Hello Counselor – Taemin and KARA! (2014.09.08)

Glenn Chapman


  1. I’m sorry you got assaulted when you were young, but that doesn’t make it okay to sexually assault or verbally assault.

  2. 36:07 why do I feel so hurt ?!!!!!!!!?!?!?! 😡😭😤😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  3. the girl was sexually assauted and dosent think its a concern. thats a concern in it self!!

  4. 20:20 <- I agree ofc haha. I don't understand, sometimes, when people at the show, especially the guests doesn't push the button.

  5. I wonder if the first hair stylist with the terrible bed side manners still has a job!

  6. This was posted so long ago so writing this comment kind of doesn't make sense but I will just vent a bit, cause honestly, all the bad comments about Hara surprise me. Everyone says "she's so pretty so she doesn't understand" but Hara was the one who got the biggest backlash after KARA's debut (or re-debut as 5) and also at school during childhood. Others were calling her an alien because of her big eyes and round face (which supposed to be taken as pretty in Korea, talking about hypocrisy). She was really insecure, that's why she's very cautious about her looks and about fitting in (maybe that's the reason why she said the long hair is a concern, her daughter may be laughed at at school just like she was). The hate was really big guys. When Nicole was still in the band she got the biggest amount of prises for her looks, Hara was always the odd one. Pretty but oddly pretty and her "special" looks were the only thing people cared about, not her skills. I remember seeing lots of comments about KARA being the band "with the alien girl" and it doesn't even come close to what people called her at school. Do you honestly think she doesn't understand? People were saying she is not even a human, is there a bigger insult? She has problems with showing her opinion out of anxiety, so when the MC was asking her as the first one, she must have been really scared and maybe focusing only on what's currently in her mind. There are so many people here hating on her because she said that it's not a concern with the hairdresser girl, but if you think about it just a little bit, she was the one the hairdresser touched and she was surprised by this, but by saying she doesn't feel like it's a concern, she was most likely saying that from her perspective – from what the hairdresser did TO HER – she doesn't think it's that serious. Gyuri and Taemin were talking about the experience from the other side, which Hara might have not taken into account, because she just focused on her actual experience with the hairdresser girl. No need to hate the girl for sympathizing, especially right after what the hairdresser said about her assault.

  7. "You can't communicate with ugly people." Well, people with ugly personality like hers are the ugliest.

  8. 36:00 she don’t like TAEMIN 😮
    I don’t like TAEMIN either I’m LOOOVVVEEEE TAEMIN.💜

  9. The girl whose mother has long hair(sorry kid bad memory) said she didn't like Taemin. When I heard that I hugged my phone and said I do.

  10. 야 ! 다 이뻐지려고 머리도하고 그러는거지. 어떻게하면 더 이쁘게 해줘야 하는건 니들 헤어 디자이너들이 생각해야 되는거 아니야? 꼭 이런 직원이 고객이 뭘 해달라고하면 눈살찌푸리면서," 그럼 어떤 머리하는게 좋을까요?" 물어보면, "어떤 머리 하고 싶으세요."라고 조언은 안해주면서, 얄밉게 대꾸하더라. 지가 갑인줄 아나봐? 썩을년.

  11. i'm sure as hell that if that hairdresser would work/do things like this at the place i go to, she would have been fired a long time ago. i mean my hairdresser always tells me if she thinks something would not fit me, but there is a way and a method to do it. And actually this i the reason i go to her for years now…because she doesn't just blindly do what i say but makes suggestions on how it would fit me better, and does it in a NORMAL way. And it is also sure as hell that i would never go to a place where people comment non-stop on my shitty genetics, like it's something i asked for.

  12. So you're telling me Hara doesn't think that someone assaulting people is a concern but someone who likes her hair long is?

  13. Hara thinks the first isnt a concern but the second is??? Wth?

    The first woman was completely discriminatory and rude. I understand her trauma but it's not right to project that on to people especially when you're in the service industry. The second one was barely a concern. The mom just needs to take better care, but her hair is not just long it is healthy! She has a goal in mind for the record. That's great care and dedication. I mean after 23 years that is hard as hell to let go. I'm annoyed at Hara.

  14. What in the actual f**??! The first concern is not only disgustingly discriminatory, but is actual effing sexual harassment. If that POC had approached me I would have handed her a* back to her on a platter and given her a piece of my mind. And everyone else just acting like nothing "Ohhh, so that's how you do it, I see." This makes me so angry. That woman has an ugly heart.

  15. i get what the hair dresser is saying. shes basically saying that her clients want to look like a certain celebrity and they expect to look exactly like them after shes done, but they dont realize facial features plays a big role and a simple change of hair isnt going to change the face. which makes them "stubborn" in her eyes.

  16. A lot of people are angered by the first lady who appeared and quite upset that Hara thought it was not a concern. Others say that the guy who wrote in the concern was just doing to see if they could get the cash but I don't think that is the case. Yes, its bizarre in a sense that Hara did not see it as a concern but many people didn't which is sad and slightly disturbing. But given that they live in a society where appearance and looks is put on a rather high standard it makes sense that people would typically think and feel this way. Its a sad reality but that is how it is, when people are used to seeing a certain standard, they cant see passed it. Like the title of the concern itself tells you everything, it sums up the central mindset that most people would have in Korea that being pretty or looking good is what matters. Unfortunately there are people like this everywhere around the world and we cant run away from them. I have been told by strangers that I should lighten my skin to look more appealing to guys. And I have listened to them. The thing is people will always criticize  what is different, or what looks funny. This is completely wrong but it happens. Can her opinion change over time? Maybe or maybe she is just set in her belief, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that is something we cant change about the hair stylist. However we can make other people who have similar beliefs to hers that its wrong to decimate and that beauty does indeed come in all shapes and sizes. There is a reason that every single person on this earth looks different and functions differently and its for this reason that we should learn to accept one another and embrace the different definitions of beauty. Applogies for writing so much just had to share my thoughts after reading a few comments. Lets show people how to be accepting towards one another by leading an example. Much love Poh

  17. The shape of her mouth look's like Jessi's mouth even her personality a little

  18. i was a little upset when she said she didn’t like taemin not gonna lie 😂😂

  19. The sulking dude reminds me of my 6 year old brother when he doesn't get what he wants

  20. I kind of understand Hara, I mean her only “talent” is being pretty, she can’t sing for shit and doesn’t seem that smart/kind either so I guess she identified with the stylist 💅

  21. but i like the dad yes he should less believe things like that but he cares about the children

  22. really did i hear correct did this girl said she don't like teamin . wow

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