Hello Counselor – with Lee Hyori & Spica (Kim Boa, Yang Jiwon)(2013.06.24)

Glenn Chapman


  1. The sister issue. Loosing weight should be taken seriously when it’s a health threat. When you have someone who is this overweight and says that they are fine there is definitely denial involved. I hope she manages to lose weight, it doesn’t have to be that much just enough to no longer have health issues. The approach the sister is taking is wrong though…

  2. 2nd concern: the writer is the worst sister ever. Embarrassed by and body shamming her own younger sister. See how she laughing when her sister said her boyfriend told her she was pretty and when she told them they've been dating for 3 years. The worst!

  3. In the 2nd concern, it really annoyed me that the MC's continuously tried to make food the main culprit and saying stupid shit like she "hypnotized" herself into thinking she doesn't eat a lot. BRO, she just said what the issue is! She goes out drinking 4-5 times a week and drinks up to 5 Soju bottles each time! WTF?! Do Koreans not know that drinking excessive alcohol can create weight and health problems?!

    She's not in her early 20's anymore. She needs to take better care of herself, especially since is already having issues with her back and her blood pressure. A lot of the viewers commenting here don't seem to be getting it at all.

  4. Lee Hyori is an absolute beautiful woman! She is also a very wise woman. Her opinions were very logical!

  5. The sister is really pretty. What I disagree with is the older one making it sound like she's really ugly, like she even asked the boyfriends why they dated her as if it was incomprehensible? Rude. Even if she wasn't pretty, she would have plenty of other charms that can make someone fall in love with her.( It does concern me a little how the boyfriend sounds like a feeder. ) But it didn't really sound like she wanted her sister to lose weight for health reasons but because she sees her as an embarrassment and should be knocked down a peg for feeling confident. That's damn embarrassing, to be taken onto a national tv show and basically being told "You're fat and ugly so stop feeling confident"… If she had given a different approach I would have believed her sincere. (Just talk about her health complications)

  6. I feel that the second sister does not have high self-esteem as much as she speaks about it, like Hyori said. Her voice is shaking all the time, she is sweating too much possibly due to nervousness. Hope she finds true inner peace.

  7. On Tubeid.net to see this video download I have to sign in to confirm my age? WHAT THE FUCK?

  8. If she really has health problems, because everyone becomes a doctor when they encounter a fat person, give her healthy alternatives and stop calling her ugly. She is in fact very beautiful, fat and all.

  9. Wow! Here in 2018 and finished watching The Unit about a month ago… I saw the name SPICA and thought it sounded familiar, and then I saw Jiwon and I was like “omGGG” she can now perform well with UnitG to make her members/company proud ☺️☺️ 사랑해요~! 🙂

  10. I thought this was more recent. 2018 recent 🙁 i need lee hyori in this program but 2018 recent

  11. The sister in the 2nd concern does need to lose weight for her health and probably stop wearing revealing clothes. I think it ridiculous that their laughing at her because she has confidence in herself. Big is beautiful too! Beautiful can't always be skinny!

  12. at this time hyori still dating with her husband so she trying to avoid that topic XD but now hyori and sangsoon are new couple goals. they both are so so sweet <3

  13. the problem here is not her being "too confident", but that her confident is keeping her away from maintaining her health (and her bf who wants her to stay like that..). I hope she turns to healthy diet from then rather than not eating and taking pills.
    at first when I heard her older sister's concern, I thought her younger sister needs reality check. but after the camera showed her, i gotta admit she really IS pretty. even with her fat, her v line face is still visible. and it's not like her confidence is unreasonable and too much either.

  14. the older sister have to learn a little confidence from her younger sister.

  15. the blonde girl from spica, boa? she has such big pretty eyes omg i heard about them but i don't think i know any of their songs, a shame they seem nice

  16. I don't understand why her sister would tell her to lose weight to the point that she came in national tv! Honestly is its no medical issue, guys like her, she loves her self WTF IS YOUR PROBLEM?!

  17. Hoes jealous because she's happy with herself in a society that tells her she shouldn't be. Yes she should loose weight for HEALTH reasons, but then why they be hating on her confidence? Looks to me like the doctors are haters in disguise. I guess it really is true, if you love yourself no one can tell you a damn thing.

