Highest Love Lyrical With Musical-Reintegration

I opened my heart to the beautiful gleaming light of the most highest love and in this moment I experienced the kindest most tender gentle love one could ever ever feel peace so deep beyond all imagination and I am filled with the brightest joy humankind can ever know I see and feel this light all through and around me as this light flows through me it heals my body mind and soul in every possible way I breathe in this healing light and give it out as I exhale I trust in this light completely to bring great beauty good and prosperity to all aspects of my life as I surrender to its power this splendid and wondrous life dissolves the shadows of all apparent problems or things in the way of abundant good in my life this light provides an infallible shift of safety and protection from harm and guides me toward the highest and best expression of myself and my abilities in all that I do and I give thanks for this with all my heart you

Glenn Chapman

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