Glenn Chapman


  1. trying to stop saying badwords when they get scared makes me laugh😂

  2. They wouldn't survive in a real horror story…

  3. Me encanta este video quiero ASER también ese virtual la prueba

  4. Just want to take a moment to say thank you to the video editors for reducing the volume on Kristen’s screams…

  5. "30 frames a second in VR…"?! Who is that moron?

    Somebody from a gaming publication should be more aware of the minimum requirements for a VR game.

  6. "He's kinda cute. Is this a dating sim?" -Alanah

    Me: snorts and laughs

  7. this is only virtual reality, imagine if u have also virtual sensation. hahaha u defiantly die .

  8. have a throwup bucket next to you from the motion sickness

  9. Seriously that protein joke cracking dude made the video golden XD Why is almost everybody at IGN managers, producers, executives etc

  10. Physician walking education stir deadline camera pad resign spirit.

  11. "You wanna hold hands?" reaches out to grab hand ….. cellmate quickly tucks his hand away under his thigh :'D

  12. Is this the orange is the new black cast? Suzanne was most annoying lol

  13. Not enough information,too dark and closed,they should show the game out the place or with more light..

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