Hello Counselor – Kim Junghwa, Lee Honggi, Choi Minhwan, Han Donggeun [ENG/THA/2017.06.19]

Glenn Chapman


  1. The guy in the third concern is full of confidence but i must say that the most handsome man in gwangju is my hoseok

  2. In second concern, just leave your father alone. Let him die because of alcohol. Totally useless father.

  3. First concern. Stop enabling him. No more give outs!! He needs to man up and get a J.O.B. You can dream on your own dime on your own time. Stop being a user.

  4. first concern: Jeongin/I.N is shaking

    third concern: Jin is shaking

  5. Sub indo'y dnk g ngrti soal'y seru liat'y lg nyndir choi tuh sm shenye wkwkwk…

  6. The guy in the first story is an irresponsible freeloader who needs to stop being enabled by his brother and parents. Why should they suffer from hardships just because he wants to live it up? Maybe if he knew that he couldn't always rely on the family for money he would grow up and get his ish together.

  7. I need ig of 3rd concern guy 😂 it must be funny looking to his post

  8. from all the problems that get aired you‘d think korea society would take serious measures against alcohol addiction, domestic violence, sexism, spoiling children, superficial beauty standards…. i love aspects of korea and korean culture but there is still a lot of room of improvement

  9. omg do u know mystic messenger-Zen? xDDDD if it was me, i'll put there Zen (MM) and Jin (BTS) XD

  10. The son and daughter on the second concern are so gorgeous. I like the shape of her lips it’s very attractive and pretty

  11. 1st concern is very familiar, i have an aunt and half sister asking money from about almost everyone in my family, and they did give them money, my mom included. Till we finally asked my mom to stop it. They have a family of their own already, their kids are old enough to work for themselves we don't have to pay for their kids education too. And so she did. My mom finally stop giving them money, guess what they did; they bashed her in social media. They even dug up my mom's old mistake and rub it to her face. Those ungrateful…. anyway point is you're family can sometimes also be you're greatest annoyance. And the best you can do is to let them stand on their own and ignore the dramatics cause they will always be drama in a family.

  12. the guy in the 3rd concern seems like he just jumped straight out of a drama

  13. minhwan is want get married with ex laboum member it's yulhee and it's legal he actually have a baby boy name chan and they want to get married at 19 oktober

  14. I feel upset because I could relate so much, the only thing that keeps me happy in this episode is Hong ki's cute face and lovely voice lol

  15. The first guy was a disgusting human being. Not only was he leeching off his family shamelessly and crying crocodile tears but to have the nerve to blackmail his parents with suicide and depression to leech more money is so low and pathetic.

  16. Isn't that Pk from hwayugi? I almost didn't recognize him at first😱

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