  18. Damn when hyori touched the first guy's arm, if I was his girlfriend I would of got up from the audience down to her and tell her what's up bitch 😂😂

  19. i really don't like the fact that people called her ugly when they might be like that i mean her confidence is because people probably bully her like her sister who calls her ugly that's not what sisters should do i find it stupid and annoying like just because you're heavier than others doesn't mean you're ugly that disgusted me everyone in the audience that thought she was ugly and her sister pissed me off she has confidence and they seem to bring it down i hate people like that like get over yourself you might not be cute either

  20. 두번째사연 동생 앞머리좀 귀에걸어주고싶다 답답해ㅡㅡ

  21. 스피카의 지원언니 라바파크 요르정아니에요?♥♥♥♥

  22. ㅊㅅㅈㅅ9ㅈ9ㅈ9ㅅㅊㅎㅉㅅㅈㅎㅈ9ㅅㅈㅅㅈㅅㅉㅅㅊㄷㅈㅅ9ㅈㅅㅈㅅㅊㅅㅈㅅㅊ99ㅅ9ㅅㅈ9ㅅㅊㅅㅈㅅㅈ999999ㅅㅈ99ㅅㅈ99999999ㅈ9999999999999ㅈ9999999999999999999ㅅㅈㅎ9ㅈㅅㅊㅎ

  23. 아닌가‥부산토현성당할래요주영돈토마아빠앞에서

  24. 울산산삼성당에서결혼식할거에요와주세요ㅠㅠ혼자선부끄럽고자신이없어요

  25. 갑짝쇼부탁할게요드라이브도바닷가가고결혼식할때전울산사니깐오빠들언니들이총출동해서꽃이란꽃다모아서주고싶어요멋진턱시도드레스전몸을드러내지않아요

  26. 오빠야들한테존나쳐맞아라ㅋㅋ억울하다ㅋㅋ씨발놈아이멋진조각들을다놓치고ㅋㅋ근대니도조각이라서ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  27. 다음주화요일날이동현과장꺼지라니내남편한다ㅋㅋ씨발놈아ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  28. 너무감사드려요ㅠㅠㅠ근대살아온세월에너무억울해요‥근대지금안울고있어요ㅋㅋ저눈물진짜잘안흘리는대결혼할때나펑펑울면어떡해요??ㅠㅠ

  29. 힘내시고‥^^♥♥♥♥★★★💞💘🍢❤💝😜💓💚💘💞💛🌹🌹🌷💝💗💕💕💞❤💘💕🌷💞😜💙🌷🍢🌹💝🎅💙

  30. 이름을 개명하는게 단순한건가? 저건 너무억지고 이기적인거 같다.

  31. "I think your name should have 'Hoe' in it" LMAO Am I the only one who laughed reading that?

  32. The third concern is meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the funny thing that I became interested in naming after I saw the naming father and when she said that 😂😂

  33. That woman talking about her husband and billiards is so rude to the host . Don't come on their show and give them attitude .

  34. I relate so much with the third concern. I mean, I've graduated now but there's still so many things I want to try out…

  35. It's not like I'm siding with the older sister but It's just that, it's like she can't really express what she wants to say in better words. I mean, 100kg and 160cm is just too much. It's not all about Korean beauty standards, they/she just wanted her to be healthy. Obesity has a lot of health risks but then, the older should've just continued to talk to her about it by themselves or she should have put it in better words. It looks like she's just there shaming her lil' sis. She keeps telling she's fat, fat, fat and she's embarrassed by her lol instead of being embarrassed by her sister just tell off those people. Those people have personality problems

    tbh I don't really like how the audience reacts when they hear her story about people telling she's pretty. It's like, they're saying, "how can she say she's pretty when she looks like that" , "it's ridiculous" and "she's too confident". Lmao, I'm an overweight myself but…I think I'm just being too sensitive ;3

  36. For the younger sister who was obese, I think it's okay for her to be confident in her body. That's perfect fine. But one, I hope that she takes her health into consideration. I hope she realizes that and she could try to lose weight again or just eat healthier foods. Some people still have big stomachs, but their body functions normally and they're healthy. And two, there's a difference between confidence and arrogance. The way the older sister described her in the concern made the younger sister sound arrogant, expecting everyone to treat her like a princess because she's pretty. I just hope for the future that they sort these things out and she focuses on her health first ^^

  37. That older sister is a hateful bitch who should rot in the deepest pits of hell for trying to destroy her sister like that

  38. I love hyori being in a variety show i miss her since FO have ended. not to be rude but they many more hot boy out there wanted her but the she pick that wired guy. but i know in her eye his perfect and it her ideal type we cant judge her. I wish she married more handsome and hot manly boy.

  39. the worst thing about Korea is the shallowness that it has. Beauty means everything. Being skinny to the point you look like skin and bones is beautiful. Even getting a job is hard is hard if you are not pretty.

  40. I Love how Lee Hyori said at the 2nd concern, "Her family shouldn't tell her to lose weight, they should tell her that she's pretty and she looks alright."
    Maybe she should ask her sister to eat more fruits and vegetables to be healthy and lose weight too. I hate the fact that she thinks her own sister as an "embarrassment". That word should not happen in a family.

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