember, if you have
any car questions, just visit scottykilmer.com

Glenn Chapman


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  2. After doing this, the MAF sensor is way cleaner now and I'd say the frequency of hesitation in my car is 90% less than before.

  3. Scotty, I bought a 128000 miles car, and I started watching all your videos to get it in great shape again. I used this hint and cleaned the air flow sensor. I just can't believe the improvement that I got!! I am overwhelmed! Seems a new car. Thank you man! REV UP YOU ENGINES!!!!

  4. :::PLEASE HELP:::

    I have a 99 Volvo V70 took it to the shop it was stalling going 30mph max with the pedal to the floor . They worked on it almost a month all to give me my money back and said they can't fix it that it's out of their hands. They ordered a used part put it in and the idle is running very high from that one so they took that off put my original back on and then ordered a rebuild kit and that didn't work either . I've never went into a shop where they couldn't get the job done . Unbelievable this is . Any advice can help . Please .

  5. You don't take the rectangular sensor off the top and give it a tap or blow cleaner through it? Take the whole thing apart? 06 Scion TC. Thanks!

  6. Fixed my 1998 GMC Savana with 235K miles on it. It was choking, missing and losing power after warming up for 15 minutes. Thanks.

  7. Hey Scotty I have a Honda Stream and experience slow take off and a little hard idling.Havent serviced it or anything like that.What would you recommend that i do step by step.Thanks

  8. Gr8 video wish I seen it b4 messing up my cars sensor haha not so much, what to do if I have sprayed the wires as well ? I got bunch of codes coming up surprise….. Plz help me

  9. Does anyone know what the main ingredient is in mass-airflow-cleaner? I could just put some and my compressed air paint gun and do it that way.

  10. Scotty,

    Have you ever heard of having to disconnect the battery for 30min after cleaning the MAF to reset the computer? I was told to always do that after changing any sensors, especially the MAF.

  11. How you doing @scotty Kilmer , I have a question . .I have a 2001 Yukon Denali and when I'm driving it holding the steering wheel straight the wheels feel like it goes to left or right even after 3 alignments. What can I do or what else can be causing it? Thank you and keep posting videos

  12. Hi
    I own Suzuki baleno 2016
    My car slightly jerks at the time of pick up in winter and rainy seasons after pick up smoothly runs, not in summer.

  13. Thanks Scotty! I replaced mass air flow sensor and starts great, no hesitation, and better gas mileage.

  14. I'm having trouble with my truck.I have a 94 nissan hardbody,when I plug the mass air flow sensor the truck wants to shut off and as soon as I disconnect it it stays steady I hope I'm explaining myself

  15. Hey Scotty, I bout my 2011 Tundra 5.7L about 9 months ago and everything was going fine and I get a MAF code so I reset the code drove it for a few weeks same thing. So I cleaned my MAF and went ahead and cleaned my throttle body since I was right there. I drive for a few more weeks and again the MAF code so I clean it again. The pattern repeats, so I go ahead and replace the MAF with a new one and yet again a few weeks later the code is thrown again. The vehicle runs just fine so I keep resetting the code and get it every month, but occosionally it will happen two or three times in a week and then go without incident for a while. Most recently I went on a road trip hauling about 3500lbs and over the course of the two-day trip I had to reset the same code 3 times. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks!

  16. Of all the youtube mechanics scotty kilmer explains things so clearly and shortly. No need for any lengthy bullshit

  17. Hey scotty my car sometimes hesitates and sometimes it stalls while running or shorty after starting engine cold. Could it be maf sensor or tps sensor? When stalling, it almost feels like lack of fuel on slow speeds of 25mph on cold starts

  18. Hello sir I have accelerator problem in chervolet aveo 2006 model if I don't give the accelerator it used to stop by itself…. can you please figure this out…I'm waiting

  19. Do you spray just those wires or the whole honeycomb too?

  20. my 03 vic used to shred off the launch. now it kinda hoggin out on the low end an its starting to sputter.. i recently put a air filter on it. its kinda jimmy rigged but i think thats what caused the problem. gonna hav to check my mafs. maybe spark plugs would help . well wouldnt hurt anyway

  21. Lol my maf sensor has just 1 little metal stick coming from the middle and i cleaned it wrong and snapped it off, luckily i found a replacement for $25. will be using the proper way to clean it next time.

