Hello Counselor – Hwang Chiyeul, Hyojung, Jiho [ENG/THA/2017.04.17]

Glenn Chapman


  1. The more I watch Hello Counselor, the more I discover about how South Koreans really care about outside beauty. Like those cases about husbands considering divorce after their wives became unpleasant looking in their opinion. It makes me sad that they only marry that person for they are beautiful😖😢😢

  2. The more I watch this program, the more I am starting to hate south korean attitude. They lean on so much with looks, their own race. Etc. I just want to break ths plastic faces of those who are too racist to judge other people, after all their faces are real made of plastic surgery.

  3. Wife 왈 — 한결 같은 거요 ,,,
    그러고 사는 와이프 도 이상하네

  4. So somehow I missed this episode so I came back to watch after the 400th episode in which they show the man from the second concern is doing much better in life and that people's opinions have changed. Knowing that life did actually get better for him makes this so much more bearable and I can only hope that as people learned to accept this man, they can also learn to accept others who came from North Korea.

  5. The parents in the last concern are morons…leaving kids age 6&3 in a car for 2 hours….MORONS

  6. As I watched this show, I figured there are so many issues of Korean culture. Like majority of them are patriarchal. It's 21st century already. Why enclose a women's job in home? Why act as if king and treats wife as maid who needs to serve the king. That's absurd. I even watched stories where the husband controls the wife. There's no freedom for the wife.

    Another issue is that they love to drink so much. I know they're so stressed. But most of them become alcoholic.

    They are also racists. And that angers me a lot.

  7. I'd like to say a word about first woman's husband.I'm Korean and my dad is 60s but i've never seen him treated my mom like the way he did.Even my grand father doesn't behaved like that.

  8. Funny part about this show is people seem depressed and way too concerned when coming over with their issues but once they hit the highest votes and win the $1000 they seem a. delighted like the problem was solved! Like WTH! The grin pisses me off .. That money should not determine seriousness i mean its a token to encourage pple to share their issues more n create awareness so others can write confidently to the show but at times it frustrates me that the issues are taken lightky and the MC's sometimes kid the person thinking its a fun joke when they are making the concern seem petty!

  9. You're kidding me. 99 votes? This guy literally just detailed how had to work under terrible conditions without pay for years because of discrimination. Such a cold-blooded audience! Perhaps they have deep-rooted biases against North Koreans too. And it was so naive to think that public perception will change once the episode airs.

  10. When it involves drinking or racial issues, the audience never votes appropriately.

  11. I'm glad the guy in the 2nd concern has family and friends that back him up. He's trying to make a better life for himself and gma. I hope he finds happiness.

  12. the second concern it make my heart broke because when he got BEAT from that 3 people and just accepted it just because they already apologized , it make me cry so hard and how come only 99 vote he get , but bless that person who voted for that man even 99 but that 99 vote are from people who being against from discrimination 💗💗 i hope more people being more humanity and more emphaty and at the same time sympathy too 💗

  13. Not in a mean way. Bit i watched the 2nd story for 5 mins in and skipped it because i couldnt stop crying.. The screen was all blurry and i couldnt bring myself to watch it..I wanted to hug him

  14. Thoughts of a tired nurse who handles more patient than you can imagine:
    the more I learn about the Korean culture ,the more I understand why my friend is so depressed living in Seoul…the first and specially the second concern were too overlooked…SoKor should never forget that they were also considered lowly people once (when they were colonized)so they should have learned from it…and stress is but normal in everyone's life…you people are over sensationalizing it…"because I'm stressed" is such a pppffffttttt….
    I seriously hope they should not joke over sensitive issues such as racism, discrimination, spouse abuse and depression…

  15. I am sorry to say, but the you married to wrong guys!.
    he 's very Selfish. ?

  16. For first concern, mister, being a house wife is an endless job. From wake up till she close her eyes, she must took care of you, your house and your children, unpaid. So, be respectful.

  17. And I've heard people saying that they want North Korea and South Korea to become one Nation. I wonder why when they can't even treat the people from North Korea fairly!? It's really sad to see that most of the people are so closed minded.

  18. I knew they wouldn't vote for the second concern! Except those 99, the rest audience disgusted me!

  19. only 66% of people thought the 1st concern was a "concern" ???? WTF?!

  20. Thank goodness South Korea has Kpop, otherwise it'd be just a richer North Korea. The more i hear about Korean culture the more disgusted i am.

  21. The third man is a saint 😂😂😂 he should be the pope or the president or a politician too

  22. the wife in the first concern. she is fucking stupid. The husband is selfish AF but she is such a stupid immature person. if i was her or if my man was like that piece of shit, i would divorce and sue him for domestic abuse. He doesnt love the wife. honestly it seems like he is continuing the marriage because he gets free sex and free house cleaning. If the wife doesnt change, he wont change. she must change first and be strong.

  23. the second concern should get more vote. but the audiens is south koreans anyway.. bless all the 99 voters

  24. That first husband drives her like she's his fcking indentured servant and only after being publicly shamed AND striking a bargain over the number of votes, he let's her go to a garden patch for an hour once a month . I hope she divorces him and takes the house, he has no business having the privilege of being married to anyone.

  25. Why is a person being too nice get more votes than a person being discriminated because of his nationality..

  26. whenever I watch hello counselor I really loose my respect towards south koreans.
    they shouldn't have taken the 2nd concern lightly

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