Holey Butt'r Ear Stretching Aftercare, Great mixture for large gauge ears.

hey what's up again it's your boy back again so this week I'm putting a few videos on some ear stretching aftercare your piercing and stretching aftercare products we've got a few new products in on our site and I was kind of reviewing a few things so the product for today is holy butter holy butter is just an all-around just awesome product you know it contains a few ingredients which is why what makes it so cool so the first is Quran Jalal Carranza wall it's a antibacterial antiseptic and antiviral so essentially it kind of eliminates all that just bad stuff you don't want your body you know all like the germs bacteria you can get in your body so especially that you do not want to piercings so that's the first main ingredient second is jojoba oil I made an entire video about this one product so check out the the jojoba oil video if you want to if you want to get in detail with it I guess but basically the haul is it's just you know it's really high in vitamin E it really keeps your skin moisturized because it closely resembles the sebum of your skin which is the natural producing oil of your skin so you know it really keeps your skin really healthy and fresh and you know people actually doctors you know use it for several several things too so you know it's just it's a really great just ingredient in this you know pen color butter and also the third ingredient has is soy butter and soy butter it's it's high in vitamin E vitamin B and hen also has antioxidants so you know essentially these three just really good ingredients you know they all come in this one ten so you know you don't have to go out and buy you know a couple of different things you can just buy all in one it's already just mixed up ready is all you do is just take a little swab with your finger really just rub it in on your lobes and you know really keep some healthy and really maintains you know your lows for the aftercare you know so anyways uh hope this helps check out our site for some holy butter and a few different other new aftercare things and of course some awesome plugs so hope all is good take care

Glenn Chapman

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