How Memory & Company helps Dorette and her family

We chose Memory & Company because it
provided for us what Paul needs at this time of his life and what I need also.
There’s a lot more social interaction in this kind of environment. The homecare
that we had before was part of the day and there wasn’t a lot of social
interaction, there was a lot of physical activity. But we found that with Memory & Company, there’s so much of that. And now we’ve decided to stay because Paul is
really flourishing here, and it’s so beautiful here that anybody would want
to be here. It takes a lot of weight off of my mind. I don’t have to worry about Paul.
I dropped him off in the morning. He is here all day, I know he’s well cared for,
he’s happy, the staff, everyone here they’re just so good at what they do,
that it gives me that peace-of-mind that I need to go about my day as well. He’s
lost weight because of the exercise that they have here, the constant movement,
he’s eating a little more regular because of the fact that they provide
this kind of regular habit; you know lunch time is at a certain time, and I
think his overall quality-of-life has improved because of that. He’s walking a
little more briskly I’ve noticed, and he seems a lot more engaged. And I think
that a lot of it is because of the constant interaction with other people.
I’ve actually started spreading the word and I’ve actually told my own son that this
is where I want to go if the time comes. I would recommend this place very highly
because of what I’ve seen. I compliment Ashley on this absolutely amazing place.
The staff here are amazing; they’re like family. They don’t
act as if it’s a job; they truly seem to enjoy what they do, and the end result
that I see when I pick up Paul – sometimes I have to drag him out the door because
he’s having so much fun. And I think that’s what you want at this stage of
your life. So I fully support anyone who would want to come
here, and I would be happy to tell them so. Yes, I would definitely recommend
Memory & Company. He loves it. They spoil him. You know, he feels very much at
home here. He tells me that he’s happy. And the interesting thing is now he
jumps up in the morning knowing that he’s coming here.

Glenn Chapman

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