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my boyfriend and I have been dating for the past two years and we recently got engaged my parents recommended that we go to premarital counseling because of some of the things that they have experienced in their own relationship I think it's a good idea but my boyfriend is against it he thinks that all we need is God and we'll be fine so I wanted to get your opinion what do you think is premarital counseling essential to having a healthy marriage well it's nice that you man say all we need is God when the actual reality you're gonna need a lot of stuff to God provides like patience good sense love I think look I think your parents are right premarital counseling what it does is it brings us it brings up issues that come up in marriage that you and your fiance can't possibly think about because you ain't ever been married so premarital counseling has you address some of the things that's going to come up because it's going to come up that marriage is hard it really is man you got to really really fight to stay married because you got to people like they'll ask you how are you planning on splitting up the money this is a conversation you should have how would you feel about your husband working late how do you feel about your husband with attractive coworkers how do you feel about your wife going out to a business dinner with a man you got to have these conversations because when they pop off it could break a ledge oh so I think premarital counseling is good you just got is y'all old a boy okay how old is he he's 25 yeah yeah he thank you know everything no yes it does no I'm just messing with I don't need sir probably is a nice guy he's a very nice guy yeah what uh what you think is his best quality I think that he's God censored and that's been his best quality for me because we pray everyday every night and he reminds me to stay focused on Lord and and really including God all my plans yeah that's good that's that's good you know when y'all start argued the Lord ain't gonna come up one time so convince him that you all should go to premarital counseling tell them and tell him tell him cuz that's what God wants you to do you need counseling hey you made it to the end of this video I got a lot more that you're going to enjoy so just click to watch the next one and make sure you subscribe to always know what's happening

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  1. I doubt religion people who can't listen others have to say. What Bible did he read. For the I know, I believe you can find how in the book counseling is kinda recommended.

  2. God says that my people suffer for lack of knowledge – not lack of love.

    Go to counseling…

  3. God? Give me a break the fantasy man in the sky sure has people fooled!

  4. I went to it. It’s good to see the problems that may come up. We also had to write letters to each other and the church mailed it. I still have it. I was married for two years and unfortunately my husband passed away. Too young to go

  5. Counseling is on a basic level provides Accountability Which we all need and it tough for Most Men because we're limited in our communication skills and it ain't easy for us give disclosure a person we dont know

  6. This is a "Red Flag". So now when the issues/problems arise, he won't want help solving them. That's prideful. Pride comes before a downfall. There's a plethora of scripture that states how God hates pride. There's also a plethora of scripture that speaks that there is wisdom in seeking good counsel. Only a fool will turn down counsel. All good kings in scripture had a group of counsel. Tell him that!

  7. In the Bible it says that seeking counsel is WISE. Especially for relationships knowing the devil tries to break Godly marriages.

  8. I always wondered if my ex husband and I had done counseling would we have gotten a divorce?? Or maybe prevented us from getting married in the first place. I allowed him to ignore my very strong feelings of needing counseling and he ended up having an affair. So I think counseling works sometimes

  9. I think maybe if it hadn't been her parents suggestion that the boyfriend would have went for it if she brought it up to him. It's probably a good idea I suppose but it's most definitely not necessary or a must to have a good marriage. If you want a good marriage or a good relationship then both of you should give up social media to start off

  10. I feel like he may have been pressured into proposing to her. I knew someone who was pressured into marrying his girlfriend (who was pregnant with someone else's baby) and 10 years later they divorced because he never wanted to get married.

  11. Marriage counseling and all that is good. But it does not really prepare you for years of marriage. How can a week or two counseling about marriage really prepare you for something that's supposed to last for years. The prerequisite for a long lasting and flourishing marriage is SINGLENESS. If you've been drinking and doing drugs for the past 20 years, a two weeks or month premarital counseling class won't automatically make you quit your habit once you're married. The longer you stay single and really work on yourself and discover "yourself", the better your marriage is going to be. Because whatever you are is what you're going to bring to the marriage. Nothing changes. Marriages or relationships don't make you a better person. It unveils the real you. Stay single for as long as you can. Within that time, discover yourself, find your own happiness, strength and weaknesses. Go places, learn new things and hobbies. Work on your personality, character, attitude and whatnot. Make new connections with people, friends, families. Most importantly, have a relationship with God if you are a believer. When you've fully obtain all those things then you'll be ready for marriage. Premarital counselings can't teach you how to love, have compassion, patience, high self-esteem, self control and much more. You can't learn all those in a two weeks counseling. Not even a six months class or counseling. Those things take years. Marriage counselings can't teach you how to control your sexual urge or uncontrollable lust. You achieve all those in years of practice and self discipline. The prerequisite for a great relationship or marriage is SINGLENESS.

  12. Premarital counseling is good for the most part. But for two matured couples seriously wanting to settle down and understand each other well, you don't need an elder in a church to prep-talk you into that.

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