Henna Design After Care

today we're going to be going over Hanna aftercare I'm going to do a simple flower design okay and this flower design should take about 10 to 15 minutes to dry so once it's dry we'll come back to do the second step which is spray the lemon sugar onto it if you make a design a little bit thick such as tribal pieces or you know just thick bold lines it will take longer to dry once your henna is dry I recommend that you spray it at least two or three times with lemon sugar this acts as a sealant because the lemon sugar is very sticky and I'll post a recipe down below I like using a spray bottle because it's convenient to travel with and you can take it anywhere and it's ready to go just end it all also that it lightly mists onto the henna designs see how lightly and it covers all over yep lightly mist it so you don't have to end up putting too much so you do it at a distance so that you don't get it too wet and then you allow it to dry and it should take a bit of five minutes to dry again after the lemon sugar now that the henna design is dry again you can use our hyper fix test in medical tape that is breathable you can see here so breathable this is what I usually use on my private clients my Bridal clients then you can cut the pieces that you need off the Roll a piece that will fit that design a little bit smaller and then good about this is that if you need to cut finger pieces you can do so and even toe pieces with this and it easily peels off and you can even use this for yourself which I usually do because I sleep with my henna on all night long all right so then you just cover it like that the henna does have to be dry when you put this on otherwise you'll you know smoosh the henna and then just press along the edges really well so it sticks really well and that's about it so that's basically how you cover up the henna design and it's good if you're doing a back piece any belly pieces like anywhere where there's thin skin you need to let this kind of saturate for a long time without coming off and I won't go in your bed and it won't you be able to go to bathroom you'll be able to eat so it's really you know comfy to have this hyper fix on it and lastly when you take this off after you've let the henna set either overnight or at least 3 to 4 hours on your skin you're going to take one of our aftercare henna bombs this is our henna soaks Africare henna bomb this is something that we make ourselves and it has a mango butter and cocoa butter and it's really rich and moisturizing and has a little bit of beeswax in there and basically olive oils so it's very moisturizing and smells really nice and then you can basically once you open this up you'll just rub it on all over like like a lip gloss container so you'll just rub that all over and moisturizers are and this is really excellent for getting make the best stain results alright and this is your aftercare and this will ensure best staying results and great color with your henna

Glenn Chapman


  1. Is the balm available on Ebay? Also is the balm applied before you peel off at the end of the process? Or after Henna is peeled off used to moisterize the stained tatoo art

  2. I haven't got my henna tattoo yet but I'm getting it tomorrow so I'll use this 😁

  3. Great video! This is exactly what I was looking for. I was having a hard time with my henna cracking so I'm going to try this process and see ifnit turns out better

  4. I accidentally got water on my henna after the paste came off can I save it?

  5. I was so confused thankfully I found this video I was wondering why people at the end of tutorial videos left the lumpy bits on😂

  6. How do you make the lemon sugar and wat paper do u use

  7. do you put the stick wax on top of the hypafix? or take the hypafix off then put the moisture stick on?

  8. do you apply the lip balm after you take then henna off or before?

  9. Hi, I heard that some people pick/peal the dry henna off, while others wait for it to peel off its self.  Which should I be doing with a henna tattoo?

  10. I thought once the henna is dry it will not stain any longer. So, will covering it with hypafix over night how can that make it get darker ?

  11. The best henna paste to buy would be directly from a professional henna artist or company. We sell it online and ship direct. It's best if you can find it locally, but if not then you can order directly online (we're Henna Sooq .com)

  12. Yes sometimes it still cracks but you can apply lemon sugar a few times if you'd like it to really stick. OR next time in your paste just add some sugar or molasses to make it more binded and there will be less cracks.

  13. When I put mine og ater it dried and after the lemon thingy it was cracking btu i could still see colour underneath. Does it matter if it was cracky?

  14. After the henna remains on the hand under the bandage do you scrape or wash the remaining paste off then apply the moisturizer or will the paste stay on the hand and you apply the moisturizer on top of it?

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