Hello Counselor – Gong Hyungjin, Jung Sanghoon, DIA’s Jeong Chaeyeon and Jueun [ENG/THA/2017.08.28]

Glenn Chapman


  1. i really mad at the first concern he was so lucky my mom don't even make anything for me even if i beg she always told me to make it my self since i have hands lol😂😭

  2. why is no one talking abt that bratty son
    he literally–
    how can he think that his mom looked down on him as if she’s her “ competitor “ and flipped the table and shock his old mom to traumatize her into stop giving him breakfast
    he’s acting like a teen going through puberty but worse
    he’s hurting his mothers feelings so brazenly and he’s so FRUSTRATINGLY and SELFISH and not considerate at ALL
    he’s so shameless and blaming his mother for HIS ways
    it’s his choice to starve he doesn’t need to blame it on the mother and make her feel guilt ohmygod he’s so evil that’s so–
    how is he human ??
    he’s literally complaining abt being treated like a little kid yet he acts like one
    he takes her too much for granted and is rotten
    i wish they would’ve asked what starving gets him
    just bc he understood the switches roles and felt guilt his way of thinking is so messed up
    he said he wanted to fix his mom’s ways and understand her wrong doings like eye—

  3. 술문화와 의식이 낮은 나라. 술 먹고 비매너 심지어 범죄까지 관대한 나라. 젊은 사람이건 나이 든 사람 이건 너무 한심.

  4. Everyone saying the first guy is selfish but it sounds like an eating disorder. A way to regain control in his life when he is stressed. Something he is good at if nothing else. He seems proud.
    I think he should move out if he wants to be free though

  5. The first concern….is that man crazy…??? Why does he still behave like a kid….??? I am 18 now & I really feel happy when my mom or my elders force me to eat or cook for me…this shows how much they care for us & how much they love & here come this man who doesn't understand….
    He was broken and hurt from his loved ones then why does he not understand love & care….he should respect his mother more since he understood what hearbroke is…& Also he should know that there is no one like a mother….who can love u unconditionally…it is clearly seen how much his mom & sis love him.. I hate this man😤

  6. Not gonna lie. The little girl is pretty though. I can see her in the acting world when she grows older IF she somehow still wants to pursue it.

  7. The guy who threw the meal his mother cooked for him was so ungrateful and disrespectful 😡😡😡

  8. The son in the first concern frustrates me. I get that he wants his mom to acknowledge hat he doesn't want to eat, but when someone cares about you its really hard for them to accept that, especially when you go days and days without eating anything. He's just a big immature baby, and I don't think he'll ever get married. Who wants to marry an whiny brat? A disrespectful whiny brat at that. He acts like a 4 year old, what a disgrace.

  9. The girl that didnt want to act because she hated it shouldve acted with the guy sittin right next to her on her right i forgot his name my bad

  10. I was soo anoyed first he keeps on saying but she is good second he is forcing her daughter to do acting which is not her dream third he always have exuses and he probably wont stop after this.I dont like his personality.-written by a kid

  11. Is no one gonna talk about how cool the set looks? Cause the indoor pool looks amazing

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