Hello Counselor – Wanna One’s Kang Daniel, Park Jihoon, Hwang Minhyun [ENG/THA/2017.09.11]

Glenn Chapman


  1. That older sister: sisters are mean to be share. I can take hers but she can't take mines. 😏 I don't think she feel wrong about this problem and she's even more happier at the end because she can tolerate her younger sister again by revealing her plastic surgery to everyone on this show. How shameful you are!!! Be a better person big sister!!!

  2. the older sister was just revealed… I dont understand bruh they look kind of similar and she was hyped up to be beautiful but she's just regular pretty imo

  3. ปัญหาแบบนี้มีทุกประเทศจริงๆ (แต่ขอนอกเรื่องหน่อย พี่ฝ่าน่ารักมาก)

  4. Is it just me or did the girl in the audience have a seventeen lightstick even though seventeen isn't there?No hate…..I just find it weird 2:45

  5. I just want to kill the older sister, she's so selfish. Even if the looks are very important, it doesn't mean that you have to focus only on that. She kept saying that and we can see that she wants to show her beauty to everyone. She knows that she made a mistake, but she didn't apologize.

  6. i just watched theresa roemer's video reacting to jeffree star's vault, and realized that the older sister and theresa are so much alike

  7. The amount of times Ji rolled her eyes is bugging me. Like sweetie, keep rolling those eyes, one day they’re gonna fall off your face. No offense don’t scream at me in the replies please 🙂🙏🏼😂

  8. give me jjisoos , I think I have sinned . BIJJ!!!! I WOULD BE EMBARASSED HAVING A SISTER LIKE YOU LMAO!

  9. แกคือเชียร์พี่ไม่ไหวละคือพอไอ้ตอนห่อข้าวนี่แบบอีสั~~คือไท่ต้องห่อให้พี่ก็ได้ม่ะเพราะไม่ได้สั่งหรืออะไรเลยอะแบบหงุดหงิดมากอะและคือตั้งแต่ฟังมามีความรู้สึกว่าน้องแอ๊บมาก

  10. คือพอฟังเรื่องที่3มีความเชียร์พี่อะคือเหมือนน้องก็โกหกอะ

  11. The older sister is not that beautiful I wish she study in American school no one will look at her at all she is just a bitch

  12. i love how they tease daniel and jihoon hahahahah they got so red

  13. แดนเป็นคนเจ้าระเบียบเหมือนแม่…โกหก!!55555555

  14. The pregnant wife just lied on America. Maternity leave here is eight weeks. Not just one.

  15. wow the older sister has a horrible personality she is obviously jealous of her younger sister

  16. อ้าวมีซับไทยด้วย แงงงขอบคุณค่าา 💜🙏🏼

  17. That older sister needs counseling on a daily basis! She sure got some problems on her head tssss

  18. To the older sister from the last concern please be humble 😂

  19. For my eyes i look ugly but meh i still went out and show my face to ppl

  20. I dont know why the mother say two of them is at fault, lot parent like this, it clearly can see who is have the fault here, even if the older sister is nasty, the little sister still lend things and money, and u as older sister, just because ur little sister have more perform, that show how good she is and how much people like her, u as older sister by 2 year gap shudn’t even borrow money, all her item, these 2 are so wrong, lin shud be the one as older sister, there nothing good about her older sister, your face not even that preety, you not even kind, your mouth dirty, there nothing good of you except the face you pride of that actually just normal face

  21. Lol, i wish the older sister get matured by mentally. How can she say she is prettier than her lil sis when she act like that. Looks is not everything, cause the attitude can ruin it. I hope they didn't fight and be closer cause they are siblings.

  22. เรื่องสุดท้ายคืออิจฉาน้องอะ แบบดูก็รู้โว้ยยยย

  23. Hayst!! This older sister made me so angry!! It's her younger sister not a stranger……she should cheer her up!!
    When the older sister said "look at her face"
    My reaction "oh my God so do you think your beautiful..!? if your beautiful in face it's just in face!!.. you should not teasing yourself sister infront of other!! And your sister is so lovely and cute and she is also beautiful
    I wish you will see this!!
    I want to punch you so hard
    Punch is not enough for your younger sister you embarrassed him
    Hayst! I want to punch your face harder !!

  24. 1st concern. divorce the father and kick him out already. just let him be homeless.

  25. I was really wishing for Jessi to be in this episode and hear what she had to say!!!


  27. I admit that her older sister are pretty but she is pretty + cute

  28. If there's Taglish there's Kor-glish😅. Btw It would be a pleasure if I could help the dongsaeng to hit instruments to her unnie's face😊

  29. i cried for 3rd concern, i too have younger sister i really adore her love her i just can't understand the way she is treating she is elder she should think abt her mother's health i think she doesn't know the importance of sister & i can't get that she treats her badly yet she is asking for money
    i really like little sis b'caz apart from all fights she still wants her sister's love & support, but what bad luck to her big sister still humiliates her.
    i really hope that both sisters are close now as i had watched in 2019 & this was concern in 2017 so i hope they are close like not obsessed with looks. its really late to comment but i can't hold myself.

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