Hello Counselor – Heo Gyeonghwan, Yang Sangguk, Yu Minsang & more! (2013.10.14)

Glenn Chapman


  1. Honestly I really hate it when people say being tall is a concern. I’m only 5’5 and I’ve always been called short all my life and it stresses me out. I wish tall people were in my shoes because when you’re short, people look down on you all the time. The funny thing is I’m even looked down upon by younger people who are taller than me and it’s honestly annoying and stressful.

  2. My height is 176 cm and i dont think im that tall. She a inch or 2 taller than me

  3. That girl is 1,82 tall…wtf is wrong? All i WANT IN MY LIFE IS THAT . I WANT TO BE 1,70 MAX. 😤

  4. The audience guy with dark navy t shirt at 45:58 and his. Girlfriend who gave him dirty looks were the best,

  5. The father of the first concern was verbally abusive. Shame

  6. I can't understand how that friend is a good friend when he is excessive, and as he said himself he is a 'bit' obsessive with a 'bit' of temper. It gets to my nerves when people are unnecessarily excessive. Tsk. It really irritated me too how the friends were just allowing him to meddle in their lives. They should be firm to set a boundary between business, family, and other relations. But yet again, he isn't even the owner/partner of the store and he meddles so much. He wants his friends to succeed in business but he is making it burdensome, even intruding in their marriage plans. Tsk!

  7. I will like to be on that show with my concernes. I know how it feels like to be teased to be small because i'm 1,63 high and i'm the second oldest out of 5 children, i have 3 brothers and a little sister. My younger brother who's 17 years old is the tallets of us all and higher end my parents, they are 1,70 and 1,71 high. My 17 years old little brother is 1,84 high, he 4cm higher then my big brother who's 1,80 high and i'm the smallest in my family so i know how it feels, but there are benefits to be small. Heo Gyeonhwan i'm your biggest fan from Denmark and will like to meet you some day ❤❤❤❤

  8. I'm irritated with the friend who nags. Why does he care?😂😂 or is it just me because I hate nagging?😂

  9. If you're already talking about getting married you already got to the point where you ask what you want in your future life and your partner. You already soppose to have the talk about wanting or not wanting having kids.

  10. anyone know what show was kyunghwan on in the beginning where he showed his house around 3:05

  11. i wonder why Yeongja n Minsang are not a couple. They look very compatible to each other. Their kids will be cute to watch

  12. It's too bad the tall girl doesn't like volleyball because that can help solve many of her self-esteem issues, she would be around other tall girls, develop some friendships, and get a sense of importance.

  13. Any volleyball player would kill to be here height and still grow so throw those shoulders back and stand tall sweetheart

  14. My best friend is 185 cm and he's 13. It is understandable. His whole family are all filled with tall people.

  15. The tall girl is growing too fast, this is a serious illness. People should not make fun of that or sayig things like "i envy her, she's 14 and 1m82" I think it's hard for her

  16. the cute tall girl should be bolder and need to build up confident for her to continue her dream to be a super model. HEY GURL. IM CHEERING YOU UP ON YOUR SUCSSES. STAY HIGH AND BOLD . LOVE YOU LOTS

  17. What episode of "The Human Condition" did Sangguk cried when parted with his mother? (It was previewed starting at 1:58 of the video)

  18. the shit head trying to control his friend's business reminds me of the shit head brother in the last episode >:( i can't stand them.

  19. 14 years old and 185 wow mashallah i wish she could lend me just 5 cm i'll be grateful

  20. I wish Kim Gura was an MC sometimes. He would be bashing people left and right.

  21. All of those concerns in which the parents say rude things to their children are excused on the basis that they do it just get the child's attention or to get closer but it's so lame and unreasonable. Damaging the child's confidence and esteem is nowhere near affection

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