How lovey-dovey Seungjae enjoys a drink[The Return of Superman/2017.11.19]

(I’m lonely by myself.) (Lonely city man, Ko Seungjae) What are you doing? Let’s go, mister. (Come on, let’s go.) Shall we go to a cart bar – and have noodles? / – Yes. When the weather gets chilly like now, we crave noodles from the cart bar. Even if it’s hot, I can eat noodles. There is a cart bar where I used to live. I was craving noodles. It’s a joy to us office workers. So I decided to go. Please give us noodles. Uncle. Two noodles and one chicken feet. – Your bar / – Here. is already full. You never met him before, right? I’m a grandpa. Hello, grandpa. He’s an uncle I’ve known for a long time. (Staring) Hello. Hello. What are you eating? They’re drinking. He’s curious about this. Noodles. We’re going to eat that. You’ll eat it. (That’s when their main menu arrives.) This? This? It’s noodles. Just have the udon noodles. It’s not udon, it’s noodles! Noodles. Yes, noodles. Let’s eat it. (Blowing) (Blowing) Are you happy? Try it. (He’s trying noodles here for the first time.) Slurp it in. It’s going in. Isn’t it good? (Chewing) The noodles here are the best. (Jiyong is having a big bite.) Cut it with your teeth. (That’s not the right way to eat noodles.) I ate a huge one. Yes, you’re amazing. You’re like a big brother. Here, take this. Do you want to do cheers? Cheers. Drink it. (Cheers!) (After drinking it,) (let it out.) (After drinking it,) (he breathes in.) Make this sound. (He does it properly this time.) That’s it. Do you like that? Do you like it? That’s how you do it. (Seungjae learns drinking manners.) (He’s drinking a lot.) (Refreshing) Give me more juice. (He’s acting cute.) Here. Stay healthy. Okay. I’m healthy. – Dad… / – Another cheers? No, with the other uncles. Do you want to do cheers with them? (Let’s do cheers.) (Nice to meet you.) – Cheers. / – Cheers. (He’s having a drink with the next table.) (It’s good.) (He’s so cute.) – Enjoy your food. Bye. / – Okay. Let’s have a drink. (He’s visiting every table.) – Stay healthy. / – Thank you. He’s so cute. (After his drink…) – He’s cute. / – Is it good? (He’s drinking from the bottle.) (Giggling) Uncle, he looks like a jobless guy. (He’s cute.) (He’s the town’s good-for-nothing.) He looks so natural here. Bottoms up. (He’s going to drink every drop.) Dad, is this spicy? Yes, it’s spicy. You can’t eat it. (Spicy chicken feet) What is it? Octopus legs? This? What does it look like? Hands. – Hands, right? / – Yes. This is feet. What kind of feet do you think they are? Seungjae’s. My feet when I was in Mom’s tummy. Is this your feet when you were in Mom? It’s kind of similar. These are chicken feet. Cock-a-doodle-doo, chicken? Chicken feet. (The hungry wolf outside of the chicken coop) The chicken from this song? Yes. That chicken’s feet. (One bite) It’s spicy. (Worried) Dad, drink this. Drink this. Drink this. (It’s a pain you can’t explain.) Seungjae, get me some water. (Here comes the super son.) – Grandma! / – Yes? Grandma, my dad says it’s too spicy. – Can you carry that? / – Yes. Dad, have some water. Okay, thank you. Dad, have some water. (Seungjae is the best.) (Proud) (It’s the perfect age) (To be in love) Hold on. (He’s running over to watch.) (Get out of my way, time) (Staring) ♪ It’s the perfect age ♪ I’m going to do it too. ♪ A, B, C, ♪ – ♪ D, E, F, G ♪ / – ♪ D, E, F, G ♪ (Giggling) (Good job) Seungjae, I think you’re drunk. (You’re drunk.) (I’m feeling great.) Good job, Seungjae. I learned it at kindergarten. Do you know this song? ♪ Oh, love ♪ (Wait, this song is…) (It’s the song he learned the dance to.) – ♪ Oh, love ♪ / – Try it. Do you know this song? (Will Seungjae remember his dad’s song?) No. You don’t know it? No, you’re not supposed to go like this. He knows. You don’t go like this. Going like that makes circles. ♪ Oh, love ♪ You have to make your voice soft. (After giving them a vocal class…) Hey. Hey. ♪ Tarzan ♪ ♪ Tarzan is wearing a bug worth 10 cents ♪ (He makes sure to look after all the tables.) ♪ Tarzan is wearing a bug worth 10 cents ♪ ♪ He has a knife worth 20 cents and sings ♪ Seungjae. Sit down. Sit down. Don’t go around like a drunkard. Dad, ask me what I like. What do you like? I like food. What else? I like orange juice. – What else do you like? / – And… I like him! (This loving boy loves everyone.) What about me? – I don’t like you. / – You don’t like me? You only like him? – I like her too. / – Do you like her? Seungjae, look at me. When you turn 20, we’ll have drinks. I’m going to drink with dinosaurs. (Shattered) You won’t look at me? If I finish this, you’ll have to love me. (Wait, this scene is…) If you finish this, we’ll date. Will Seungjae accept Jiyong’s love like in the movie? If I finish this, you’ll have to love me. (Dad’s desperate confession) (He drinks water with a wish.) (A loving kiss from his son) (This fool for Seungjae cannot wait.) One day, Seungjae will turn 20. I want to talk with him over a glass of soju. I can’t wait until that day comes. (I look forward to that day.)

