Hello Counselor – Henry, Chu Soyeong, Yu Taeung & more! (2014.08.04)

Glenn Chapman


  1. 20:27 Henry Part, for anyone wandering where's henry? actually, he only appear for this concern and not in other.

  2. "He looks like a lion" killed me lol love how henry can enlighten the mood randomly😊😍😊

  3. Henry is so cute here but I feel bad for him because it seems as if he’s pressurized into doing this episode. I hope the mom still supports Henry now but less obsessive with him.

  4. I wish this show would stop choosing concerns that involve idolizing celebrities / sports personalities. It's giving people an excuse to write in and come on the show just so they or the person they're concerned about can get a chance to talk to or meet these public personalities.

  5. I think the daughter in the 2nd concern looks a bit like Siwon Choi of Super Junior-M

  6. He was born in '89 ?!?
    My bad 0-0
    He is 29 years old wut ?
    (I feel so young now thanks XD )

  7. I didn't remember Henry but when they showed the video i was like "oh it's the dude with the heart nostrils ah i remember now XD"lmao
    I feel really bad how she is neglecting people who are around her and know her when that singer doesn't even know who she is
    When the daughter started crying it broke my heart 🙁
    When he came up behind the mom i was shook as well haha

    I have a question though like i don't know a lot of things (if not close to anything of Korean culture bc i grew up only with french and japanese culture )
    But at her age shouldn't he call her noona ?
    They said he was 25 i believe so if i'm cotrect someone my age (i'm 20 soon ) should call him Oppa (even tho i cringe at the word so hard XD )

    Does that make any sense ?
    Am i right or wrong in my questions ?
    Please someone who knows more than i do tell me ~

  8. The 2 concern is very funny when Henry surprise her😹.Also, I felt sorry for the mom who had children and work very hard for in the third concern

  9. Sweet Henry 👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  10. My mum cooks lunch and dinner for the family but never breakfast lol so can't really say anything but she should have made her own breakfast or anything simple like toast or cereal. We either make our own breakfast or not have breakfast.

    Honestly the mum is me now, I actually wanted to leave the world too but once I started to listen to BTS it actually helped me, gave me courage and self esteem so I understand her completely

  11. The mom is me but for me, it's Min Kyung Hoon.. I am really obsess with him.. 😂😂😂

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