Hello Counselor – Park Joonhyung, Lee Jihye, Kuhn, Wei [ENG/THA/2016.12.05]

Glenn Chapman


  1. It was delightful suprise to see Wei ang Kuhn here <3 aaaa my boys learned something new

  2. I'm here because of Lee Jinhyuk but this topic is an eye oper for us foreigner who wants to live in korea.. There soo many consequences that we need to endure..

  3. I CAN'T BELIEVE I'VE SEEN JINHYUK BEFORE. How could I not remember, as this episode is especially personal to me.. But now I won't sleep at you anymore!!

  4. Those who were to check on wei do check white night, the song is a bop 👌

  5. Once again back to this video because of Jinhyuk (Wei). This video looks like an old treasure

  6. Just realized that i'd ever watched this ep. It means i ever saw wei but didn't pay attention. Aih i'm fated to know him 3 years late haha

  7. I watch this episode maybe 2 years ago, now I'm watching it again and I just realize the guest is jinhyuk aka wei OMG :((

  8. I still think that sending Kuhn instead of Sunyoul was a missed opportunity. He would’ve been perfect for the 2nd concern

  9. I think KBS also loves Lee Jinhyuk too… And his expressions are so cute💕

  10. ugh the last concern agitated me so much. i feel so sad for the mother :/// i hope her family realizes her worth 🙁

  11. im here watching for wei right after px101 debut lineup announcement :(( im just trying to comfort myself

  12. Klo diliat2 mukanya wei yg sllu ceria shining2 plus pecicilan, sulit dipercaya dia tu rapper..

  13. i came here because of Wei/Lee Jinhyuk

  14. watch this episode a long time ago and didn't realize that jinhyuk on this episode :((

  15. back then i watched without knowing jinhyuk😂 here i am again

  16. LEE JINHYUK? IS THAT YOU?!! I even didnt realize it before😅

  17. I salute these ladies and young man! God bless you!

    To everyone, let us be human enough to call ourselves human.

  18. I just loved Wei more after this episode

    He's a gentle man <3

  19. I watched this for the third time, I've just found out wei is pdx101 jinhyuk

  20. I've seen this episode long time ago.. but i dont relize there was jinhyuk 😭😭😭

  21. The women is very strong to go through all that. I respect her a lot! Especially when she said you can discriminate me but not my children. Wow she is amazing and her kids are adorable. Thank you for bringing her to the show.

  22. Came here just after watching Wei(lee jin hyuk) on produce x 101

  23. i clicked bc i saw wei, but wth, i already watched this 2 years ago 😂😂😂
    i only love wei bc i saw px101, i didn't knew him back then, now i know him, i click everything with Wei n Wooshin 😂

  24. It keeps on going to my baby Wei's facial expressions when the lady is talking about discrimination and how she felt. You can tell he felt bad that this was happening to her. He is such a sweet soul.

  25. i love that guy in pink stoking haha hello this is mrs.wei hahaha 👹💘

  26. does the man with sunglasses live in the u.s? he knows american sayings and gestures, and his english didn't have an accent.

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