Hello Counselor EP.413 Part.2 [ENG, THA/2019.05.20]

Glenn Chapman


  1. That dancer needs a good smack on his butt and his mom needs to stop giving him money 💰. Who will give him money when she is death 💀, he is going to harass the older brother…. people don’t have kids if you won’t raise properly.

  2. The dancer at the end is a complete moron 😒 he drives an imported car just so he can appeal to his students and they think of him as being cool.

  3. i see fromis i click

    but listening to the concerns especially the last one makes my blood boil HAHAHHAHA

  4. I wanna try racing a go-cart that fast too but I'm afraid I'd crash lol. That kid's cool!

  5. As much as the last concern is frustrating the younger brother looks alot like Suga from BTS 17:25

  6. The last one was so frustrating and irritating at the same time.. i'm also a dancer myself but right now im just a plain student i practice dancing every once in a while.. if given the chance to pursue it then it would be nice but just because you want to be one doesn't mean you can be and you should be.. he needs to be realistic also he already got into a good school and he wasted it by being greedy over going to a better one so he ended up in another.. i think he's too immature to even make decisions for himself

  7. Let's just forget about the last concern otherwise our heads will explode. BTW CAN Lee youngja be any more kind and understanding?! 😍

  8. Plzz put orange marmalade last episode with English subtitle display…..i want to see this…plzz plzz 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  9. I really dont wana end up like son in last concern
    I should work hard 😐

  10. As a dancer this just pisses me off. He is giving us such a bad name. Any dancer knows that our industry is not easy and we are often expected to be working side jobs to make ends meet. Anyone in the creative industry knows this too. As somebody who has tattoos living in Asia, we often get a bad rep for having them and are often called lazy and all sorts of things, and seeing the last guy being like that just irritates me more because he’s supporting that stereotype. Go on and work that full time job and get over your high horse.

  11. About the racer concern. Not only money is a huge problem, but the fact that they have a second son, who the father doesn't even care about, it's a huge factor in the mother decision to stop.
    They spend so much money on the older brother, what about the younger one? Poor thing

  12. Last concern is giving me cancer.. parents are spoiling him too much too

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