  22. I went to Auto Zone and Oreilly and they told me it's the mass airflow sensor and when I took it to the dealership they told me it was the throttlebody

  23. Scotty, I have a '11 Nissan Pathfinder (the 2nd r51 I've owned b/c they're awesome). I had P0101 come up and it was verified by the dealer as a bad MAF. So, I bought an MAF from O'Reilly's w/ OEM spec. I unplugged the battery, installed the new MAF, and the check engine light went away. However, a couple months later, the light came back on (same code P0101). I've been told that some aftermarket MAFs just don't last long. What are your thoughts about next steps? Thanks!

  24. Have a Blazer I just bought for my wife. But check engine light will turn on every month or so, then turn off after a day. Auto Zone gave me a code for this sensor. So far I just thought we might need to leave car alone until whatever is glitching finally goes. Should I just schedule with Chev for general maintenance like an oil change and MAF cleaning?

  25. Hey scotty! I'm having suzuki swift 2012…. At idle its rpm is 1100 but whever i turn on the air condition it decreases to 800 or 850 rpm…. What doea it mean…. Doea air flow sensor is making problem

  26. I love your videos. Super well done and educational. I'm subscribing now my friend.👍

  27. Hi Scotty, I have 2000 chevy astro van. When I accelerate it looses voltage and then all of a sudden it regains voltage. What could it be?

  28. Just replaced mine almost a couple years ago….noticed it was running a little rough…check engine light came on…took it to Autozone to put it on the machine and its reading bad again….I wonder should I try this first since it hasnt been that long since I replaced it

  29. Hello Scotty, I have an Opel Astra 2010 that revs up to 4000rpm when I remove the mass airfllow sensor. Is this normal? Also the engine stalls when I start the car (when is realy hot outside) and the car was not started for a few hours….in the winter it works like a charm 😊)) Can you help me with this problem?

  30. Thanks for the video..

    I need help on such a similar problem if not entirely the same. I drive Ford IKON 2003 model and it is giving me problems during idle and when accelerating.

    First when the car is on idle it keeps dropping the rev counts and picking it as though its suffocating. I changed the air filter and sprayed some carb-spray into the throttle body. At first it gave some promising results, but now sound like it is taking very deep breaths inconsistently…like it idles for a while just normally and then takes a deep breath!!! I put my hand on the hose blocking it and during the deep breath moment it sucks like a vacuum machine.

    Lastly there is the problem of the car accelerating late after I put my foot on the accelerator paddle. Even after the car has been in motion, either gear 2, 3, 4 to 5, it has a problem catching up to the paddle when I accelerate.

    Please help with these problems, I have spent some moneys trying to correct this. I changed the plugs, oil, oil filter.

    Hoping to hear from you soonest.

  31. after i did this, I erased my misfire codes (they dont pop up anymore) and i only have p0430 but it still feels like its misfiring but the codes wont pop up

  32. Do you turn it around and spray in the other side? or just the way the air flows? thanks!! Toyota's rule!

  33. Scotty my truck sucked up a decent amount of water the other day never a good thing. Engine stalled had to get a tow home. Changed oil spark plugs and spark plug wires. My mass air flow sensor had gotten very wet with very dirty water. I used carb cleaner on it and my truck idles very rough and is shifting funny. Could this be from a damaged mass air flow sensor?

