Hollywood U Hack βœ… How To Hack Hollywood U: Rising Stars πŸ’Ž iOS/Android MOD APK

Hollywood U Hack ✅ How To Hack Hollywood U: Rising Stars 💎 iOS/Android MOD APK
yo guys what is up today I’m going to
show you how to hack Hollywood U and this will get you unlimited diamonds and
unlimited cash in the game I want to show you exactly how did it today on iOS
and Android so just open up your web browser so Safari from iOS and chrome on
Android and go into this link so up tweaks that IO so just type this in the
search bar up here I press go so now you be taken to a site like this what are
you going to do is go to the search bar and type in Hollywood
you just cigar and then there it is right there guys the moderate versions
use tap I’m pressed start injection so not be downloaded from apt big servers
guys I won’t take too long it all just depends on your Wi-Fi speed so yeah
we’ll just be patient while it’s downloads I’m not gonna do any cuts or
anything guys you can see this is a hundred percent working okay so now we take the list of ab
sickness all you have to do is download and install two free apps from the list
and run them for 30 seconds it’s just my passcode shining guys it’s very simple
so just go ahead and start the install for out number one I will go back and do
the same for out number two so now just wait guys this one’s down sir just open this and
then wait for 30 seconds so you just count down to 30 in your head I’m not
gonna wait the full 30 seconds but just do the same for the second out that you
downloaded and once you’ve done this for both apps you will have the Hollywood
hack right there on your home screen so why don’t you see that just go ahead and
delete the apps you installed unless you want to keep them and there you go guys
Hollywood you have completely working on iOS or Android I don’t have time to
actually go through the game and play it right now because obviously I want to
keep this video short and concise that’s exactly how you do it so thanks for
watching guys I hope you enjoyed this video if you did leave a like comment
and subscribe and I’ll see you in the next one

Glenn Chapman


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