Hello Counselor EP.415 Part.2 [ENG, THA/2019.06.03]

Glenn Chapman


  1. Can you imagine? 30 people didn't think the 3rd concern was a concern? A whole 15%? Damn, this was a blow to my faith in humanity. I truly hope that man changes, for the sake of his lovely and hardworking wife and his young son.

  2. Youngmin really gives good advices even if the concerns are older than him. He is my bias since pd101 but I fall for him again and again in this program.

  3. as someone who's dad also has alcoholic problems, the second story makes me really mad and sad.
    not only does the husband say ridiculous stuff, but it also seems like he doesn't know how much damage he's causing. Not only mentally and physically to himself, but also to his wife and son. I know how difficult and hurtful it is to see your dad like that, and to see your mum struggling. This is something that i will carry with me for the rest of my life, and im so sorry that this boy has to go through the same thing . I really hope that this husband gets the helps he needs, not only for his own health, but also to help his wife and son.

  4. Honestly the ship analogy the husband used was so flawed. Everyone on a ship has their own jobs. If you’re the captain, you have to drive the ship and have trust from the other crew members. It’s one thing to keep everyone alive and it’s another thing for them to want to be alive. If everyone is reluctant in working together, the ship will sink. Being the head doesn’t make you all powerful. It actually gives you the most responsibility, and at some point it’ll all backfire, as when the ship sinks, the captain goes with it. The husband wants people to listen to him, but he can’t think past a simple analogy.

  5. The third concern is really upsetting 😡😡😡😡
    I can't even imagine what their son has been through 😩😖

  6. i love how my baby youngmin give advices very carefully he is so kind my eart cant handle

  7. "if you want to win the heart of a girl you like, win your mother's heart first. if you don't win her over, you can't win over any girl." – yoeng ja 💖

    this, 100% true.

  8. When a person is an alcoholic, it's no longer a matter of drinking less because there is NO less for an alcoholic. The husband really needs to stop and at his level. And that means getting help from experts, going to rehab or a group like alcoholics anonymous (if there's such a thing in Korea).

    Subjecting your wife and son to 2nd hand smoke is also irresponsible and selfish. More people get lung cancer and die of second hand smoke because the smoker at least inhales the fumes though a filter. Also among the causes of high blood sugar along with poor diet and not enough exercise is smoking and stress both of which the wife is subjected to on a daily basis.

    Lastly, BOTH the husband and the wife could do with an attitude adjustment by means of professional help.. While the husband may be a misogynistic and rather selfish person, the wife is not that much better. They're both so caught up on keeping score on all the wrongs done to them by the other that neither are willing to put in some effort to change lest the other gets a higher score. I pity the child caught between them because he just might grow to perpetuate the cycle in his own family when he marries in the future.

  9. Her husband needs to not only fix his drinking but his collar too

  10. That’s why my mom always told me to get a job in the future and have my own money 😑 some people can be really sucks like this, they can look down on us just because we don’t have a job and can’t cook well. why he wanna marry her if he think she is useless just because she don’t have a job and can’t cook? just find a maid so you have a one who serving your drink and still can smoke because that house is under your name

  11. That 3rd concern 😤😡😤😡!!!
    The couple could either fix it or get divorced!!! 👏👏👏 📝

  12. Can someone explain to me what "if a man enters the kitchen, his wiener will fall off" mean? What wiener means?

    Edit:Wait is hes saying that man shouldn't enter the kitchen because its woman's job to serve her husband?? Is thats what its mean??

  13. i got so curious about the 2nd concern does anyone know what's his yt channel 😂

  14. In Korea you just got a big concern and you'll win a cash price. I want to live there.

  15. i wanna know what yt name on the second concern. i love games and he look so good too.

  16. Can someone tell me who knows his Youtube Channel? I mean the guy from the second concern.

  17. If you guys wonder what's the second guy channel, it's called 네이비유투브

  18. Is it just me or what but the BJ in the second concern somehow looks like tao

  19. Seems to me like the husband from the third concern always drinks cause he wants to die faster like his father and father-in-law

  20. Youngmin is so mature and humble. Daehwi is so savage 😊😍😍

  21. "if you want to win a girl's heart you have to win over your mom's first."

  22. If there is anyone who wanna join me in kicking the mans ass from the 3rd concern…FOLLOW ME!!!!!

    1…2…3….HUT HUT HUT!

  23. 15:32 Oh My God really I can’t believe you said that so what you think marrying a women is just there for you to serve food and do all the housework 😤😤😤😤
    19:22 really OH MY GOD you really don’t care about your family 😡😡😡😡😡

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