Hello Counselor – Lee Jeongmin, Kim Minkyo, Himchan, Youngjae [ENG/THA/2016.11.14]

Glenn Chapman


  1. You can see that the wife in the first concern won't change, she has already made a habit out of abusing her husband.

  2. Sorry to be that one fan
    But YJ got into camera a lot, he looks hella good in this ep 52:59
    54:30 you're the cute one, yjaybaby

  3. omg i got so mad at that first concern. he need to left her and find a better woman for him she is an asshole like seriously arghhhhh i cant

  4. the first concern wifey is such an abusive person. she is ignorant. she belittle her husband by hitting and talking down to him. she deserved a scold actually.

  5. What a horrible woman … poor kids and family . No man no woman should disrespect each other.

  6. 49:52 is Yj wearing that same watch that Zelo broke when they arm wrestled

  7. In the first concern, the woman is only focused on revenge. Yes, leaving the house just because you’re frustrated is wrong, but they either need to see a therapist or talk it out. And those revenges are way out of line. Cutting your husband’s face out of all the pictures? That’s ridiculous. And she shouldn’t use violence when arguing. Violence is never the answer to solving problems. In my point of view, both parties are at fault.

  8. I had to skip the concern in which the wife was dominating and abusive, it was just not fair and I could understand why the husband left home. He just just leave her and take his daughter as he'll be a better parent anyway..

  9. the wife in the first concern is too abusive she belittle him and disrespect him. i hope she can change her attitude towards her husband

  10. Imagine if the first concern was reversed. That would be a whole other story….
    It doesn’t matter if it’s a woman hitting a man or a man hitting a woman. It’s just as bad. He didn’t hit her back, so she had no reason to do it. That’s just not healthy and I feel really sorry for the man and the child. A child shouldn’t see a parent getting hit. And the man is so nice who isn’t violent at all from what I’ve heard. The woman should take responsibility and not hit him anymore.

  11. 저런 정신 상태에 짤딱한 사고능력으로 무슨 글을 써. 싹이 누렇구만. 핑계에 게으름에 무기력에 처묵처묵… 철딱서니 같으니라고. 주어진 여건에서 네 도리나 잘 해라 이것아..

  12. I feel bad for the second concern. Having depression (the daughter) is not even easy to manage. She wants to do stuff but she feels so down and she can't even help her mom. I hope they can help each other and be supportive. Praying for them <3

  13. the first concern kinda take me back to ''Reply 1997'' love that drama <3 Eunji

  14. Even though it's an old episode, I'm just so mad with the girl from the 2nd concern that I have to comment – you know your family situation and get sulky because your mom can't afford to send you to Seoul and pay for your housing, food, everything? She surely didn't look like she would find a part-time job to at least help with the money. She is not little anymore, even. I got part-time jobs since I was 15, and they were all terrible do-everything jobs, but we didn't have much money so I naturally wanted to make money for my stuff. I had to give up a lot of my dreams because of money, too, that's why this girl's behaviour makes me so angry.

  15. The fucking bitch in the first concern is mentally ill she should go see a psychiatrist fuck bitch

  16. i'm glad the wife in the first concern lost against her husband, she thinks she always gotta be right but she needs to be less controlling and competitive about their fights….i'm also glad the yoyo boy finally understood and willing to compromise for his stressed out mom, i was getting mad that he was so inconsiderate of her, if i was his mom, i would just tell the friend not to buy yoyo for the boy, break or sell his yoyos and let the boy live with his grandma lol but thank God yeongja finally explained in a way he understands and willing to try and compromise XD

  17. 마지막 남자애 누이가 자세 고쳐주는거 엄청 귀엽네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  18. I can relate to the second girl so much especially with going to bed at 6am. She seems to be anxious and depressed

  19. The first one u see you have to listen to the whole story before you judge the wife is terrible he’s the one who should be on here because she always hits him

  20. The wife in the first concern was so annoying. Every time the husband said that she hit him, her face was like "like I care. You deserved it". He should divorce her. That woman is abusive and no good. If she is hitting him like that, I am afraid she will hit her children too. Even tho you should hit woman, I still think, if someone hits you for no reason then fight back. Yes, I am saying this as a girl.

  21. I love Youngjae's comment on the yo-yo master, because I like how he is encouraging of having a dream BUT he pointed out that the kid seemed to lack concern for others, which is bad. It's OK to have a dream, but that kid is waaaay too obsessive, how can someone support your dream if you're spending hundreds of dollars (and honestly, you don't need THAT many yo-yos) and causing them so much stress? I'm usually on the side of a dreamer, but in this case…. naaah, you need to be considerate of others, if you're selfish you won't go far.

  22. I know I'm really late but the letter from the second concern sounds a lot like a suicide note… (at least to me)

  23. In America your parents are sent to court if you muss so maby days of school

  24. I hate how, when a man is controlling an acts obsessive an abusive towards his wife, the audience gets upset an anybody would take the wife's side. Yet, when it's a woman being abusive and controlling towards her husband she's just got character and is a strong woman? No?
    And like others have said, the child needs to get away from that environment… it's not healthy growing up seeing your dad being constantly put down by your mother… I feel sorry for all the parties involved, but the wife should back off and be more understanding towards her husband, who is a fellow human being, and not her pet

  25. Bruh… I don't blame the guy for running away, I wouldn't want to stay there either. The whole time she was looking at him like she was gonna beat the crap out of him

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