Glenn Chapman


  1. i'm late, but I love how they put "fire" by BTS as the background music while Ji-yong is dying because of the spicy chicken feet…

  2. Seungjae is so cute he is friendly i wish we could meet and us BTS song again my favorite.

  3. seungjae how i wish i am active half of yours….i hate myself why i am like this since young till now age 33 i prefer being alone..i always watching you and i envy much😊😊😊

  4. I really love seungjae’s social behaviour and here I am very shy when comes to be social. 😢

  5. It's been more than 2 years, the intro always cracks me up! I really love this episode! 😂 Seungjae is so cheerful!

  6. I just love how Seungjae is such an extrovert and its too much for their introverted parents

  7. off topic but the guy with glasses at 1:00 kinda resembles park jihoon from wanna one =))))

  8. Been watching past clips of Seungjae. I'm surely going to miss him so much💕

  9. I really love how Jiyong lets Seungjae interact with other people and he's not a helicopter parent.

    The people there must've had a blast, Seungjae is an energizer

  10. When Seungjae grows up I think he will be like his father when it comes to drinking 😂😂😂

  11. By the time Seungjae turns 20, he would be a superstar celebrity or idol like his father 😍

  12. That happened to Seung jae cuz of his suger level was so high!!!😂

  13. I swear, when I got pregnant I'll have Sungjae marathon. Such a good vibes 😍

  14. At 5:10bts song fire played 👍👍😚😚🔥🔥😘😍😍wow n little kid ko seungjae is also so cute…want to meet him in real

  15. Who else is rewatching all of the episodes with seungjae in bc today is his last day in the return of superman…😭😭😭

  16. Hahahahha when they played Fire of BTS it matches very well with jongin

  17. He's so sociable..Meanwhile back when I was 3, I couldn't even play at the park because "people would look at me"

  18. I kept smiling through the whole video…Sungjae ❤️️ don't grow up too fast ☺️

  19. I wish I was sociable like seungjae when I was younger hahahahaha

    Edit: Aaaaaand here comes BTS' song when there is something hot HAHAHAHA

  20. I imagine if Seungjae was 20 years old and became handsome, I was just a halmeoni in another country.

  21. (Sorry for the english) I have this attitude of seungjae, that always talking with anyone even animals when I was a Child, but what happened to me 😢 When I growing up every years, I am very shy person to the point I can't say even Hi with my old elementary classmates.

  22. *me*: eating with chopsticks is easy
    *me 2 hours later*: can't even hold them 😠😠😠😠

  23. Seungjae will grow up super successfully, unless if he inherited his dad’s drinking and smoking habits, that’ll ruin a lot.

  24. how can he be so confident?! he literally talks to a lot of people his age than me in my 20’s 🤦🏻‍♀️💕

  25. so cute and adorable… very smart kid.. very blessed parents they are both good and smart.

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