Her pain was hidden behind her smile..[Hello Counselor ENG,THA/2018.9.17]

Glenn Chapman


  1. I totally relate to her daughter because when I told my mom that I have anxiety she just said that “it’s because you don’t have friends” and she also said that I have anxiety so loud. Because of it I can’t trust my family when I have problems or mental issues such as anxiety. So I just handle depression all by myself.

  2. This is the angriest a HC episode has ever made me. That "father" is a child abuser yet no one's properly calling him out. He should be in jail. Disgusting.

  3. I hidden pain behind my smile 😭😭 I end up be depressed and she is 16 and I am 12

  4. I feel the same but not in the same situation but I also have depression and my mom and brother is not helping at all,last night I cried to sleep I don't even know why,something just feel so heavy in my shoulders that I can't get rid of,I only have one goal and then im good to die and that is thanking everyone who still made me happy at the worst times,I want to hug them for the last time and to tell them sorry but I don't even know if I could do that

  5. Someone tell me why I'm so far from her?she's too kind and considerate.. Wish to have a sister like her :))

  6. I understand her way to damn well
    A mother should always ask how her son/daughter or daughter feels everytime even if he/she has depression or not
    Struggling with depression is a serious thing to talk about
    (The worst part about my mom is that she came to me after 6 years right when I started selfharming or when I sometimes even really want to kill myself or even attempted to cause I am struggling with depression for 6 years.. and she expects me to open up to her which is a hard thing for me.. but we don’t care about that lol)

  7. I feel this on so many levels…
    Not only is it affecting her mental health but her physical health as well… Parents are often too hard on their children, especially if they've been through something hard in their younger years. They think the child should be grateful just to be alive and dismiss that times get hard on kids too.

    My own mom had a very hard childhood and life in general. So I understand her not knowing how to handle it all in the best way. For years she'd say I could talk to her, only to tell me I need to get over it. I learned not to rely on her emotionally over time and to smile even if I feel deeply upset. I don't cry often in front of her, and I cope all by myself. It turned to a bit of an anger issue that I'm working on constantly, and I try my best to keep it to myself. When I cry, I hurry and wipe my tears and prepare to look happy when I hear her coming, no matter what the issue. I've done so for years. I have a reputation of being sweet and thoughtful but sometimes I wonder if that's enough.

    Only recently my Mom became more supportive and understanding and acknowledges that I'm allowed to feel hurt or however else I feel. I have a one year old brother and I take care of him all day and night. It's like I'm a second mom. My health is being compromised by stress and an injury(for 4 years) that makes it hard to do much, so of course caring for him is physically much harder than the average person. She didn't understand how hard that was at first either. It was only after things got even more rough on me health-wise that she understood better and even started accepting my feelings as valid.

    All that is to say, while it feels good to have more support now, I firmly believe that parents should immediately acknowledge their children's hardships well ahead of time. I'm currently in my early 20s and several times I've been very close to giving up. A lot of it due to feeling unsupported, unvalued, and as if my existence hindered others because "they had it worse". I think it could have been prevented with just a bit more open-minded love earlier on.

    As a side note, this isn't to blame my mom, or to bad-mouth her. She's otherwise done an amazing job and goes above and beyond for me. I'm looking forward to having a stronger bond than we've had before.

  8. I have depression myself. I sufferred for almost all my life. But it worsened after 3 consecutive births. I always feel lonely, tired and wanna give up my life. But when I see others struggling more than I am in life. I stopped and think I'm still thankful that I don't have to experience that much suffering. Just find hope in everything. It can help little by little.

  9. I had to take care my nine month old sister when I was nine because my mom and dad had to go to work
    I had to move around when carrying her unless she won't sleep and when she finally sleeps and I want to lay her down, she would wake up instantly and start crying . I understand her pain . I wasn't only my sister but I had a six year old brother and what can he do .
    She's actually 14 in international age because koreans are 2 older than the international age .

  10. I understand her.. sometimes parents are like "oh you're bad ? that's a little thing don't worry" and talk like it's very easy. but when we're teenagers, we are, really really emotional and sensitive.

  11. Its sad
    Knowing that
    She loved others
    More than
    She loves herself,
    She hate to see others
    In pain,
    But when
    it comes to her
    "I'm FINE"

  12. Sometime I feel like want to kill myself..it's hard to me..i don't have anyone to talk to.. They will use my story as they joke..

