Hello Counselor – Kai and Lay of EXO, IU, K.Will! (2013.10.28)

Glenn Chapman


  1. that poor girls’ family was so annoying i really wanna slap the sister and mother

  2. The last girl bruh if i was in her friends place tbh i wouldn't want to hang around her anymore. That's just my opinion. I'm a germaophobe. Or however u spell it.

  3. The younger sister got curves soooo. That older sister is like a stick. In America we like our people thickkkk

  4. At 55:40 Kai's about to lose his patience.

    She's not that fat. To her older sister, you can capture mens attention and eyes but you can't capture their hearts – your younger sister can.
    To her mom and to her noona, You can show your concern in a nice way. Don't be so brutal, you are slowly killing her confidence and sooon you might end up killing her as a person.

  5. Yang macam begitu di bilang gendut, lah gue apa dah? 😅😅

  6. Nobody is perfect. Being beautiful doesn't give you the right to judge other people. You can't call someone fat because we all have fats no matter how thin you are😂😂…just saying

  7. I'm completely SHOCKED by the 3rd concern… SHE IS NOT FAT AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her mom and sister are so MEAN, you can't make someone stress that much about her appearance FOR NOTHING and only because YOU have a problem with yours (with her height), it's unbelievable! How can the mom take the older sister's side and complex her daughter like that, she is so beautiful and no fat at all (like what?????) they annoy me soo much that I don't even want to listen to seem anymore! (and she is so hypocrite like "no the others are fine".. LOL… I'm sure she judges people based on their appearance, people like that are the worst, for me it's bullying!

  8. Hahahahaha you know? My mom always told me to eating very much.. if i say i want to diet, my mom upset to me.. my mom say “if you eat, you have a smart brain”… and im very shock when i watching that mom in video.. i feel like “woahh my mom so kind gave me a lot of food” btw, sorry for my english if this bad hahahhaha😅😂

  9. the girl is not fat. to the older sister thanks luckily im not your sister,im 153 cm and I weight 53 kg. if i were the younger sister then maybe the older sister is dead already cause i will poison her or torture her till death *korean evil laugh

  10. The younge sister's body is literally better than her older sister. Her sister looks too thin and have no volume. While the younger one has small waist with big butt literally goals for me. And their mom is too rude

  11. The third concern is really, reallyyyy disturbing! So that's how shallow their minds huh? I'm 161cm and weighed 69kg but no one in my family said that I'm pathetic and all those hurtful words. Instead they just encouraged me to lose weight, and I did! What my point is, all you need to do is to support her, but why say those awful things to her? Really hate her sister.

  12. am i the only one who noticed that the mc is wearing the same t-shirt as the person who senet the concern?

  13. I just noticed, The girl who was called ugly has the same sweater (I think) with the guy at her right (left on screen)

  14. 3:38


  15. That's not shock therapy. That's straight-up bullying — verbal & mental abuse.

  16. Imagine living in a world so superficial like that! I ger it; it's human nature to judge people's outlooks, but to nibble on someone's proportion of thighs, upper body, lower body etc etc is jist another level of superficial. We often forget that looks are not one of human qualities; we can't do anything with the face that we were borned with, unless you go for plastic surgery, which not all can afford, nor do all have so pathetic of a life to fall in that route. When you are liking someone by their looks, you are automatically setting your standard in the pitt hole, because that looks was not his or her creation. You are not only judging others by their looks; you are also judging yourself by that stupid standard as well. Not to mention, there are people out their with conditions that distorted their face since birth, atleast you can be grateful that you have it all in good conditions. But heck, you're pretty, and that's all you are now and not how you will forever be, and that's the standard you chose to judge yourself and others upon! Shame on you, big sister!

  17. Ahh Kai hitting Lay when laughing =)))
    So cute, both of them! <3

  18. Last concern was quite big to me. Disgusting. I could never endure that.

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