High-tech Therapy Lends Methodist Rehabilitation Center Patients Helping Hand

grocery shopping in a high-tech lab that Methodist rehabilitation center in Jackson is something Fannie Nelson never imagined she would be doing what is it not to love about this is good it's fantastic for me telp jalan yeah a lot of great deal for the two-time stroke survivor this virtual trip to the market is just the latest example of the hospital's use of technology to help patients regain function after a stroke brain or spinal cord injury from what we've seen over the past few months people who have that leftover weakness after a stroke especially if their shoulder and elbow joints that this is a good asset to use to help improve some of that it's called armao spring and innovative therapy that pairs an assistive movement device with a virtual reality training program the exoskeleton can make movement much easier for patients with arm paralysis or weakness by removing or reducing the weight of their own arm they are the video game inspired exercises motivate patients to achieve goals by using their fingers hand arm and shoulder to virtually manipulate various items on the screen as ability increases the weight of their own arm gradually returns they really enjoyed doing it sorry calm down you're not reading your foundation shaken and mostly we all know what therapy is if a patient is more motivated in whatever they're engaging in they're likely to do better at it so patient interest patient motivation and it is crucial with any kind of therapy and so for those people that do enjoy this I think it's a great addition to their therapy plan to just continue to work on their strengthening and coordination of their arm what do you think you're getting out of this a lot of recovery and uses of my aim you can tell a big difference yeah I could tell a tremendous difference when I came here I still had some limitations it's for using my hands and uh like driving and stuff like that calling my hair I couldn't do it but since I've been coming here and taking this therapy is helped me out a lot I'm going to my mom that could raise my arm look and stuff like that so you just help me out tremendously the technology has been around for quite some time but slowly migrated from helping people to walk better into the recovery for our movements so it is nice to see that the different devices actually transitioning taking care of both the leg as well as our movements and there are certainly many robotic devices on the horizon but this is like the stepping stone for us and certainly the first time in Mississippi so we can offer to patients in Matthews rehab who are regularly held by therapies but this is just another way to help throughout the recovery process for the patients what matters is how we can bring innovation to their patient care and that's really one of the main goals of our program not only to be academically productive but at the same time to bring the innovation in a matter that is meaningful to patients and therapy so that's the role research at metaphysical PR male spring which will be used in both patient care and research was purchased with grant money recently received from the ameristar vicksburg workplace campaign and the craig h nielsen foundation for more information about our Mayo spring therapy and Methodist rehabilitation center go to methodist online org

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