Hello Counselor – Lee Hyunwoo, Seo Yejin, Gan Miyoun, Hongbin & Jeong Eugene (2016.01.18)

Glenn Chapman


  1. I don't know why or it just me that Lee hyun woo look like stray kids had jisung.

  2. i'm here again to watch thiss..am i the only one who think that lee hyunwoo look like han from stray kids? 😅

  3. The wife of the stubborn man should demand a divorce. He loves her but this kind of love is called toxic and you're better of without it. I feel for the daughter. No girl can stand it if someone makes her mom cry.

  4. le jeune homme ,le premier c est bon hodong avait la tete ailleur ,ils s on tousses perdus car jota était a2 doigs de partir a l hopital

  5. ou le premier a batut hodong j ai vue l émission il la laissé faire.pour le grand pére la corée du sud n a jamais étée impliquée chez les viet il y a eu le nord contre le sud en50 faitent le calcul avec son age

  6. At 3:40 hongbin putting the pillow on eugene at her knees owww so cute… 😚✌💕🤗

  7. Who are this people they are talking too much 🙄 i am here for lee hyunwoo and other actors from moorim school not for this people

  8. I'm not a VIXX fan but that guy from VIXX(Hongbin) is just so cute UwU!!!! The other one too though (Hyunwoo) :))

  9. Isnt the three of them hongbin and the boy with blond hair and the other girl is part of the movie or kdrama called moorim high heheheh

  10. wtf is that husband i feel like punching him no joke that's not being stubborn that's being self-centered, narcissistic and selfish

  11. I'm here for both Lee Hyun woo and seo yejin both looks cute ❤❤

  12. 군인에 대한 이미지를 나쁘게 하지 마세요 so selfish. 한국 남자에 대한 이미지가 너무 실망 스러워. 나이많은 어린애. 상황을 장악하여는 자기중심적+상대 배려심 제로. 한국은 나이가 많으면 존중하고 따르는 문화에서 저런 사람이 주위에 있으면 힘들겠다. 저런 사람의 부인은 얼마나 많은 인내와 스트레스를 받을 까.

  13. 57:03 – 57:04 you can’t tell me that Hongbin doesn’t have the best reactions

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