  34. Does A MAF on a 2013 CMAX HYBRID to replace the sensor is it plug and play or sensor needs to be learned

  35. Hi scotty can a maf sensor cause my vehicle to have no power its really sluggish

  36. there is a problem

    You did not say what type your vehicle

    There is a difference in vehicle types for this problem

    Each vehicle is different from another vehicle

    Thank you

  37. Be very careful when putting the sensor in the right way. If you get it wrong you'll only be able to drive forwards in reverse gear

  38. I have a question, please.

    I got a lovely Alfa Romeo156 1999
    selespeed 2.0 lit, 16V T.Spark

    The problem I'm facing is: The engine starts immediately once it is cold or hot, While it is running,
    The RPM drops to 500 and the sprayer icon "lights on" in the dashboard, then the accelerator and gear do not activate.

    To overcome that stage; I should switch the "engine OFF" and start it again,
    then The accelerator and gear work perfectly, It happens also when I reduce the speed when there is humps or bad traffic.

    I changed the ECU, but it remains the same problem.

    Thank you for your


  39. At first I thought, "Not another one of those lame videos", but after watching I said, "I LIKE this dude!" Thanks for the great attitude!

  40. I'm getting poor MPG and poor power with the MAF connected, but the car idles OK (and no check engine light). When I disconnect the MAF, the car has a really unstable idle and the check engine light comes on. Any idea what could be wrong?

  41. Great Video! Excellent editing! Thank You! I have a service van I will be doing soon. Well done!

  42. If there's a short will the car try to crank and not, or will it be completely dead?

  43. Scotty, can I just spray MAF cleaner on the MAF without removing the whole thing? Can I do it while the engine is idiling like I would if I were spraying the carb with carb spray?

  44. have to do this to my dodge avenger / thanks a heap scotty ,or maybe the great and power full oz .lol have fun scotty.

  45. Can you use a electrical contact cleaner to clean the mass air flow sensor?

  46. THANK YOU. My 2003 Ford Ranger is now acting like a new truck. For the price of a can of CRC Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner.

  47. hi Scotty hope you doing well just a quick question can i use CRC 05110 Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner to clean throttle body? and what happen if i did? thank you

  48. Can’t find this on 2008 “Yundai” Accent. Can’t find anything on line that shows what I’ve got under my hood.

  49. Anyone had any luck with cleaning the sensor on an Acura TL??? Mine is 2012…

  50. You are a legend Scotty! 👌 Cheers all the way from Australia

  51. Is there alternative to the MAF Sensor cleaner? Is there any other cleaner/spray i can use?

  52. Genius 👌, I already figured thats why my car wasn't accelerating but now I know for sure. Thanks Scott 👍

  53. My 1978 Volvo 242 had a mass air meter, is it the same thing? Lol

  54. Billy Kilmer is still the most famous Kilmer. This one is very humorous and not always so accurate. The present day Fiat 124 is a Miata with throwback FIAT front end bodywork. It's not turd like the 500

  55. very convincing video 🙂 I'll try to clean my MAF, maybe I don't have to buy a new one 🙂 thanks! And yes, my car hesitates for a while. I thought it was bad quality gasoline.

  56. Got a 95 Caprice was running great this morning and then when I went back out to leave it started and then stall or bogged and dies every time no and quicker when I press the gas . I’ve seen different solutions like sensor or fuel pump

  57. Scotty, I buy, trade cars off Craigslist, and it seems like every single vehicle I pick up you have a video on the issues involving the vehicle, and I end up fixing the problem based mostly on your video info. Thanks!!!

  58. Scotty I have a 1999 Ford Ranger with a bit of an engine shake. Figured I'd start by getting a tune up and cleaning the MAF though it could just be carbon build up I suppose. I used the cleaner and even after the cleaning the filament on the MAF is still black. Should I replace it with a new OEM MAF or just leave it be?

  59. Came across your videos looking to fix “stuttering while idling” and found a gold mine. You the man Scotty, keep up the great work. New subscriber!

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