Hello Counselor – Seo Inguk and Soohyun and Kevin of U-Kiss & more! (2013.11.18)

Glenn Chapman


  1. This was aired like 5 years ago and I didnt see people getting ofended by this as ofended by the child abuse some days ago aired. You have to accept some cultural differences that can make look a problem bigger or smaller for example if you go to India and eat a cow Im pretty sure you will ofend the whole country.

  2. Seo In guk oppa love you you are so adorable cute and handsome at a same time..
    From India

  3. hahahahahaha
    the woman with tweezers
    i know what she means
    i have thick eyebrows and specially very dark middle eybrows
    when i plug my middle eyebrow , makes sound like ( pok ) and has a black and sticky root like " Ink " and the root temprature is cool ! then i rub the plugged eyebrow's root on a white tissue and it gives a black color
    and yes it is stress relieving

  4. Why now seo in guk is no where he don't do drama , i can't see him in variety shows , no songs even i can't see his posts on Instagram where is he????

  5. The wife in the second concern has trichotillomania. It's more common than you think, it's just that most people who have it try to hide it because they are embarrassed and afraid of how people will react. It's really hard for people who don't have it to understand why people who do have it would do it and enjoy the feeling. I have it too, so I understand exactly how she feels. Her description is so spot on to my exact feelings. And you can look it up and find many other people who will describe it in a very similar way. Trust me, I think it's a weird feeling to have too, but we just can't help it. It's very hard to stop pulling when you have trichotillomania. Most people pull their own hair, pulling beard hair is very common, though pulling someone else's hair is a little less common, it's definitely not unheard of.This girl is lucky because it seems her condition is not too extreme. Although, I'm afraid that if she stops pulling her husbands hair, it will get worse and she will just pull her own (if she doesn't already). And as someone who has trichotillomania, I don't think there is any reason to think that the husband would be in pain or divorce her because of this. He probably has mild trichotillomania too. He said he pulls his own beard hair, and he even asked his wife to do it for him. I would guess that he enjoys it too, just maybe not as much as her. It doesn't really hurt if you are used to it, it's not like anyone is trying to cause any pain. That's not why people do it. I wish people would be less judgmental about it, because you probably know people who have it and just don't know it, because they hide it and are too embarrassed to admit it because they expect such disgusting reactions like the ones in the comments. I'm glad the audience at least didn't think it was a huge concern…

  6. the first concern its not much of a concern. a family is a family with their own habbits i never felt it wrong walking naked around uncles friends(i dont give a f, femaly ofc) they never treated me bad, they just know im different. i like the way my fam always been comfortable like that

  7. 36:00 Kevin's reaction is so cute when he accidentally hit the button 😂😂 that pout too 😍😍

  8. The football player who is holding ball is cuteeee

  9. Am I only one who think that the girl from first concern was like female version of kyuhyun? i dunno but to me she looks like kyuhyun a lot to me.

  10. 50:19 Ioh God, please don't make me cry! I'm so worried about him!

  11. lol the last problem should have won cuz' it became a medical problem.

  12. It's hard to find inguk oppa on variety shows. I need more of him tho😌

  13. Thanks you very much for this – AND for the ENG SUBS!!! awesome ♥♥♥

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