  13. I can really relate to her.
    Honestly, I am just 14 years old girl but I have a sick mother. So I am the one that need to take care of her and the house chores. I even think about making multiple suicide attempts.
    Im just stressed out from getting bullied at school and also at home..
    What I need to do…
    Please help me…

  14. Shes like their maid. She care too much about the little baby. Not appreciated as a. Daughter just as a help

  15. My story is almost the same like her…
    I'm 15 and the middle child of the family aka the unwanted child…….
    I have 1 younger brother and 1 one older sister and my older sister study abroad so the household chores,my brother and studies is a must priority for me..
    So my days go on like this i went to school early in the morning and my school life is worse, I'm antisocial asf…and after school i have to clean the house,shopkeeping our store and i barely had time to study…well my father is also a drunkard which results in parents fighting..so i have to act like a tough oldest and had to stop them whenever they're fighting…i truly tried my best but no one appreciate my effort so i told my mother how life is hard for me and i truly wanna die but she told me to stop acting and to be a bit more likeable like my sister so i start self harming with the sweetest fake smile i got to everyone…i truly wanna die! Actually BTS are the only reasons that I'm still living like this or i would've suicide a year ago.

  16. It frustrates and scares me that her confession of being suicidal was not taken as seriously as it should have been. I hope they do offer professional help behind the scenes.

  17. I feel bad for saying something like this, because every comment is giving great advice and such, but I have to say it.

    I hate seeing people cry. When others cry, I cry, and I hate crying because it seems silly when I do it. So I hated that part where it showed everyone crying! She has such a hard time and I’m glad others are realizing it on an emotional level too. 😭

  18. She’s probably 14 or 13 years old cuz since she’s 16 years old in Korea.

  19. She is just so good. She's an adult at a puberty stage…while others, they are in their 30s yet think like not older the 15 yrs. old…ahahah
    god Bless her. Praying for her to have a good life!!!
    Damn…i can't stop cryinggggg!!!! This is the first time I cry after watching many videos and clips of this awesome show!

  20. She's the best daughter anyone could ask for but never deserve😭😭

  21. As a caregiver sense grade school, this story line is somewhat indenticle to mine. The amount of repressed anger, guilt, resentment, and sadness can drive you to suicidal thoughts. I went to a mental health facility for two weeks because I just couldn't handle the work load and my parents just constantly disregarding plea for understanding. I sacraficed my teenage years and dreams to stay home and all I get is flack. I really hope she hangs in there. I have faith that things will change for the better. It may not seem like it now, but it will.

  22. Im sorry this is irrevelant but at 5:29 what the heck is that “oh my god” sound xD

  23. I should say something about the family but I would need a whole day so I’m just gonna say that


  24. Did Jonghyun suicide not teach people anything? Depression is REAL. Her dad dismissing her feelings talking about I had it worse is horrible and invalidating her daughters feeling like they dont matter. No wonder the daughter doesn't open up. This makes me so sad. The mom acts like she is proud to call her daughter the young mom. This girl is suppose to be enjoying her teenage years, not taking on your role. How many kids have to end their lives before people start LISTENING and EMPATHIZING with them? Ive spent most of my career working with teenagers, mostly teen girls and parents have no idea the things kids have to deal with these days. This isnt "back in the day." This really pisses me off. I just want to hug the daughter and be a mentor for her because their are so many other young ladies that feel like no one cares. This has me tearing up.

  25. Every Ones faces when they Said lets meet the dad. They look like they want to kill him

  26. Thats what most of the parents say "when i was young i had to work all day and night,then whats wrong with u to work only at the day " and that line is the most that hurts me . I want to talk back but i cant find anything to talk back.i know my parents have worked hard but still i cant take all these studying then … there are more sorry i cant share its like insulting my parents , sometimes i wanna die with all these pressure (dont worry i wont suicide i am only 11 years old)

  27. Should have got a lot more concerned votes.. a girl this young burdened with so much responsibilities that even an adult like me will be miles away. And she has suicidal thoughts for gods sake.. i just hope she gets more support from parents as well as people close to her..

  28. I feel can what she feel😪 being the eldest child is really hard😪 but she's more kind and thoughtful than I am 😆 what a great daughter I wish I could be as kind as her

  29. I have the same situation as she’s going thought. I haven’t had a good sleep for months now. Today I recently found out my dad was in the hospital and they didn’t tell me about it

  30. She’s the most selfless person i’ve ever seen EVER. Damn i even think she’s more mature and responsible than her parents

  31. I cant stop crying i can relate so much bottleing feelings up and resolving them by myself iv done that for so long now im in 8th grade already and my friends complane to me because iv made it my way like that when i hqve a problem because iv done it for so long

  32. why would you have another child if you can’t take care of it and just throw them onto your other kid(s)??

  33. '' teenagers are like clams, they only open up to get nutrients and as a parent be sure to be there when they do"

  34. gone through depression and attempted suicide so many times, I lost count. this past 9 years, I don't even share my pains and sufferings to family anymore cause it's not worth it.

  35. They completely skipped when she said she wakes up throughout the night to take care of him. So everyone else in the house gets a good night sleep but her? She got up as soon as they brought him out and took him as soon as he started to cry. Mom didn't seem to budge. I feel like the poor girl takes care of him more than they are letting on.

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