Hello Counselor – Summer special with F(x) & Cho Jungchi! (2013.08.12)

Glenn Chapman


  1. •My Celebrity Face 4:20
    •Too Disgusting to Continue 25:39
    •How is My Body 43:02
    •Blow Hot and Cold 1:01:11

  2. I love how Krystal was just nodding her head with a murderous expression on her face lmao

  3. How did it get 109 votes!?!?! I’m ready to drop kick this audience.

  4. I don’t think he knows how genetic work… two siblings can have completely different metabolisms…

  5. the way he's talking about someone's fat making me wanna talk about his teeth and face standard 😪

  6. that man look like a freaking stalker in every movie or anime story..yikes.. please wear braces,gain weight, clean your yellow teeth and you look like anchovy

  7. he has fucked up teeth and an ugly fucking face and he dares comment on others' appearance? fuck off.

  8. The first girl’s love confession was adorable ❤️ I guess she does look like that guy, but she’s not ugly, she’s cute and sweet 😊

  9. Wahh this girl. girl, stop listening to your chopstick ass bro. Like she could break him if she wants too….

  10. bruh this kid is fuckingcrazy 😭😭😭😭 in my standards you’re ugly as fuck so maybe u should fix that

  11. Krystal and Amber being fro America know the dangers of anorexia and eating disorders. I can't imagine how much more serious they are in South Korea, Also being Americans they don't have a problem saying what's on their mind

  12. If they’re fat what am I The fucking universe?
    They need to gain not loose.

  13. Sulli with that hairstyle looks so pretty she looks like that actress from the flowers of war

  14. Guy keeps telling people to lose weight and making them feel bad, well he better lose those train wrecks he calls teeth!

  15. Most of the concerns were about appearance. Just how focused must this society be about others faces, bodies and such things. Ugh.

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