Hello Counselor – The Funniest Women Special w/ Shin Bora, Park Jiseon & more! (2013.09.30)

Glenn Chapman


  1. 정말 한국 학생들 한심하네요 왜 부모님께 기댈생각만 할까요 성인이 되었으면 원하는게 있으면 본인이 돈을 벌어서 얼굴을 고치던 피부를 갈아 엎던 본인이 알아서 해야지 왜 부모님께 해달라고 하는지 정말 한심하고 어처구니가 없네요

  2. "Rap is like medicine to me" and yet that girl gave her medicine as poison to Yeongja. Rap is a tool to get your feelings out, but in that instance she clearly was set out to hurt someone else. So offensive. I don't care who you are, you don't tease or bully people about being single, their looks etc. I hope she grows up and doesn't do that anymore. And those 2 should stop dissing their sister at home.

  3. Could I know wht ep when yeongja beat a olympic man in wrestling? I don't know but it was in the second problem when yeongja and mingyeong about to start the arm wrestling, someone please tell me. Thankyouuu

  4. The boy who rapped looks a little bit like Jungkook (BTS)..don't attack me if i'm wrong lol ..also i fell in love with his voiceeee

  5. The guy with the acne was sad, I felt for him because it's so crushing when you have it. It makes you feel so ugly. He looked very good though, I hope he can clear up his scars

  6. Yeongja's rap was fucking badass.

    Also, doesn't Bora look A LOT like Donghae of Suju whenever she laughs and opens her mouth when happy? 😀 XD

  7. Ok people dont get mad but from all the stuff I see that girls boyfriend that made her exercise that much seems like a total douche

  8. does anyone know the game in the concern "Husband who digs Caves" ?

  9. Makes call: Hello Bighit? Yes, Rapmon needs to listen to this boy.

  10. The rapping siblings are so cute!!! The girl is pretty and I actually relate to her. I feel like college will suck my wallet dry. I pay on my own so I'm proud of that so I just wanna work to save up but I don't wanna give up although I always think that I should but then I might regret it later as she has.

  11. That young boys mother really looks like an actress that was a supporting cast of some dramas.

  12. Where is the boy now ? He can rap and write lyrics pretty well

  13. that girl looks like nucksal hqahahaha the way she wore her cap and her eyes

  14. I love yeongja so much, without her I wouldn't be watching this show. When they make fun of her I sort get really mad because IT AIN'T FUNNY🗣🗣 ESPECIALLY THEM BODY SHAMING HER🗣🗣 She is also older than some of them and they don't show a single respect even thought its a "joke" I wouldn't go that far with body shaming her.

  15. Man, I don't have a problem with freemium games, but at what point will developers take responsibility for some of this. $1,000 for a digital consumable? WTF? Why would you even put that in there?

  16. Lmao when is the rap siblings debut? I'm ready for a hip hop AKMU.

  17. Oml what was the song that shin bora sang called?? What kdrama was it from?? Please helppp

  18. man the rapping sister is so pretty..rewatching ep again cause of her lol

  19. Am I the only one but that boy who was rapping really looked like BTS Jungkook

  20. whats the name of the guy who rapped? wowww! he have future on rap industry.

  21. Is it just me or the girl in the second problem is really materialistic?😂😂

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